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Captain's Christmas Address 2023

Posted on Sat Dec 23rd, 2023 @ 11:24pm by Captain Maho Takahashi

MahoXMas23.pngTo all crew:

First and foremost, allow me to preface this by saying well done to another fantastic year on the USS Myogi. Whether you've only been with us for a few months or for several years, the continued success of this sim is all thanks to our combined dedicated efforts!

While we've not had the amazing posting numbers like other games in the fleet this year, we've still managed to consistently score the silver UOD for Area 51 all year long, and frankly, that should be something we should be proud of. The Myogi has transcended what it means to be a Star Trek RPG on the internet, and we've become a close knit group of friends- dare I say family, who enjoy writing together, and while we might not write the most in any given month, we are very consistent. Each and every one of you is a joy to write with, and I can't thank all of you enough for your continued efforts and support throughout the year.

With the congratulations aside, I'd like to take a look back on 2023, as it was quite eventful for Myogi:

2023 started off with a bang, quite literally, for us, as I and Commander Misono underwent a life changing event: A cross-country move, uprooting from Chicagoland, which I had called home for the first 22 years of my life, and moving down to Central Florida. And while I was dealing with it, you all found a way to preoccupy yourselves in the meantime, and for it, our pilot, Jane Sinclair, won Writer of the Month for Area 51 in January two years in a row!

That was followed up in February by the Myogi making the honorable mention list of the 2022 simming prize. I was stunned and honored that an RPG I started going on 3 years ago had made enough of a name for itself that one of the simming community's top honors had taken notice, and no doubt the Myogi will once again see a nomination for the Prize.

April brought about an unexpected and pleasant turn of events: While I was about to secure employment here in Florida, we were joined in Theta Fleet by another former Pegasus Fleet sim which we had shared our brief tenure in Pegasus Fleet with: The USS Poseidon. I had briefly served on the Poseidon before it became collateral damage from our... Forced migration to Theta Fleet, and the captain and crew have welcomed me back with open arms. I even have a credit on the Poseidon's credits page!

Beginning in May, and dragging on until October, we tried an experimental mission; paying tribute to one of my personal favorite Trek episodes and anime series, and while the few of us who did participate in that mission had a blast, unfortunately, I really have to call it a successful failure, as the mission failed to achieve the widespread appeal I was hoping for, and as such, I had to abridge the mission and cut content to keep the sim moving. Believe me, it's as difficult for me to say that The Fast & The Fleet could have been so much more than what we wound up getting as it probably is for you to hear it.

Which brings us to today; about to celebrate in less than 48 hours' time the Nativity of Jesus Christ, and a little over a week away from 2024. Really, there's only one more thing left for me to say, and that's to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. From me and Commander Misono in central Florida to wherever in the world you might be freezing, have a safe and wonderful holiday season!

-Captain Maho Takahashi


Michael Cooke


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