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Lieutenant JG Jane Sinclair

Name Jane Elisabeth Sinclair

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 34
Date of Birth 5 September 2361
Place of Birth Cochrane, Proxima Centauri II
Sexuality homosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5’ 11”
Weight 140 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Jane is average in terms of height and weight for someone from her homeworld, but Terrans might describe her as taller and slimmer than average. She is fit to within normal Starfleet health standards, but prefers to spend her time in a garage than a gym. Jane's skin tone is very slightly tan, reflecting the multicultural history of the Proxima colony. Many would say she is pretty, though she very rarely devoted much time to her appearance beyond essential upkeep.

When not on the bridge, Jane prefers more comfortable variations of the duty uniform that permit her to get dirty in a machine shop or maintenance bay. She regularly wore a coverall jumpsuit when working at the Proxima Maintenance Yards, and that became her preferred uniform even when she entered the Academy and when she was posted to starships as an officer. Off-duty, Jane's style is eclectic and usually very bright.

Jane's accent is typical of those from Proxima Colony, which superficially resembles that of London, UK.


Status boyfriend/girlfriend
Father Robert Sinclair (deceased)
Mother Ellen Sinclair
Other Family Jane had a fairly large family, which keeps on growing. Family was always an important thing to her mother, and became important to her as well. Her mother was always talking with her siblings, and so Jane grew up very close to her maternal aunts, uncles, cousins, and eventually nieces and nephews.

Because her father died before she was born, and his family was so small, she lost contact with that side, but because of the lessons in family her mother taught her, she eventually reached out and became close friends with her father's older brother as well.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jane is a young officer who grew up on the Proxima Colony and spent a significant amount of her time growing up in maintenance yards and garages. She learned how to fly ships of various sizes at a young age and fell in love with flying.

She has close ties to her family, most of which are still on Proxima. She tries to make friends wherever she goes, but has never been particularly successful with romance, aside from a few short term relationships.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Mechanically-inclined. Can rebuild and repair shuttlecraft components with her eyes closed.
+Very hard-working.
+Quick to act (good, rapid instincts, especially behind the helm).

-Speed demon. She has been chastised for flying shuttles in ways that to her are perfectly safe and in control, but are outside Starfleet standards.
-Quickness to act can lead to bad decisions.
-Can be unsure of herself when trying new things, especially if underprepared.
Ambitions Jane has wanted to be a pilot since she was a small child, and most of her ambitions are still directed to flying.
-She wants to spend some time behind the helm console of as many starships as she can find (ideally even non-Federation ones).
-She continues to have a passion for small craft racing, and wants to one day enter and win a major Federation racing competition.
-She wants to one day contribute a new shuttle design to Starfleet, and be remembered (like how Starfleet remembers Tom Paris for the Delta Flyer).
Hobbies & Interests If left to her own devices, Jane would gladly spend all of her spare time in shuttle bays or garages, tinkering with engines and flight controls. As a teen, she designed and built her own shuttle and used it to travel throughout local space.

She also has a great interest in reading, particularly old science fiction and depictions of future technology that are set in her relative past (but the author's future).

Jane is also very social, and loves to play games or be in the holodeck with friends or family.

Personal History

Personal History Jane Elisabeth Sinclair was born and raised in the city of Cochrane on Proxima Centauri II (Proxima Colony) in 2361. Her father was a Starfleet shuttle pilot who was killed in an accidental crash a month before she was born. Her mother, a mechanical engineer at the Proxima Maintenance Yards, raised Jane alone, though a large extended family throughout the Alpha Centauri System meant that the two were never truly alone.

From a young age, Jane took great interest in her mother's mechanical work, and while she proved very skilled at building and repairing small craft, her true talent lay in flying. Inspired by the stories of the father she never knew, by age 10 she knew her way around the control consoles of almost any air- or spacecraft and by age 12 she was winning local shuttle races, including the Amateur Centauri Grand Prix in 2373. Her mother insisted she knew everything about the internal operations of the ships she piloted, so that in any emergency Jane could repair any damage and save her own life, as her father had not been able to. As a teen, Jane worked in her spare time to build a custom runabout that she would use to visit a variety of local worlds, spending holidays on Earth, Andoria, and Trill, among others.

At age 18, Jane wanted to enroll in Starfleet Academy flight school, but her mother convinced her to remain on Proxima at least another few years to continue her education in starship and small craft maintenance. She enlisted in Starfleet and began apprenticing under the engineers at the Proxima Yards. She stayed on Proxima with her family for a further seven years. During this time, she was also able to still compete in small craft racing, taking leave from the Yards as necessary (and with the support of her superiors) to race.

Finally, at age 25, faced with the choice of rising through the enlisted ranks on a permanent basis, quitting to pursue racing full time, or finally earning her pilot's wings in Starfleet, Jane enrolled in Starfleet Academy and began training to be a flight control officer. She was accorded approximately one year's worth of credits for her time at the yards, and so she moved to Earth as a Sophomore Cadet. This was the first time she spent away from her family for an extended period of time, and so she tried to fly home (thankfully not far) to visit during leave. She was also able to still compete on an ad hoc basis, whenever races were within a few parsecs of Sol.

At the Academy, Jane was quickly recognized as being one of the best, most natural flight cadets around, but her instructors also recognized her need for discipline and patience. During her Junior Year, she was given the assignment of piloting the twice-daily trip from Earth and Titan and back. She received four citations for excessive speed and was eventually grounded for a month and given remedial training and duties (despite her objections and appeals, during which she stated that she was always in complete control despite her excessive speed; the magister was always sympathetic but insisted she follow the rules). She swore to learn and do better. Eventually, early in her Senior Year, she was given another assignment, the thrice-weekly run between Earth and Eris Station in the Oort cloud. During one of these flights, the ship suddenly lost power and, given their distance from Earth and the small size of the ship, they couldn't expect rescue for some time. While her copilot and some of the passengers panicked, Jane donned a space suit, beamed to the outer hull, and managed to find and bypass the problematic area of the shuttle's power system, restoring impulse engines and permitting them to fly to Eris Station without further incident. One of her passengers, one who kept his cool but chose not to intervene and see how the crisis played out, was Commander Richard Demers, CO of Eris Station, returning from a conference. He watched Jane take control of the situation, calm the copilot and passengers, and lead their way out of trouble. Commander Demers put in a good word for Jane, and recommended that upon graduation her skills be put to good use right away, even going so far as to suggest she be immediately made Chief Flight Control Officer aboard a ship that needed it.

Starfleet Command listened to Commander Demers, and for three months she was made provisional Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer aboard USS Saturn, which was operating in the Archanis Sector. Her CO, Captain Duerkes, approved of her abilities and concurred with Commander Demers's recommendation (though he himself had no need for a new chief helmswoman).

In April 2389, Jane graduated from the Academy and was given the rank of Ensign. She was also made Chief Flight Control Officer aboard USS Shanghai. Jane would be among the first new crewmembers to arrive from Starfleet Command as relief crew for those lost in a recent disaster. She served Captain Sun Mei Xiang for two years, mostly exploring the galaxy rimward of Klingon space. The Shanghai was destroyed in battle against Klingon rebels in mid 2391. Her actions in the battle helped save many lives (including the Symbiont of the Captain’s husband), even if the ship was lost.

She was promoted to Lieutenant junior grade and accepted an assignment to the USS Dionysus, a Theophrastus-class ship exploring the Delta Quadrant. Her tour was largely uneventful, except for the fact that she was able to participate in the Antarian Transtellar Rally of 2393.

Her tour aboard the Dionysus finished in mid 2394, so she returned home to the Federation. She spent a few months at home on Proxima before returning to duty, now as Chief Flight Control Officer aboard the USS Myogi.

Starfleet Record

Commission officer
Starfleet Serial Number SI-344-798-SJE
Command authorization code Sinclair-5-9-Alpha-Green
Education & Qualifications -Significant informal training in shuttlecraft maintenance
-Apprenticeship in shuttlecraft and starship maintenance and Proxima Maintenance Yards
-Starfleet Academy flight school (2386-2389)
Awards & Commendations Winner, Amateur Centauri Grand Prix (2373)
Winner, Starfleet Corps of Engineering Design Fair (2377)
Personal recommendation by Commander Richard Demers, CO of Eris Station, for exemplary behavior in a crisis (2388)
Medal of Valour (2391)
Medical History Thankfully, Jane has avoided serious injury for most of her life. As Proxima Centauri II is slightly smaller than Earth, her muscle development is better suited to slightly weaker gravity. This has not caused her significant problems, but gets tired a bit quicker than others under heavy exertion. It has made her slightly taller and slimmer than average, too, which Jane appreciates.
Service Record 2379-2380: Mechanic's apprentice, Proxima Maintenance Yards (Crewman Recruit)
2380-2382: Mechanic's apprentice, Proxima Maintenance Yards (Crewman Apprentice)
2382-2386: Mechanic, Proxima Maintenance Yards (Crewman)
2386-2389: Starfleet Academy
2389-2391: Chief Flight Control Officer, USS Shanghai (Ensign)
2391-2394: Chief Flight Control Officer, USS Dionysus (Lieutenant jg)
2394-present: Chief Flight Control Officer, USS Myogi (Lieutenant jg)