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Lieutenant Mia ‘Banshee’ Amaro

Name Mia ‘Banshee’ Faye Amaro

Position Fighter Pilot

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 27
Date of Birth June 1st, 2368
Place of Birth Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico, Earth
Sexuality pan-sexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 121 lbs
Hair Color Purple (Natural Black)
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Mia is a skinnyish woman who hates wearing a uniform. Whenever she's not in a flight suit, she tends to wear a VERY short skirt with tights as well as a colored shirt and leather jacket. While her hair is naturally a black, she has it dyed a a purple color close to lavender. She has several scars from fights when she was a young woman, but has refused to elaborate on them.


Spouse None
Status single
Children None
Father Alejandro Amaro(Deceased at 81(2382)
Mother Brianna Lopez(Deceased at 83(2384)
Brother(s) None(That she knows of)
(Jorge Amaro, 65 years old)
Sister(s) None(that she knows of)
(Amalie Amaro-Gutierrez, 68 years old)
Other Family None(that she knows of)
(Several Nieces and nephews in their 30s and 40s)
(Several Grand-nieces and -nephews ranging from 2 to 18)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mia is a happy-go-lucky sort who has no problems taking risks in her flying, or even in her personal life. She actively hates and disdains the standard Starfleet uniform, instead wearing her flight suit whenever she can't get away with wearing civilian clothes, but unless flying always wears a light brown leather jacket. She's willing to jump into bed, an unused corridor or closet, or even Jeffries Tube with anyone that she sees that strikes her fancy, having no fear of being rejected, passing those off as aberrations. Mia can be disrespectful at times, banking on her flying skills to get her out of trouble
Strengths & Weaknesses +Excellent pilot, shuttles and fighters (Almost as good as she THINKS she is)
+Able to hijack air cars, shuttles and other smaller vehicles

-Disrespectful about certain things and subjects
-Overly protective of her jacket
-Has an ego the size of the planet of Mars
Ambitions Become the best known pilot and retire to celebrity

Personal History

Personal History February 2325, Alejandro and Brianna Amaro made a decision that would have major ramifications down the line: They decided that before they entered Starfleet together, they would first fertilize then freeze several embryos just in case one of them didn't survive their service and pass down their genetics to the next generation. It was over forty years later, as well as a couple natural children when they retired from the Fleet back to Mexico and were reminded of what they had done. At the age of 63, they decided that they wanted more children and requested that the embryos be brought to term in a uterine replication unit. Of all of the prospective children, only one survived to be 'born' and they named her Mia Faye.

Being born to elderly parents was a challenge for Mia from a young age, at the age of five running circles around them and constantly getting into trouble. Her parents rapidly figured out that she was too much for them, instead beginning to focus on their retirement and treating Mia like the mistake they believed her to be. Because of that, she made her own way through school and life in general. She got in a lot of trouble both in and out, and quickly obtained another skill that would be a turning point in her life. She learned how to steal air cars and shuttles, becoming so good at it that she could hop in one and be driving off with it nearly as fast as someone with a key to the vehicle.

It really was a miracle that she never got caught, but that was primarily because she'd usually steal them at night, but usually return them before day broke. There were a few mishaps, of course, and she'd gotten pulled in by the police on a handful of occasions and 'warned' not to it again, because at some point she'd steal the wrong car and it would have to get official. She was seventeen and had taken the Academy entrance exam as a way to get out of Xalapa, having been accepted and she decided to celebrate, seeing a beautiful air car just sitting on the curb. Little did she know that it belonged to the son of a cartel head until she'd landed it an hour later and run off like usual. One of the local police officers caught up to her the next morning with the warning: Leave town or she'd probably be dead within a couple days when the cartel caught up with her.

Terrified, Mia left within the hour, stealing a few items from home and leaving her mother (her father had died a couple years earlier) wondering where she went. She barely got through the Academy, having gotten in as a helm cadet at first, then moving over to small craft and fighters as she fell further and further behind. Her grades were barely passable and she had a list of demerits that only grew as the months and years passed. Graduating eighth from the bottom of her class, she still did graduate as a fighter pilot and was assiend to the USS Essex.

Which was where she stayed for the next six years. She gained a promotion to Junior Grade Lieutenant twice, once being demoted back to Ensign after disobeying orders on three separate occasions. She became known as a trouble-maker who had the skills to be one of the best pilots in the Fleet, if only she could settle herself down and basically 'straighten up and fly right'. It was in 2395 that her Wing CO, along with the Squadron CO, decided that she wouldn't be able to help Mia in such a large flight group, the Essex being a Fleet Carrier, and arranged to have her transfer to the USS Myogi where perhaps being in a flight group of two would give her that one on one experience she so desperately needed to be a better pilot.

Starfleet Record

Commission officer
Starfleet Serial Number BV-2298-1198-HU
Command authorization code Victor-Victor-6-1-6-4-5-7-Navajo
Education & Qualifications 2385-2389- Starfleet Academy
Service Record 2385-2389- Starfleet Academy
2389-2395- USS Essex
2395-Present- USS Myogi