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Lieutenant Vivienne Erebos

Name Vivienne Sierra Erebos

Position Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Catullan
Age 37
Sexuality heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Hair Color White
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Vivienne is thin, with lean musculature from a childhood of walking and working the fields. She has slight curves and almost angular features. When she allows her hair to grow long (every few years) she keeps it in an intricate braid. Currently it is cropped short with the longest hair in the back being chin length. Her eyes shift in color with her environment from a slate blue to an almost sapphire color. A tattoo of a raspberry with two leaves sits just between her eyebrows and the vine traces up her forehead, and she has multiple other tattoos seen only if she removes her clothing. She has taken on the human custom of ear piercing, and has 4 piercings, one for each lobe of her multilobed ear.


Spouse None
Status single
Children None
Father Viktar
Mother Aeryn
Sister(s) Ailani- Elder
Evelyn- Twin
Other Family Nephews: Vincent Ylara (Deceased) and Johan Ylara

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses + Studious, loves to learn new techniques
+Tangential thinker
+Fanatical about cleanliness in her work.

-Gets hung up on the small things, sometimes to the detriment of the whole.
-Easily distracted, but also easily redirectable.
-Dismissive of overt religious symbology.

Ambitions To find a way to integrate ancient therapies into modern medicine. Someday she wants to start a family and a farm, something that she can leave as a legacy to those born under the talisman of bad luck.
Hobbies & Interests -Music
-Plays the Catullan Wheel Harp and a variant of Adam's Guitar
-Sings (mostly to herself)
-Reading: Fiction/Fantasy
-Botany and herbs

Personal History

Personal History First born of a set of twins on Catulla. Twins, especially twin girls are looked upon with a modicum of bad luck and it was fortunate for them that they didn’t look alike else they would have been left out for the gods. Omens, theories of vengeful gods, and evil-eye talismans followed the girls where-ever they went. She and Evelyn lived in a state of near exile, with the exception of family, but even they treated her like something to be avoided if possible to keep the bad luck from rubbing off. When the USS Archibald made a routine stop in orbit of Catulla, the twins together petitioned Captain Thomas to take them from their ‘home’, so they might build a better life for themselves. With their meagre possessions in a single bag and the clothes on their backs, they ended up on a shuttle bound for Zurich, Switzerland- at the tender age of 16- and enrolled in school under the personal recommendation of Captain Kevin Thomas. It is here where the twins finally began to have divergent histories.

Vivienne turned towards science and philosophy, whilst her twin Evelyn was fascinated by pure history. They were gently urged into their respective fields by their social worker, and by the time she was 18 Ailani had earned a coveted spot in the Loyola University Chicago Psychology program- intending to earn a degree in psychology and social work. Whilst enrolled she discovered an old Chicago love- a game called baseball and holovids of it didn’t do it justice. She had to learn to play it, and compete on the Loyola team. It was only her senior year that she was able to secure a spot on the team to compete, but she was able to hold on to her spot during her doctoral work.

Captain Thomas attended her graduation- and it was he who suggested that she might find a rewarding job in Starfleet’s Medical- Nursing and Physical Therapy Department. Thinking nothing of applying to see what happens, she was shocked by their immediate acceptance of her into their training program. It was a fast track for those that already had advanced degrees in their field to learn how it applied within Starfleet and a month later she found herself immersed in work. For months she was too exhausted to do anything but eat, study and sleep, but once the bustle of the first quarter wore down she found herself adoring the idea of meeting new cultures and being able to interact with and study them.

It took her well into her second assignment before her schoolgirlish excitement about meeting a new species faded. While she still gets a thrill from it, she can manage to keep it from being visible most of the time. It was during this time that her first romance with a fellow crew member came to haunt her. It ended badly, when he was transferred to Earth.

While upon the Indra- word came to her that her sister had fallen pregnant with twins herself. She took a leave of absence from the Indra to see her nephews born- however the second passed away hours after his birth. She stayed with her sister and the new baby for over a month, before she felt called to return to duty.

It was difficult for her to get back into the swing of things after the birth of her nephews and the subsequent death of one of them. She still occasionally has nightmares about the boy. However, she burns a candle in a small shrine to the gods that inhabits a small corner of her quarters. Tiny holograms of the departed grace the shrine as well as crystals and candles. Each ship gets a different configuration and different set of crystals to balance the energies of the universe.

Gamma shift aboard Starbase 31 was a new beast for the young woman, who had never tried to totally reverse her schedule before now. Even though there were plenty of people on gamma shift, switching ones circadian rhythms is not an easy task. While she managed well enough with her patients, her day to day life was plagued with headaches and nausea. She lost enough weight there to concern the Doctors about her ability to cope with the ‘Night shift’. She managed a balance of sorts and stayed in the position for two more years, however when she was transferred to the Hastings she vowed to herself to not accept a position that was soley night shift again, even if it meant a step back in her career.

Starfleet Record

Commission officer
Education & Qualifications Ellis Zephyr Academy for Children
Starfleet Academy
Starfleet Medical School
Service Record Graduated Starfleet OCS- Ensign
Starbase 11 Clinical Residency Ensign
USS Vladivostok Medical Officer
USS Indra Medical Officer
Leave of Absence- Birth of her Nephew
Surgical Fellowship
Starbase 31 Gamma Shift Chief
Mauriposa Colony