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Lieutenant Commander Brandon Pratt

Name Brandon Pratt

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 34
Date of Birth 02 19 2361
Place of Birth Toronto, Canada
Sexuality heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 174 Lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Pratt is 34 years old. Independently reviewed Medical Records indicate that Brandon is in top health. Both physically and mentally. He carries his strength around in musculature, and not afraid to use it.

Brandon presents with trimmed dark hair when left, can grow shaggy long. He shaves almost every day. He is often left with a 5 O’clock shadow at the end of an eight-hour shift.


Spouse NA
Status single
Children NA
Father Logan Pratt
Mother Kirsten Pratt
Brother(s) Miles Pratt - Miles currently is surving in the civilian corps in the Banzar Sector. Miles Pratt is 2 years older than Brandon, at the age of 36 years old. Miles and Brandon are close, tightly knit bothers.

When they get together at Family events, they like to play sports, hockey, football and wrestling for fun. The Pratt Family embraces each other, and is always in contact as Family is key.

The Family Home back in Toronto, Earth is the Pratt Family escape for all of the Family to get back together every now and then, in their crazy Starfleet and Civilian Affairs life.

Mr. Pratt, Dr. Logan Pratt, is an Earth Environmental Scientist and is in charge of the United Eastern Environmental Cooperation and Fortification Systems due to climactic changes. Based in New York, Earth.
Sister(s) Anglia Pratt - Younger sister to Brandon, youngest sibling at age 33. Just one year after Brandon was born, his Sister Angelica was born. Angelica is an Earth Historical Librarian of Literary Works, both Federation Documents and International, Interspecies Preservation Organization based in Geneva, Switzerland.
Other Family The Pratt Family has many extended friends and family who are numerous and cherished through relationships and friendships across the Galaxy.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Brandon is a kind, considerate, and quiet man. He is first and foremost dedicated to his Starfleet Duties.

Brandon can be cheeky, snarky, and wild at times when off duty and around friends and family. He gets a rise and enjoys lots of jokes and low key engagements.

A character who likes to compete and strive to be the best in his sporting abilities that he can. Sports and Exercise off Duty is a way for Brandon to de-stress and think of issues and contemplate things. He likes Hockey, Football, Basketball anything that allows him to let loose and shoot things.

Target Practice, and MMA Style Wresting from Earth is also among his favorites to work out and challenge others.

Brandon is large, tall with sizeable muscle mass. Many find once you get past his gruff outer exterior, controlling, perfectionist, and stubborn ways, he is a reliable friend and fun buddy.

His personality is guarded with a touch of easy-going nature.

When the Engineering Officer is off shift, he still can be found checking up on Propulsion Systems regardless.

A trip to the holodeck with blazing sun-drenched beach, waves and a lot of alcohol usually are needed to destress Pratt at least once a month.

Pratt cares. He pays attention to his coworkers and their expressed concerns or needs. He will not tolerate incompetence as it can cost lives within his Engineering Teams and the Crew of the USS Myogi.

As always, the Pratt Family has participated in professional sports. Brand loves a brutish game of Hockey and has participated and won a few Federation Cups in previous seasons.
Strengths & Weaknesses - Confidence
- Articulate
- Smart
- Friendly
- Methodical
- Team Player

- Sarcastic Humor (Can be lost on some people)
- Cannot tolerate delays or excuses
- Neurotic about cleanliness
Ambitions - To Complete various Federation Studies for Advanced Further Warp propulsion Systems.

- To Complete his Black Belt in Ju-Jitsu, in 2 remaining matches
- To Find someone who he can be comfortable with, and perhaps grow a Family Together.

Hobbies & Interests - Earth Antique Motorcycles
- Crafting Beer
- Cooking
- Sports (Playing, Watching, Attending)
- Playing Cards

- Engineering Sciences
- "Brutus" - Brandon's Golden Retriever, a Hologram Chip.

Personal History

Personal History Brandon was born in the year 2361 and raised on Earth in the City of Toronto, Canada. Most of Brandon's experience off-world has been through Starfleet ventures and assignments. As a child, Pratt was a talented individual in the areas of authority, technical sciences, and sports.

A bold, outgoing student in Starfleet, Brandon never shied from becoming involved in sports and special events.

While on Earth, a terrorist incident occurred at one of Starfleet’s satellite teaching facilities. While this occurred, Pratt had helped to release hostages held by a few rebel fighters.

Brandon has plans, many plans, he would say. To live life and experience off worlds to their fullest. As the only Federation Officer in his Family, Pratt respects Starfleet putting his life on the line to serve and protect.

Having completed general Starfleet Academy training programs in the Security and Tactical stream. Calvin graduated in the year 2378 with full honors at the age of 18.

2395 - USS Myogi, Chief Engineering Officer

Starfleet Record

Commission officer
Starfleet Serial Number DZ - 301 - 490
Command authorization code Pratt-2-2-Beta-Charlie
Awards & Commendations - AWARD OF BRAVERY - 2373 - 2372, SAN FRANCISCO 05 16 2372 TERRORIST CAMPUS INCIDENT.
Service Record Course Commendations of Note:


USS Halstead - 2373 – 2376 - Ensign - Engineering Officer
USS Optica - 2376 - 2379 – Engineering Officer
USS Williamsburg – 2379 - 2385 - Assistant Engineering Officer
USS Challenger - 2385 – 2392 - Assistant Engineering Officer
USS Norfolk – 2392 – 2395 - Chief Engineering Officer
USS Myogi - 2395 - Chief Engineering Officer