Thoughts on the Election:

Posted on Wed Apr 3rd, 2024 @ 9:17pm by Captain Maho Takahashi

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Captain's personal log,

Following the vote of no confidence in our previous leadership in the aftermath of attack on Starfleet Headquarters, an election has been held and the people have spoken: Sinisiub Pallis; the Federation Councilman from Vulcan, shall be taking office as the Federation's next president. Pallis rides into office on campaign promises to take a tougher stance on this separatist crisis. While I'm glad to see that the politicians are finally taking this threat to our security seriously, my concerns lie in Pallis himself:

Pallis hasn't been shy in admitting that he's a Romulan raised on Vulcan. While he publicly claims he has embraced the teachings of Surak which he was wrong to reject, I can't help but feel like the timing of it all is a bit sudden: I mean, we're barely a year removed from the Alvatar Incident and the Tal Shiar subsequently declaring independence from the Romulan Star Empire. Isn't now a bad time to be electing our historic enemy to the highest office in our land?

I don't know: Pallis has been fighting an uphill battle his entire political career due to his biology, and he's made great strides in becoming a respected politician. Maybe he will be a good president? Only time will tell...



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