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Personal Log - Lt. Brandon Pratt - TL008

Posted on Thu Feb 17th, 2022 @ 10:59pm by Lieutenant Commander Brandon Pratt

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Brandon leaned back on his sofa in his quarters. The past few weeks had been a whirlwind. Ever since he had met Victoria, he had fallen for her. His heart was prime for someone to fall for, as this was Pratt. When someone caught his fancy, he became intoxicated.

"These feelings. I... I can't stand these. God. I like her. Damn it. She's cute; she’s smart. She's..." Brandon laughed and rolled his eyes as he lent a large engineering hand through his ruffled hair. The brand was warm, not wearing his shirt as his chest breathed and cooled—a thick linen towel around his waist. In the warm sonic shower, his mind worked. He had to sit down and think things through in his journaling. He enjoyed journaling as it was relaxing and often grounded him to his values.

"She's stubborn like me. We're both that way, yet there is a twinkle. What is that twinkle? Do you want more? Do I want more? We need to have a serious talk because I come away from our few dates unsure what she wants."

~* Nanook... Nan... Treat time. Good Dog! *~ The seven-year-old fluffy husky had tail wagged, with his long pink tongue, a smile in his eyes watching Pratt tentatively.

"Awwww. Good Boy!!" Brandon grinned as he leaned forward from the seated sofa in the quarters, his large engineering hands now ruffled through the white and black long-haired artic canine. "Treat time it is!"

"Computer, end log for now..."



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