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[18+] The Final Interrogation (Rescue, Part 2)

Posted on Thu May 30th, 2024 @ 8:07pm by Lieutenant JG Jane Sinclair & Lieutenant Alisha Reno

1,305 words; about a 7 minute read

Mission: Junichi Koyama
Location: Deep in the Detention Center

More hours had passed, days even, so far as Alisha could tell. Once Baldy had returned, he'd been true to his word and started back on her again. The first thing he'd done was to use a medical tricorder to heal the various wounds on her body so that she was in pristine condition once again, aside from that little bit of water in her lungs that no amount of coughing was getting out. The IV had made sure she remained hydrated and 'fed' with nutrients and she still couldn't move. She felt her wrists and ankles chafing under the restraints, but that was more annoying than anything until the enhancer was turned back on.

Then the blades had come out again and the man had proven to be more than an expert with them, slicing into nerves and exacerbating those wounds before healing them up again. All the while, throughout her pain and screams that were then muffled with a gag, he remained silent, not even asking any questions after his initial words on his return:

"Miss Reno, you and I both know how this is going to go, so I'm going to ask you one more time: What is Myogi's Prefix Code? How can I get into Starfleet Intelligence's database? What are your access codes to the Intelligence network?"

She'd again denied knowing Myogi's Prefix code and after the first fifteen cuts, she'd begun to splutter again:

"I can't get you into the Intelligence network, even if I wanted to! The access codes through Myogi were deleted before I ever left the ship for my vacation and after I missed my last report, Intelligence would have deleted my access codes, It's standard procedure, especially for undercover agents."

She'd repeated that four times before he'd gagged her thoroughly, all those days ago. One part of her mind told her that it had only been a couple hours, probably, but it felt longer. The feel of the warm blood trickling down her arms and legs and body was distressing even more so that she couldn't feel it. Vibrations she felt through the table were probably figments of her imagination, but it didn't stop him.

Then the slices stopped and weren't healed again. Something was attached to her feet others to her hands, then they stepped back and her entire body surged upwards as electricity coursed through her. Alisha choked on the gag as it stopped and he came into view, dispassionately looking into her eyes to gauge how things went, then nodded to the side and another surge of electricity ran through her again. And again.

The distinct sounds of a medical tricorder were heard as Baldy finally removed the gag and Alisha twitched from the aftershocks of electrical impulses misfiring. "Shall we try again, Miss Reno, or do I need to start hurting you even more?"

Tears were streaming from Alisha's eyes because she couldn't control anything. "I told you, they already deleted all my codes, it's procedure.." She was sobbing completely, voice hoarse from the screaming and no water, but something was starting to reduce the twitching and she knew that someone was healing her... Again. It could only be a precursor for more, but she knew that there was nothing she could do, could say, that he'd accept. If she gave him her codes, they wouldn't work and he'd accuse her of lying to him and make things even worse.

"If that's the way you want to play, I've got all the time in the world." Baldy reached off to the side, then came back and grabbed her jaw, forcing it open before reaching in with the pliers he'd grabbed and gripping one of her molars and with a quick grip and yank, plucked it out and showed it to her. She tried to scream again with the new pain, but it came out as a gag as a new source of blood tried to get down her throat. She began to cough again, spraying his face with blood that he gave her a disgusted look about. He backhanded her left cheek as she alternately coughed, gagged and tried to spit the blood out, gasping for air and facing her head to the side.

Another surge of electricity came through her body again, this one lasting many seconds and part of Alisha hoped it would be enough to stop her heart, but as it ended, it was the one thing she could feel aside from at least one cracked tooth as she'd had nothing to bite down on and her teeth had clenched. The sobbing never stopped now and the woman was actively praying for death as he came back around and repeated with another molar, screaming the same question at her and getting no response.

Then Blatchky came back from wherever he had been and shook his head at Baldy when he did so, "We need to hurry this up. Their ship was firing on the center and that other one escaped about thirty minutes ago. It's time to wrap this up, Veris. The incinerator is up and hot, we need to get rid of the evidence unless you think you can really get something from her."

"She's done." Baldy said, tossing the bloody pliers off to the side, "I've got nothing from her in the last twenty minutes but that." He gestured to her, "The Governor is going to have my ass for this. Can't even have her given back to them as a suicide without even more work. Go get the gurney and take Malic with you." He gave him a smile of someone who was about to play, "It isn't every day that someone gets to fuck a bonafide movie star, and since she's going the way of the pizza oven... I won't be but a couple minutes, plenty of time before you get back." He moved around the table to where the legs were and pushed the legs of the table so they separated.

"You're sick, Veris, but whatever floats your boat. We'll be back in three minutes, have your fun, but have her ready to go." He shook his head as he headed towards the door, hearing the buckle coming undone from Baldy's waistline.

Two steps from the door, it slid open and Blatchky looked up, distracted by the satchel he had on his shoulder. An angry looking Hispanic woman looked back at him and he started to reach for something on his hip, but a flash from her hand and the weapon she had there was the precursor for a large jolt of pain from his abdomen. Red filtered his vision as there was a cry of shock from Malic, who had stepped around the ‘bed’ they had been interrogating the woman on. The Hispanic had stepped in already, followed by a dark-haired woman. There was another flash as darkness filled in his vision and he knew nothing more.

Mia shot the second one reaching for a weapon as she cleared the doorway, both without anything showing on her face than anger. She’d kill them all if she had her way and she felt Jane enter the room behind her as she swept the rest of the room, seeing no one else besides the one standing shock still behind the bed. “Clear.”

Jane's phaser was held high and pointed at the man whose hands were held up in surrender -- and whose belt was open and pants had started to be lowered. "Back away," she ordered, moving into a position next to the table on which Alisha lay mumbling quietly. "Back. Away."

To Be Continued...


A Mission Post By:

Lieutenant Alisha Reno
Intelligence Officer
USS Myogi

Lieutenant (jg) Jane Sinclair
Chief Flight Control Officer
USS Myogi

Lieutenant (jg) Mia Amaro
Fighter Pilot
USS Myogi


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