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Doing What Must Be Done (Rescue, Part 3)

Posted on Thu May 30th, 2024 @ 8:09pm by Lieutenant JG Jane Sinclair & Petty Officer 2nd Class Mai Ichihara & Lieutenant Alisha Reno & Lieutenant Mia ‘Banshee’ Amaro

1,180 words; about a 6 minute read

Mission: Junichi Koyama
Location: Deep in the detention facility

"What have you done?" Jane barked at the bald man whose hands were still high in the air, and whose pants had slipped to his thighs. She kept her phaser on him with one hand and with her other found Alisha's. "We're here, luv, we're getting you out of here," she whispered.

At the touch of the hand, Alisha tried to jerk back from it, but the restraints prevented her from more than a centimeter of movement of the wrist even as her hand and arm spasmed away from the touch. A muffled scream came from her raw throat as if she were afraid something was going to happen to her.

The bald man kept his hands where they were, “I was following my orders.” He stated as if it were a shield, “I was told to get information from her, by the Governor. I can testify to that, in court. I surrender,” He repeated, again believing it to be a shield, “I can help you bring him down, I know where the bodies are buried, literally.”

"Shut up," Jane said, but it came out as a whisper as he watched Alisha jerk back and scream. Baldy didn't hear it so kept on. "Shut up," she said a bit louder, but to no avail. He was arguing for what he could do for them. Justifying his life after what he did and what he was about to do.

A whimper from Alisha, whose hand jerked away from her out of reflex, was enough to break the helmswoman. She let her phaser fall away from her fingers.

"I said shut up!" she screamed. She picked up the knife that had inflicted all of those cuts upon Alisha's fair skin and jumped at the torturer. He was big, and with his hands up he was able to briefly fight her off, but his pants being lowered was enough to restrict his legs. She had a few centimetres on him and managed to get him to the ground, where that horrible knife in Jane's hand found its way to the bald man's chest.

And then second time.

And again and again and again.

Until finally his hands stopped trying to fight back and Jane Sinclair, snarl on her face, got her breathing under control.

Mia's hands closed around the bloody ones that still held the knife and stopped them from stabbing again, "It's over, Jane, he's dead, it's over." She prized the knife from Jane's hand gently.

Alisha was no longer in danger. They could return to the ship. It was done.

"How do we get the restraints off her?" Jane said to Mia, taking a second to search Baldy's corpse for keys or or computer codes or anything like that.

"Latches, they're just latches but they're done up tight." Mia was now sporting a satchel she'd pulled from the first guy she'd shot, draped sideways across her. She went to one foot and undid the metal restraints, which spawned movements from Alisha's leg, then she went to the other before going to her opposite hand and seeing the mangled fingers and looked over at Jane in shock before undoing that restraint and trying to guide the hand which was violently ripped from the gentle grasp and came up to smack the pilot across the face, "Ai!" Mia stepped back, but immediately back forward again to hold Alisha down as she thrashed, mostly free, yanking on the single hand still attached to the table trying to rip it out. Tears ran down Mia's face, "Ai, shit, Jane, I need some help."

Jane came up from Baldy’s body and saw what Mia was dealing with. “We don’t have time for this,” she muttered to herself. She retrieved her phaser, set it to its lowest stun setting, and shot the frenzied Alisha. She had been energized by that rush of adrenaline trying to escape but was still so weak from all the torment and so went limp the instant the beam hit her.

“You alright?” she asked Mia as she came to her side and helped with the now still Alisha’s other restrained arm.

"I'm good, I'm good." Mia released Alisha and reached up to her face, "That's gonna bruise, but I'll be good." She reached up and took off her trademark leather jacket and wrapped it around Alisha's upper body, "Damn... How we gonna get her out of here? Think the transporter can lock onto us this far down, or we need to carry her out?"

"The viridium lined comm units should work, unless there's a military grade transport inhibitor in use," Jane said. "Only one way to find out for sure though." She took out her second comm unit, attached it to the leather jacket that Mia had wrapped around Alisha, and tapped it twice. It confirmed that there was a signal lock. A third quick tap would have beamed her up but she stopped. "I think it'll work, but I think we need to clean up here." She held up her phaser. "Overload with a short countdown, I'm thinking." It would eliminate all evidence in the room and probably help Kurumi's previous effort of taking the complex down. It seemed win-win.

"First, but just in case something large enough survives for identification." Mia ramped up the settings on one of her phasers and pointed it at the bald man in the pool of blood, activating it and playing the beam across the corpse. After several seconds, it vaporized from the energy input and Mia dialed it down again, reholstering it, "Don't take no chances, Jane."

"Not today, forensic evidence," Jane joked. She finished programming her phaser for overload. "Fuck you, Gamma Zednor. Alright, fifteen seconds...mark!" She tapped the last button, tossed the phaser into the room, and then she and Mia triple-tapped their and Alisha's comm units.

The rescue party dematerialized with plenty of time before their makeshift grenade exploded.

Back in the shuttle, Jane took all of Alisha's weight from Mia. "Beam us to sickbay," she said. "And get the shuttle back to the ship. When you land, get whatever you recovered to Commanders Misono and Ebisuzawa."

"Gonna make a hot landing." Mia selected the pre-programmed coordinates, one of the default settings in the shuttle's transporters, "Let me know if anything changes, all right?"

"Will do," Jane said. "And Mia? Thanks again."

Mia gave a soft smile to Jane, "You two would do it for me, Jane, how could I do anything else?" Then she activated the transporter.

The Myogi's helmswoman and her rescued partner dematerialized and reappeared in sickbay.

"Emergency! I need help here!" Jane called out.

Nurse Ichihara came around the corner to see the badly injured Alisha being gently laid onto a biobed. "Oh my god," she said to herself. She tapped her commbadge. "Sickbay to Doctor Delling, medical emergency."


Lieutenant jg Jane Sinclair
Chief Flight Control Officer, USS Myogi

Lieutenant Mia Amaro
Fighter Pilot, USS Myogi

Lieutenant Alisha Reno
Sickbay Patient

Petty Officer 2nd Class Mai Ichihara
Nurse, USS Myogi


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