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Captain Maho Takahashi

Name Maho Nishizumi Takahashi

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 29
Date of Birth July 1, 2367
Place of Birth Kumamoto, Kumamoto, Japan, Earth
Sexuality heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4
Weight 135 lbs
Hair Color dark brown
Eye Color dark brown
Physical Description Maho holds a rather curvaceous figure and normally has an athletic build. She keeps her dark brown hair cut short with bangs covering her forehead and two locks of hair sticking out on either side in the back.


Spouse Keisuke Takahashi
Status married
Children Expecting first child
Father Tsuneo Nishizumi
Mother Shiho Nishizumi
Brother(s) Ryosuke Takahashi (In-Law)
Sister(s) Miho Nishizumi
Other Family Subaru Nishizumi (Grandfather, deceased)
Samantha Nishizumi (Grandmother)
Eikichi Tsugumi (Uncle-In-Law, deceased)
Omi Tsugumi (Cousin)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Maho puts forward a cold and distant personality when on duty, to the point where she seems intimidating, but when she's off duty, she's actually a very nice person, even towards her enemies, whom she secretly views as simply misguided. She also loves both her younger sister, Miho, and her husband, Keisuke, dearly.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Athletic
+Quick thinker

-Rarely makes time for herself
-Has a grudge against the captain and crew of the USS Tokyo
Ambitions To carry on what Admiral Miyahara started, and eventually realize his vision of a "safer, more secure Federation for ourselves and our posterity."
Hobbies & Interests -Parrises Squares
-Ground Cars
-Home Improvement/Interior Design
-Arena rock

Personal History

Personal History Maho was born Maho Nishizumi on July 1, 2367 in Kumamoto City, Kumamoto, Japan, the first child of Tsuneo and Shiho Nishizumi. Maho's grandfather, Subaru, months away from retirement and Maho's birth, perished at the Battle of Wolf 359. This death in the family marked a fundamental shift in the family dynamic, as Shiho, who had been extremely close to her father, ceased being the loving, caring daddy's girl she had been, and instead became a cold, angry tyrant. This change in Shiho's personality had many in Maho's family worried for her (and later her younger sister, Miho's) safety, including her husband, Tsuneo, who worked as an engineer aboard a starship. However, as Shiho never hit her children, there was little that could be done.

Maho grew up in a rather strict household, being taught to achieve victory at any cost. During elementary and middle school, Maho took up Parrises Squares, where she became known for her ruthless tactics on the court. This so-called 'Nishizumi Style' of Parrises Squares eventually made Maho legendary in her high school and university days, despite setbacks such as losing her school's winning streak due to an injured teammate in her second year and losing again the following year against her own sister.

After she obtained her associate's degree from university in Germany, despite being a rising star in Parrises Squares and having received several offers from professional teams, Maho decided to enroll at Starfleet Academy. She had always admired her father and his work as an engineer, and wished to also serve in Starfleet like he did. And so, Maho entered Starfleet Academy with Engineering as her chosen major.

Despite choosing Engineering as her major, Maho decided to take a Kobayashi Maru exam to test her mettle. However, unbeknownst to her, the exam was secretly being overseen by the newly-minted Admiral Tanaka Miyahara. Impressed by what he saw, Miyahara would pull the young cadet aside after the exam, asking Maho if she would be interested in further pursuing Command. Maho was surprised by the admiral's questions, but Miyahara explained that he saw good command material in her, and that if she was interested in further pursuing Command, he would vouch for her to join him aboard his ship, the USS Myogi.

And so, after deliberating on the admiral's words, Maho decided to change her elective to Command. It was here that she met a fellow cadet named Takeshi Nakazato, a former street racer and new father who had been studying Command from the beginning of his tenure at the academy. The two became good friends despite Takeshi's odd fear of being seduced, and Maho began opening a dialogue with Admiral Miyahara to take a chance and vouch to bring Takeshi aboard his ship as well. Whatever Maho had said to Miyahara, it must have worked, for when she and Takeshi graduated from the Academy in 2391, they both were assigned to the USS Myogi with the rank of ensign as mission advisors.

Shortly after coming aboard the Myogi, Maho caught the attention of the ship's second officer, Commander Keisuke Takahashi, who vouched for her to remain aboard once her temporary assignment was up. Though Maho didn't realize it at the time, this was Keisuke's first gesture that he was falling for her. Miyahara agreed to keep Maho aboard, even though he was having his doubts. However, nobody in engineering wanted Maho around, as she scared them in one way or another, so Miyahara suggested that Maho become the Chief of Ops for the time being. With the ascension to a department head role came a promotion to full Lieutenant.

Maho soon discovered that her friend from the academy, Nakazato, and Commander Takahashi were rivals back in their street racing days, and she helped the two men settle their rivalry and eventually become good friends. It was through forming this friendship that Maho learned from Nakazato that maybe Keisuke had feelings for her.

As Commander Takahashi was beginning to grow on Maho as well, she decided to take the first step to break the ice and ask Keisuke out on a seemingly-harmless date in the mess hall. On this date, Keisuke confessed his love for Maho, and his wishing to pursue a relationship with her. Maho agreed, admitting that she too had been having feelings for Keisuke, and that perhaps they could begin seeing each other regularly off of work.

Rumors that the Second Officer and Chief of Ops were dating spread around the ship like wildfire, and both sides were quick to confirm that they were in a relationship, and true to Maho's word, the two began seeing each other regularly off duty. During one of their dates, Maho returned to Keisuke's quarters with him and woke up in Keisuke's bed with him the next morning, the last vestiges of her innocence stripped away.

In 2393, The Myogi's first officer retired. After an emotional retirement party, Maho was approached by Miyahara and was offered the soon-to-be vacated position. When Maho asked about Keisuke, she was told he had turned the promotion down, as he was happy being the Second Officer. Maho couldn't believe that Miyahara was asking her to be his right hand woman at such a young age, but she nonetheless accepted Miyahara's offer and finally joined her love in the command department with an ascension to full Commander.

Not too long after her ascension to First Officer, Maho would lead an away team on a mission that went awry, and though Maho's quick thinking and valiant efforts led to the safe return of most of the away team, the Third Officer was unfortunately lost on the mission, and for a while, it seemed like there would be a hole in the command department until Nakazato unexpectedly applied for the now-vacant position. Miyahara was proud Takeshi had shown interest in a command position, and approved his application. For her bravery on the mission, Maho was promoted to captain.

And so, it was, for a year. the three of them: Maho, Keisuke, and Takeshi, as the ship's top three officers. And it likely would have stayed that way, had the Myogi not received an automated distress signal from another starship in trouble along the Cardassian DMZ, and Takeshi, ever the big-hearted sleuth, elected to fly a relief mission. Miyahara explained that Takeshi's mission would be a permanent transfer, as he didn't want any viruses to come back to his ship. Before Takeshi left, Maho and Keisuke bade him an emotional farewell.

Shortly after Nakazato's departure, Keisuke took his friend's departing advice to heart, and finally dropped down on one knee and proposed to Maho. Maho said yes, and the two began planning their wedding; as the Myogi would be due back in the Sol System after some business along the Romulan neutral zone wrapped up.

However, before that could happen, the Myogi was called upon to conduct a seemingly-routine corruption bust. As a Romulan colony had been blown up, and the Romulans were pointing the finger at Starfleet. And, to add insult to injury, it was the USS Tokyo; the ship that Nakazato had transferred to.

The day of the rendezvous, Maho began suffering from morning sickness, and found out that during the almost feverish excitement of wedding planning, Keisuke had forgotten to renew his contraception injection, and as a result, Maho had fallen pregnant with his child.

When they took the Tokyo's commanding officer, Captain Taiga Aisaka, aboard and led her to the brig, she berated not only Miyahara, but Maho personally for doing her job. Though Maho kept up her iron face throughout the encounter, once all was said and done, she returned to her quarters and broke down in tears.

Once they arrived back in the Sol System, Maho and Keisuke continued planning their wedding, unaware of how badly the trial was going for Miyahara. They reunited with Nakazato, but it wasn't under the friendliest circumstances, for he had been arrested for 'treason' and Miyahara had issued an executive order demanding his release on parole. Despite this, Keisuke asked Nakazato to be his best man, which would turn out to be a mistake, for on their wedding day, the ceremony was crashed by Jennifer Daxer; a crazed Vulcan after Takeshi's blood.

Ultimately, justice was miscarried, and Taiga was acquitted while Takeshi and Miyahara were punished instead, with Miyahara being forced to step down from commanding the Myogi. With Miyahara's resignation came Maho's promotion to commanding officer. As she was already aboard the Myogi, sitting in spacedock, Maho quietly took command of the Myogi without any kind of special ceremony. Though Maho asked her now-husband to take her old role as XO, Keisuke once more declined the promotion.

Starfleet Record

Commission officer
Starfleet Serial Number NS-701-1942 ZMI
Command authorization code Takahashi-2-4-6-Omicron-1-Beige
Education & Qualifications Personal Education:

2373-2382: Compulsory Education
2373-2379: Elementary School (Compulsory Education)
2379-2382: Junior High School/Lower Secondary School (Compulsory Education)
2382-2386: Senior High School/Upper Secondary School
2386-2388: University; Undergraduate; Assosciate's

Important Documents:

Certificate of Graduation - High School
Associate's degree in Sports & Health Sciences - University

Starfleet Academy:

2388-2389: Engineering
2389-2391: Command
Awards & Commendations [Recommendation for promotion to Captain - From Admiral Tanaka Miyahara: Commanding Officer, USS Myogi. Note from Admiral Miyahara: "Commander Nishizumi's quick thinking was exactly what the away team needed to return 99% intact. While it is a shame that we lost Lieutenant Asakura on the mission, every person on that away team who made it back alive owes her a life debt, and her bravery deserves commendation. It is for this reason that I am recommending her for a promotion to the rank of Captain. It is because of her that the members of that away team will have stories to pass down through the generations."]
Medical History Maho has had a few bumps and bruises throughout her career (and time playing Parrises Squares) which time has healed.

Her pregnancy thus far has been completely normal and healthy.
Service Record 2391: Graduated Starfleet Academy with a Major in Command.
2391-2392: USS Myogi (Ensign - Mission Advisor)
2392-2393: USS Myogi (Lieutenant - Chief of Operations)
2393: USS Myogi (Lieutenant Commander - Chief of Operations)
2393: USS Myogi (Commander - First Officer)
2393-2395: USS Myogi (Captain - First Officer)
2395: USS Myogi (Commander - Commanding Officer) (temporarily demoted)
2395-Present: USS Myogi (Captain - Commanding Officer)