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The USS Myogi is a New Orleans Class Starship currently serving in Theta Fleet's Area 51.

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A history of the Myogi Name:

Of the 'Three Mountains of Jomo' (a historic nickname for Gunma Prefecture in Japan), Mount Myogi always seems to play third fiddle to her two much more famous sisters, Mount Haruna and Mount Akagi. Thus, it's fitting that the ships that have carried Myogi's name through the centuries have held largely insignificant tasks:

The first recorded vessel to be named Myogi was never built. What would later be known as the Myogi originated as "Kongo Plan B40", one of Sir George Thurston's prototypes for what would become the Kongo class battlecruisers of the Imperial Japanese Navy. The Japanese rejected Plan B40, and the prototype was doomed to be forgotten by history until the mid 2010s, when the video game company Wargaming resurrected Plan B40 as an imagined battleship for their MMO "World of Warships", where she was finally given her name.

NX-Myogi (replica).jpg
The second vessel to be named Myogi similarly never saw any "real action." Originally built as a non-functioning replica of the United Earth NX-Class in orbit of Vega Colony in the early 2200s and given the registry "NX-06" to denote her replica status (only 5 NX class starships were ever planned), this Myogi would remain largely as built until 2240, when it was announced her original mockup warp five engine would be replaced by a fully functioning warp five engine, thus making the ship fully operational. The process took eleven years to complete, and by 2251, the Myogi would fly her maiden voyage; a "Voyage Home" to Earth to commemorate the 100th annual Frontier Day: The event was live streamed to both Earth and Vega. The NX-06 Myogi Museum remains a popular tourist attraction in the Vega system to this day.

The third vessel to be named Myogi was a Miranda class starship commissioned in 2260 with endorsement from the NX-06 Myogi Museum of Vega, this Myogi served a largely uneventful career, mainly along the Klingon border as a patrol ship. Her most noteworthy contribution to the fleet came in the late 2280s and early 2290s when she became a test bed for new anti-piracy measures on Starfleet Starships following Khan Noonien Singh's successful hijacking of the USS Reliant (NCC-1864) in 2285. Following the signing of the first Khitomer Accords, the Myogi was withdrawn from the border in a show of good faith to the Klingons and was given increasingly lighter work until she was finally decommissioned in 2336. Despite efforts from the museum who endorsed her to acquire the vessel from Starfleet, the Myogi was scrapped, and the Miranda class' stripped out shell was last seen rotting in a Federation scrapyard in the mid 2340s.

The fourth vessel to be named Myogi was an Ambassador class starship commissioned in 2340 and assigned to the Cardassian border. She found herself on the frontlines when the Cardassian Border War broke out in 2347. She fought alongside the New Orleans class USS Rising Sun (A vessel which would later go on to take her name) throughout the conflict until the 2366 truce. In early 2367, the Myogi was tasked with the grim job of towing battle wreckage from the Wolf system to nearby scrapyards, where the remaining useful components as well as dead bodies could be recovered. As the Myogi was towing the wreckage of the New Orleans Class USS Kyushu (NCC-65491), an unknown crewmember was quoted in saying "One day, they're going to name one of those ships after us" in a strangely prophetic manner. The Myogi would later go on to fight in the Dominion war, sustaining heavy damage during the later stages of the conflict; too much to justify repairing her, even with war reparations from the Dominion. And so, she was decommissioned and scrapped in 2375.

The fifth vessel to be named Myogi was a California class Starship commissioned in 2377. This Myogi holds the record for the shortest career of any vessel to carry the name, as she was destroyed just five months after her commissioning (helping cement the derogatory nickname "Cali-Coffin") when she unsuccessfully engaged a Jem'Hadar holdout. However, with Borg activity having recently been recorded in the sector she was lost in, the exact cause of the vessel's demise has been the subject of multiple conspiracy theories even after official findings were published in 2387, a decade after the vessel's downfall.

NO-Myogi (1).jpg
The sixth and current vessel to be named Myogi began life as the USS Rising Sun (NCC-65517): A New Orleans class starship commissioned in 2343. Originally assigned administrative duties along the Romulan Neutral Zone, the Rising Sun was called to the Cardassian border in 2347 following the outbreak of the Cardassian Border War. She fought valiantly in the conflict alongside the Ambassador class USS Myogi, where she (the Rising Sun) became known as "The ruin of many a poor Cardassian." Due to her importance in keeping the Cardassians at bay, the Rising Sun was kept along the border until the Federation-Cardassian Treaty was signed in 2370, meaning she escaped the Battle of Wolf 359 and its grim aftermath. Following the signing of the treaty, the Rising Sun would spend the next few years suppressing the Maquis threat alongside the Excelsior class USS Hermes until 2373, when the Dominion War broke out. The Rising Sun would spend the early stages of the conflict leading reinforcements to allied lines. In 2374, the Rising Sun would join the counter-offensive against the Dominion, and was among the alliance fleet that recaptured Deep Space 9 during Operation Return, sustaining heavy damage in the process. Following the decisive Alliance victory, the Rising Sun was repaired at DS9 and became an Early warning vessel, monitoring Dominion activity along the Cardassian border with orders to alert the Alliance to any chance of a renewed Dominion counter-offensive. Following the Romulan Star Empire's entry into the war, the Rising Sun was among the Alliance fleet that pushed into Cardassian Space. In 2375, the Rising Sun was present at the Battle of Cardassia, where she sustained her worst damage in the war.

Following the war's end, the Rising Sun was repaired and returned to her original duties for a few years until she was suddenly decommissioned in 2379. She spent a few months in mothballs until the decision was made to scrap her. However, in 2380, the ex-Rising Sun, along with former fleet mates Beautiful Day and Network, was requisitioned by Starfleet for an extensive and experimental retrofit program designed to extend the service life of the New Orleans class. The project was overseen by the newly-minted Captain Tanaka Miyahara, who later named the project "Project Jomo." For two years, the ex-Rising Sun was modernized, and was officially renamed the USS Myogi during this time.

In 2382, the ex-Rising Sun was recommissioned as the USS Myogi, commanded by Captain Miyahara himself following her recommissioning, and he would remain in command of the Myogi for the next thirteen years, eventually becoming a full Admiral by 2395.

However, that year, everything went south for the Myogi, when she was tasked with what seemed like a routine corruption bust when the USS Tokyo (NCC-91101) appeared to have destroyed a Romulan Colony. Miyahara was tasked with leading the Starfleet side of the Prosecution. However, he was thwarted at every turn by the Tokyo's stubborn crew, ultimately leading to the Tokyo's commanding officer, Captain Taiga Aisaka, being acquitted and Miyahara being forced to step down amid scandal. Following Miyahara's resignation, command of the Myogi was given to his executive officer, Captain Maho Takahashi.

USS Myogi Award Archive:

USS Myogi Fleet Awards 2023

uod-silver-jan.pngSilver Unit of Distinction, January 2023
writer-jan.pngWriter of the Month, Awarded to Andrew A.K.A Jane Sinclair, January 2023
uod-silver-feb.pngSilver Unit of Distinction, February 2023
writer-feb.pngWriter of the Month, Awarded to Will A.K.A Ruby Kurosawa, February 2023
post-mar.pngPost of the Month award for Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire, March 2023
uod-silver-apr.pngSilver Unit of Distinction, April 2023
uod-silver-may.pngSilver Unit of Distinction, May 2023
uod-silver-jul.pngSilver Unit of Distinction, July 2023
uod-silver-aug.pngSilver Unit of Distinction, August 2023
tga-aug.pngTGCO Unit of Merit, Area 51-C, August 2023
uod-silver-sep.pngSilver Unit of Distinction, September 2023
uod-bronze-oct.pngBronze Unit of Distinction, October 2023
player-oct.pngPlayer of the Month, jointly awarded to Will A.K.A Kurumi Ebisuzawa and Mikey A.K.A Ami Rori, October 2023
uod-silver-nov.pngSilver Unit of Distinction, November 2023
tga-nov.pngTGCO Unit of Merit, Area 51-C, November 2023
uod-silver-dec.pngSilver Unit of Distinction, December 2023
tga-dec.pngTGCO Unit of Merit, Area 51-C, December 2023
sim-quarter.pngSim of the Quarter for Area 51, Fourth Quarter of 2023

USS Myogi Community Awards 2022:

2022 Tournament of Simulations (Simulation Cup)
Star Trek Gameplay

USS Myogi Fleet Awards 2022

uod-gold-jan.pngGold Unit of Distinction, January 2022
writer-jan.pngWriter of the Month, Awarded to Andrew A.K.A Jane Sinclair, January 2022
uod-bronze-feb.pngBronze Unit of Distinction, February 2022
uod-gold-mar.pngGold Unit of Distinction, March 2022
player-mar.pngPlayer of the Month, Awarded to Ben A.K.A Connor Talmage, March 2022
tgco-mar.pngTGCO Unit of Merit; Area 51-D, March 2022
sim-quarter.pngSim of the Quarter, First Quarter of 2022
uod-gold-apr.pngGold Unit of Distinction, April 2022
player-apr.pngPlayer of the Month, Awarded to Will A.K.A Ruby Kurosawa, April 2022
tgco-apr.pngTGCO Unit of Merit; Area 51-D, April 2022
uod-gold-may.pngGold Unit of Distinction, May 2022
tgco-may.pngTGCO Unit of Merit; Area 51-D, May 2022
uod-bronze-jun.pngBronze Unit of Distinction, June 2022
xo-quarter.pngExecutive Officer of the Quarter, Awarded to Matt A.K.A. Ichika Misono, Second Quarter of 2022
uod-gold-jul.pngGold Unit of Distinction, July 2022
tgco-jul.pngTGCO Unit of Merit; Area 51-C, July 2022
uod-silver-aug.pngSilver Unit of Distinction, August 2022
tgco-aug.pngTGCO Unit of Merit; Area 51-C, August 2022
uod-bronze-sep.pngBronze Unit of Distinction, September 2022
co-quarter.pngCommanding Officer of the Quarter, Awarded to Maho Takahashi, Third Quarter of 2022
uod-gold-oct.pngGold Unit of Distinction, October 2022
writer-oct.pngWriter of the Month, Awarded to Chris A.K.A. William Pitsenbarger, October 2022
tgco-oct.pngTGCO Unit of Merit; Area 51-C, October 2022
uod-bronze-nov.pngBronze Unit of Distinction, November 2022
uod-bronze-dec.pngBronze Unit of Distinction, December 2022
player-dec.pngPlayer of the Month, awarded to The entire crew of the USS Myogi as a whole, December 2022
tgco-dec.pngTGCO Unit of Merit; Area 51-C, December 2022
player-quarter.pngPlayer of the Quarter, awarded to The entire crew of the USS Myogi as a whole, Fourth Quarter of 2022
co-year.pngCommanding Officer of the Year, awarded to Maho Takahashi, 2022

USS Myogi Fleet Awards 2021 (Note: Archive is incomplete.)

uod-gold-Dec.pngGold Unit of Distinction, December 2021
tgco-dec.pngTGCO Unit of Merit; Area 51-D, December 2021