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Lieutenant Ami Rori

Name Ami Rori

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species 1/2 Human(Japanese) 1/2 Trill
Age 29
Date of Birth September 1st, 2367
Place of Birth Osaka, Honshu, Japan
Sexuality heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5'3"
Weight 111 lbs
Hair Color long Black
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Ami is a rather skinny woman who has the basic characterization of a Japanese look along with faded Trill spots. These spots are sometimes hidden by her waist-length black hair when it escapes from behind her shoulders. She constantly appears sleepy, especially in the morning and enjoys wearing hoodies whenever she can, especially one with a 'head' of a panda.


Spouse None
Status single
Children None
Father Junichi Saito
Mother Viralla Lirant (Trill)
Sister(s) Sora Saito (b.2361 deceased: 2383) Ensign, Security, USS Bon Homme Richarde

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ami Saito is a very bright young woman who graduated right at the top of her class at the Tokyo Fleet Academy. Known for being high-energy and into various different different hobbies and sports until she was in the position where she was Joined with the Rori symbiont after a combat engagement. Now she's known still for her intelligence and capabilities, she also naps whenever she can due to fatigue.

Previous Hosts:
2222-2251- Trillian Rori, Civilian Government Official
2251-2310- Captain Crysta Rori (Security/Tactical), USS Calypso
2310-2362- Axel Rori (Civilian Engineer)
2362-2393- Commander Floria Rori - XO(Flight), USS Akebono
Strengths & Weaknesses +Gifted in Mechanical engineering
+Very good swimmer
+Can learn things very quickly when required
+Creative engineer, comes up with non-standard solutions to problems.

-Sometimes has 'brain farts' when she speaks as if she's someone else (One of her previous Hosts coming through)
-Tends to nap often and in random places
Hobbies & Interests Tanks and warships from Earth's 20th/21st Centuries
Swimming (Was school and Academy champion)
Tinkering with things

Personal History

Personal History As a young girl, Ami Saito was always tinkering with things, whether it was her bicycle to her first ground car (an ancient 66 Chevy Nova) when she was fourteen. One of her favorite places to go was the Osaka War Museum which commemorated the various wars that Japan had fought in over the last several centuries, but really loved the oil and feel of iron with the old tanks of World War 2, pestering her parents to take her to various museums across the planet to see each and every kind of tank she could by the time she was sixteen. At that point, she'd been given the opportunity several times to actually drive some of the relics that were still operable.

When Ami was eleven, her sister Sora entered the Tokyo Academy, but was her inspiration for joining the art of Sensha-Do, that love of tanks that Ami had developed. Less than a month after graduating the Academy, the Saito family received news that Sora had died in action, protecting those members of her crew who couldn't protect themselves. This nearly broke Ami, who was very close to Sora, but in the end hardened her determination to follow her sister's footsteps to join Starfleet.

While she had to leave her car behind, all set up as a street-racer, when she was eighteen she joined Starfleet in the one thing that could truly keep her occupied at the Academy: Engineering. Even during her first year, she was seen by her instructors as a prodigy in the field, especially with the actual physical attention to systems and craft of the Fleet. She drank knowledge as if it were an addictive drug and while she never excelled at programming, was decent enough to keep up with her fellow Academy-mates. Her senior year, after she'd won each of the three longest swimming races in record times at the Inter-Academy Swim Meet, she went on her Cadet Cruise aboard the USS Musashi, a Sovereign-class starship bound on a standard patrol in 2389, being requested by her temporary Chief once she graduated from the Academy.

Spending three years on board Musashi, Ami was able to learn from Commander Hiroshi Yamamoto while coming up with new ways to improve the efficiency of the starship by nearly three percent, remarkable in the design. It took two years for her get her promotion to Junior Grade Lieutenant, but it was a proud Commander who pinned his old pips onto her collar. There was no doubt to her dedication to her profession, even though she spent many off-duty hours in the holo-deck with her other loves.

Her next assignment was as Assistant Chief at the age of 25 aboard USS Akebono, an Intrepid-class ship going to the border of Tzenkethi space. Once again given free rein at the behest of Commander Yamamoto to her new Chief, Ami learned how the function of the nacelles worked after spending an hour reading the manual and solved a problem that had vexed Lieutenant Brianna O'Connor for three weeks prior to her arrival. Six months later, there was an engagement on the border with two Tzenkethi warships ambushing Akebono while she was visiting a remote world. Despite fighting off the Tzenkethi, Akebono took severe damage and heavy casualties, including her XO, Lieutenant Commander Floria Rori, a Joined Trill. The symbiont was also injured, which prohibited it from being placed into stasis and the only other Trill aboard had been killed when the Tzenkethi had boarded the ship. Being half-Trill, Ami semi-volunteered to host the symbiont in a last-ditch effort to save its life.

Successful in the melding, complications arose within a week when Ami's body tried to reject the Joining in a delayed reaction. Doctors aboard USS Musashi, which responded to Akebono's distress call, determined that while the Joining was a success, if they were parted, not only would the symbiont die, as it was still healing, but Ami's body would also fail because it had already become connected fully. An enzyme concoction was put together to prevent Ami from rejecting Rori, which she'd need to take weekly for the rest of her life. Gone was the vibrant and energetic Ami Saito, instead the energy that Rori took from her sapped her to where she'd sleep for long periods of time.

She was returned to duty in 2394 aboard USS Kuroshio, a Norway-class ship as her Chief Engineer and a promotion to Lieutenant, but despite performing her duties to the point of excellence, she was rarely seen in person except for official meetings and the like. Even with that, she still managed Engineering completely and even mentored a cadet on her senior cruise to the top of his own class. In 2396, Ami was transferred to the USS Myogi to head up the New Orleans-class's engineering section.

Starfleet Record

Commission officer
Starfleet Serial Number AS-216-MR-1001
Command authorization code Sensha-Do Baka
Education & Qualifications Starfleet Academy (2rd in her class at Tokyo Fleet Academy)
Advanced Engineering Course (taken remotely)
Medical History In 2393, Joined with the Rori symbiont after combat with the Tzenekethi aboard USS Akebono. Only viable candidate after Floria Rori was mortally wounded.
Service Record 2385-2389- Starfleet Academy
2389-2392- USS Musashi (Sovereign-class)
2392-2393- USS Akebono (Intrepid-class)
Late 2393-2394- Groundside assignment
2394-2396- USS Kuroshio (Norway-class)
2396-Present- USS Myogi (New Orleans-class)