Junichi Koyama

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Jim Crow in the 24th Century? Surely an absurd thought!

Yet, for the citizens of the Gamma Zednor system, under the administration of Governor Ambrose Hartley, it is but a fact of everyday life. In recent years, Gamma Zednor's government has passed a series of xenophobic laws restricting the rights of citizens of Japanese descent, and enforcing a strict segregation system.

These "Junichi Koyama" laws as the have come to be known by, fly in the face of the Federation's values of equality, and now, following the destruction of a Federation outpost in the system, Governor Hartley is among a growing number of planetary governors seeking to leave the Federation altogether.

When the USS Myogi is dispatched to the Gamma Zednor system to assist the crew of the USS Akagi in negotiating with Governor Hartley, the crew discovers firsthand the cruelties of Junichi Koyama, with not even Captain Takahashi being safe from xenophobic ridicule.

When Governor Hartley proves he cannot be reasoned with, the two Starfleet crews are swept up into a conspiracy to assassinate Governor Hartley so that his more moderate deputy governor would be sworn in. A more moderate governor would mean potential repeal of the Junichi Koyama laws, but moreover, might guarantee Gamma Zednor's continued Federation membership. However, Starfleet personnel involved in such a plot would be seen as a violation of the Prime Directive at best, and (if the plot were to fail) treason at worst.

With Gamma Zednor's future at stake, the two Starfleet crews must make a choice: Stand by the Prime Directive and risk Gamma Zednor potentially falling to the Confederacy of Independent Planets, or intervene in the affairs of others to guarantee its continued Federation membership and the undoing of its political backsliding.

Part of The Separatist Crisis

The Love Boat

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It's summertime on the USS Myogi: Holodecks 1 & 2 have been converted into a replica of the historic Earth cruise ship Pacific Princess. The small ship is the perfect place for our crew to kick back, relax, and have a little fun in the sun.

(Please note that this mission is not part of the Star Trek: Myogi timeline, and will run from Memorial Day through Labor Day to coincide with the unofficial summer season in the United States. For players outside the US, this means from May 31 to September 6. Participation for this mission is optional, as this is just a fun little side mission to do some summer-themed writing.)

Captains and Contraband

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The Myogi is dispatched to Sector 813 amid allegations that the Federal Rheuysian Republic; an important Federation defense contractor, has been producing and selling arms to the Confederacy of Independent Planets. The Myogi and Kaga are sent to Rheuys to convince the Kaiser to end her contracts with the Confederacy.

However, as the negotiations reach a crucial point, the Federation's new president arrives, wishing to resolve this dispute personally. While a welcome change from the more traditional politicians; a more hands-on president might be more trouble than the two Starfleet crews had bargained for:

Part of The Separatist Crisis

Handling the Fallout

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Following the trial of Captain Taiga Aisaka, the USS Myogi sits in Spacedock a deflated shadow of its former self: The ship's commanding officer of 13 years, Admiral Tanaka Miyahara, is forced to step down amid growing scandal in the wake of the trial, and the New Orleans Class starship is now under the command of its Executive Officer, Commander Maho Takahashi.

To throw more dirt in the new Commanding Officer's eyes; the usual allotment time to gather a new crew has been drastically cut short by Starfleet due to an ongoing diplomatic incident at the Klingon Border. One which, if not taken care of, could lead to war between the Federation and Klingon Empire. All the while, tensions are rising internally over the outcome of the trial.

Miyahara may be gone, but Starfleet needs his ship back in its old role fast: Will Captain Takahashi be able to put together a new crew on time? And will she have time to right a personal wrong inflicted on her during the trial?

Trade Troubles

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The Myogi's first post-Aisaka trial mission is rather routine to ease the ship back into service:

Commander Seiji Iwaki of the Nebula Class USS Nikko has for the longest time been harassing Federation-bound Klingon shipping, stopping and boarding Klingon ships to inspect their cargoes, even though most ships have no contraband to hide.

Iwaki's actions have angered the Klingon Empire, who are threatening war with the Federation. Looking to avoid war, Starfleet has dispatched the USS Myogi to take Commander Iwaki back to earth to stand trial for war mongering.

The Myogi's mission sounds simple. However, things are complicated when Commander Iwaki isn't willing to surrender himself: In fact, he believes he's actually doing the right thing by protecting free trade within the Federation.

Part of The Shadow of Miyahara


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With Commander Iwaki successfully in custody, the USS Myogi begins its return trip to Sol so that justice may be served to the insubordinate captain. Unseen by the Myogi's crew, however; a sinister plot that has been brewing since before the ship even set off is about to be put into action:

At a "Save the Federation" rally in San Francisco, the Myogi's former commanding officer; Citizen Tanaka Miyahara, gives an inflammatory speech to a crowd of millions from all walks of life in the Federation. A speech in which Miyahara repeats his false claims of JAG fraud while calling upon the protestors to march on Starfleet Headquarters: A sentiment echoed by extremists in the crowd; who begin directing the crowd towards Starfleet Headquarters before Miyahara is even finished speaking.

When the Myogi reaches less than a day's distance to Sol; Captain Takahashi receives an emergency order to converge upon Sol as soon as possible; as Starfleet Headquarters has been breached and overrun by an angry mob of Miyahara supporters; fully consumed by the "big lie" Miyahara has been peddling.

Takahashi orders the Myogi's speed increased to arrive in Sol as quickly as they can. But what exactly are they flying into?

Part of The Shadow of Miyahara

The Fast & The Fleet

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After the attack on Starfleet Headquarters, it is assumed that the USS Myogi will be given orders to stand down, and her crew will be granted some much-needed shore leave. However, to everyone's surprise, the Myogi receives orders to transport two "important guests" to Beta Antares Fleet Yards, due to rampant security risks in the wake of the attack making shuttle transport not possible. However, the identities of the "important guests" are withheld from Captain Takahashi for fear of having her back out of the assignment.

Takahashi decides to recruit the assistance of the Myogi's 2 sister ships, also in the Sol system due to the attack, to ensure the mission goes smoothly. The USS Akina, having recently undergone a change in command following the death of Captain Arles Felnoir, is an easy sell, but the USS Haruna is a different story, as the Haruna's captain, Captain Shimakaze Zh'gero, agrees to help only if Maho and her senior staff can beat her in a "contest of teamwork, courage, and sacrifice" in a setting familiar to Maho- a no-holds-barred touge race!

Maho accepts Shimakaze's challenge, initially viewing it as an opportunity to boost her crew's morale following the attack. However, it soon becomes apparent that Maho refuses to lose to the arrogant Andorian, and begins to take the challenge a little too seriously.

Part of The Shadow of Miyahara

Operation Tokyo Return

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Having beaten Shimakaze at her game, the crews of the 3 Project Jomo ships can now focus on the task at hand: However, things go wrong almost as soon as the "important guests" beam aboard, revealing themselves to be Captain Taiga Aisaka and Lieutenant Commander Ryuuji Takasu of the USS Tokyo.

Tensions run high, as the last time Captain Aisaka was aboard the Myogi was shortly after the attack at Alvatar, and Captain Takahashi has not been quick to forget the hurtful things Aisaka said to her, and the disastrous events, including her spoiled first wedding, that followed. And now, Starfleet expects Maho to ferry Taiga to Beta Antares, where the Tokyo has been undergoing repairs.

Will the Myogi be able to make it to Beta Antares without Maho revealing how she truly feels about Taiga? Can Maho stop Keisuke from doing what he feels he should have done after Alvatar? And will there be right wing extremists along the way bent on finishing what the rioters at Starfleet Headquarters started?

Part of The Shadow of Miyahara

Christmas Vacation

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It's that time. Christmastime is here. Everybody knows there's not a better time a year...

It's Christmas time on the USS Myogi, and her crew is getting into the mood of the season. If your character celebrates Christmas, how are they doing it? If they don't, what do they celebrate instead? Or are they just a Scrooge who merely puts their head down and pays no heed to the season?

Please note that this mission is not a part of the regular Star Trek Myogi timeline, and is only a fun optional side mission to allow yourself to get into the festive mood and do some holiday-themed writing, or explore an aspect of your character you wouldn't typically explore.