Name Description
USS Myogi The USS Myogi is the first ship of Project Jomo; an extensive and experimental retrofit program designed to extend the service life of the New Orleans Class. With the success of the Myogi and sisters Haruna and Akina, Project Jomo has begun being implemented on other New Orleans Class Starships.

As of 2396, the USS Myogi has been fitted with a Mark 9 warp core, allowing the ship to reach faster speeds than it was previously capable of. The Myogi is currently the test bed for this new warp core. If proven successful, the Mark 9 will be implemented across the rest of the Project Jomo New Orleans class ships.
Razor Class Starfighter Development of the Razor class happened alongside its contemporary, the Valkyrie class, entering service in the early months of the Dominion War. Like the Valkyrie programme, the Razor development project was delayed due to continued debates over the role of fighters in Starfleet. However, heavy losses in the opening months of the Dominion War saw Starfleet prioritizing multiple Starfighter projects, including the Valkyrie programme and Razor development project in 2373.

Unlike the Valkyrie, the Razor is based on the platform of the Type 9 shuttlecraft. While its wings do encase the micro torpedo casings and impulse engines, it still prominently features warp nacelles akin to Romulan Birds of Prey. The cockpit incorporates features similar to its Type 9 contemporary, with additional mission-specific equipment and the prominent addition of a manual flight stick. The cockpit also incorporates an emergency transporter system for the flight crew.

The flight suits the crew wear provide reserve life support functions, and there are no accommodations for rest or relaxation outside of the pilot's flight seat. The Razor is small enough to fit inside and operate out of a standard Starfleet shuttlebay, and it can also dock using the aft docking port, which is the flight crew's primary hatch.

The main fuselage also serves as the escape pod: In the event of an emergency, the wings and nacelles may be jettisoned with micro-impulse thrusters built into the wings to push them well clear of the fuselage in the event of an imminent explosion. The fuselage also incorporates similar micro-impulse engines to help push it well clear of explosions. Once clear, the fuselage can serve as a standard Starfleet escape pod, complete with reentry capabilities and an encoded subspace distress beacon, designed to activate automatically once ejection mode has been activated.

The Razor also has a low powered tractor beam system, allowing it to be used to retrieve escape pods and cargo. It also allows the Razor to tow other auxiliary craft back to the base of operations.

Like the Valkyrie, the Razor is built around its primary armament: Two micro-pulse phaser cannons, housed within two prominent forward protrusions in the craft. However, due to the Razor's size limitations and role as an interceptor, sacrificing heavy ordinance in favor of superior speed and agility in combat, it is simply not possible to equip a Razor with conventional phaser banks. However, an experienced pilot can work with the Razor's limitations, and if its capabilities are utilized to their fullest, the Razor can best even a Valkyrie in combat.

The 8 torpedo casings mounted in the Razor's wings can be used to launch its ordinance of micro-photon and micro-quantum torpedoes, unleashing a devastating attack on enemy targets.