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Commander Ichika Misono

Name Ichika Misono

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Inuto (Kaniche)
Age 28
Date of Birth April 9, 2367
Place of Birth Kaniche Settlement, Inuto Home World, Beta Quadrant
Sexuality heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5'2"
Weight 110 IBS
Hair Color White
Eye Color Violet
Physical Description Lieutenant Commander Misono possesses an athletic build as a result of her daily exercise regimen. As is typical for her species, her auricles are not located in the usual position on the sides of her head; rather, they take the form of two large protrusions stemming from her scalp. Her white, waist-length hair covers up the area where more humanoid ears would typically be located.

Also noteworthy is a docked, bush-like protrusion stemming from just above her posterior. Due to the nature of this extension’s location, Lieutenant Commander Misono sports a custom variant of the Starfleet Command Uniform with a hole cut out just above the waistline.


Spouse None
Status single
Children None
Father Junichi Misono
Mother Airi Misono
Brother(s) Daisuke Misono (Older)
Sister(s) Akane Misono (Older)

Haruka Misono (Younger)
Other Family None of Note

Personality & Traits

General Overview Despite her sporadic, beehive mentality, Lieutenant Commander Misono exemplifies an expert multi-tasker with a strong work ethic. She can become somewhat irritable if she is ignored or interrupted, but is otherwise polite and respectful towards her fellow officers.

Although anyone can see that she puts a great deal of effort into her appointed duties, her disorganized (albeit effective) approach to doing things does not fall in line with Admiral Miyahara’s Doctrine of The Orderly; as a consequence of this dissonance, her biggest hurdle on board the Myogi comes in proving herself to her superior officers.

As an Inuto, Lieutenant Commander Misono requires at least 40 minutes a day to burn off excess energy, which she accomplishes either through jogging or by hitting up the gymnasium. As a result of her active lifestyle, she is physically strong and can hold her own against larger combatants.

Another benefit of her species is that she is a hunter by natural selection, and possesses a strong sense of both smell and hearing. This, however, is a double-edged sword, as strong stimuli can be enough to temporarily overwhelm her.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Physically strong

+ An expert multi-tasker

+ An instinctual hunter

+ Tries to consider all angles when going into an assignment.

-Does not fall in line with Admiral Miyahara’s principles, and subsequently has a long way to go in order to prove herself in the eyes of her superiors.

-Becomes irritable if she is ignored or interrupted.

-Susceptible to overpowering stimuli.

-Requires time out of her busy schedule for regular exercise.
Ambitions With her lifetime dream of having dutifully served in Starfleet Command now realized, Lieutenant Misono’s next big goal is to one day command her own starship, so that she can continue in helping to give lesser races a voice.
Hobbies & Interests -Exercise: Though it’s more a daily need to her than an actual hobby.

-Hunting: This is a natural instinct for her as an Inuto.

-Swimming: She was on the Women’s’ Swim Team during her time at Starfleet Academy.

-Maki Rolls: After being introduced to the Japanese delicacy at Commander Takahashi's wedding, Ichika has been known to occasionally snack on Maki rolls when no one's looking. However, so as not to upset her diet, she is very careful about consuming them in moderation.

Personal History

Personal History Ichika Misono was born on April 9, 2367, as the third in a litter of four pups. She had a happy, but relatively conventional upbringing on a Kaniche Settlement. It was anticipated that she (along with her siblings, Akane, Daisuke, and Haruka) would cede their parents in hunting for food and other resources, and (for a while at least) Ichika was reasonably content with her destiny.

When she was nine years old, her family visited the USS Republic (NCC-1731) Memorial as a reward for their contributions in that year’s harvest. It was here that she learned the story of how, after nearly a century of enslavement to the Klingons, the Inuto were discovered by a passing Starfleet vessel, whose incensed crew encouraged them to think for themselves and rise up against their oppressors. Ichika greatly admired how, in spite of the fact that this crew had nothing to gain from their actions (as a matter of fact, most of them faced serious prison time for violating the Prime Directive), they acted simply because they felt it was the morally righteous thing to do. Inspired by their act of selflessness, Ichika decided that she wanted to pursue a career in Starfleet command, working to make a difference for the races that had little to no voice.

Her parents expressed some concern with her decision, for while it was not uncommon for the Inuto to occasionally seek out work in Starfleet (with most opting for Engineering as their chosen major), Command was still a relatively unproven field; as a matter of fact, in the 110 years since the Federation had begun accepting applications, less than 40 Inuto were ever documented to have served in Starfleet Command. These statistics only strengthened Ichika’s resolve to make the difference, and seeing that this was really what she wanted to do, her parents ultimately offered her their backing.

After completing her compulsory education, Ichika enlisted in the Inuto Merchant Marines, running general shipping jobs as she slowly made her way to Earth. After a year of volunteer enlistment, she formally enrolled at Starfleet Academy in 2388 with Command as her chosen major. While she showed promised with her intelligence, she found herself put off by the relentless teasing incurred by her fellow cadets. This greatly disheartened her, as an organization that allegedly preached compassion and societal betterment was falling back on the same old trappings of exclusion. She nearly considered dropping out when an intervention by another cadet, Maho Nishizumi, reignited her ambitions. Inspired, she doubled down on her studies and graduated with honors in 2391.

Shortly after graduation, Ichika was assigned to the USS Cantigny (NCC-32550) as a Mission Advisor. While the Cantigny was, by that point in time, an aging Miranda-Class vessel with duty assignments primarily relegated to supply runs along the Beta Quadrant, Ichika got to see firsthand the impact she was making, even aboard a small and seemingly insignificant supply craft.

In early 2392, the Cantigny was ambushed and boarded by a Son’a raiding party, who were intent on pillaging the vessel for medical supplies. Ichika and her fellow officers valiantly held the line in preventing the invaders from reaching the bridge, but the ship was severely crippled and several officers were killed in the scuffle, including the Chief Mission Advisor. The Cantigny eventually managed to punch a hole in the Son’a’s defenses and limped back to Starbase 495, but it was deemed by engineering that the cost to repair the vessel would be financially prohibitive.

Ichika was present at the Cantigny’s decommissioning ceremony a couple months later, where she was surprised with a full promotion to Lieutenant JG for her bravery. Later that year, while awaiting reassignment, she was approached by Captain Sachiro Kojima of the USS Excursion (NCC-42255), who offered her a position in Strategic Operations. Compared to the Cantigny, the Excursion was a full-on patrol vessel tasked with the protection of Federation assets. While there were more risks that came with this type of assignment, in the wake of the Son'a attack on the Cantignly, Ichika was more than ready to face those risks head-on and accepted Captain Kojima’s offer.

About eight months after being deployed aboard the Excursion, the Chief Strategic Operations Officer suddenly suddenly had to take parental leave, as he was expecting his first child and wanted to be there for his budding family. With his absence came a shakeup in the department, and Ichika suddenly found herself promoted to Assistant Chief of Strategic Operations. She was a little surprised that she’d received the promotion so soon into her deployment, but accepted her new position with honor.

In 2395, the Excursion was on a routine patrol in the Beta Quadrant when they received a distress signal from the munitions freighter USS Bradbury (NCC-72307) that they had been boarded by hostile Klingon Mercenaries looking to commandeer their cargo and sell it to enemies of the Federation. The Excursion was swift in its response, and after a tense 2-hour chase through hyperspace, they managed to destabilize the hijacked freighter’s shields just long enough to beam Ichika and an away team aboard. Through careful coordination and Ichika’s natural hunting instincts, they managed to reclaim the vessel and subdue the hijackers with minimum casualties.

For their valor in the Bradbury Incident, the surviving members of the away team received full promotions, with Ichika promoted to Lieutenant Commander. In attendance at Ichika’s promotion ceremony were the 14 other Intuto Officers that were currently serving in Starfleet Command, including Captain Arles Felnoir of the USS Akina (NCC-65920). Greatly impressed with Lieutenant Commander Misono’s brief but venerable service record, he approached her at the after party and offered her a Command Internship as an executive officer aboard the Akina’s sister’s ship, the USS Myogi (NCC-65918); though he couldn’t guarantee any permanence with the position, it would at the very least help to give her some in-field training for higher positions in Starfleet Command. Though taking up the job would once again entail having to say goodbye to her crew, Ichika saw the opening as the next logical step in her career, and gladly accepted Felnoir’s offer. And so, following some arrangements with the Myogi’s Captain, (whom Ichika was later surprised to discover was the very same Maho Nishizumi who had stood up for her all those years before), Ichika boarded a shuttle bound for Earth Spacedock at the first available opportunity.

Starfleet Record

Commission officer
Starfleet Serial Number MS-019-1122-ONO
Command authorization code Misono-4-0-9-Amnethyst-3-Rose
Education & Qualifications 2373-2382: Compulsory Education
Inuto Merchant Marines (Enlisted, Volunteer)
2388-2391: Starfleet Academy [Command (primary), Strategic Operations (Secondary)]
Awards & Commendations - Commendation for Bravery & Valor- From Captain Arles Felnoir: Commanding Officer, USS Akina (NCC-65920). Note from Captain Felnoir: “In spite of her outward appearances, Lieutenant Misono is a tough cookie, having handled just about every situation that she’s been thrown into with the proficiency of a veteran. she has proven to myself and several others that she is destined for greater things in the field of Starfleet Command.”
Medical History Ichika’s body has difficulty processing the methylxanthines commonly found in chocolate; these compounds can inhibit her adenosine receptors, leading to a high heart rate and other serious health complications.

Members of the allium family, including garlic and onions, contain thiosulfate, which have been clinically proven to break down red blood cells in Inuto, leading to hemolytic anemia. As such, Ichika has been strongly advised against the consumption of allium-related products.

Grapes and raisins have been shown to cause acute kidney injury in Inuto, though the exact medical reasoning behind this is currently undetermined. Nonetheless, Ichika has been strongly advised against the consumption of grapes and other related products, at least until a relationship between grapes and the Inuto immune system can be established.
Service Record 2391: Graduated Starfleet Academy with a Major in Command

2391-2392: USS Cantigny (Ensign- Mission Advisor)

2392-2393: USS Excursion (Lieutenant, Junior Grade- Strategic Operations Officer)

2393-2395: USS Excursion (Lieutenant- Assistant Chief Strategic Operations Officer)

(I'll need to figure out what position she would have filled as Lieutenant Commander, so consider this a work-in-progress)

2395-????: USS Myogi (Commander- Executive Officer, Command Internship Program)