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Lieutenant Alisha Reno

Name Alisha Starr Reno

Position Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 29
Date of Birth March 26th 2366
Place of Birth Austin, Texas, Earth
Sexuality bi-sexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 127 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Alisha was an actress when she was younger, so some may recognize her. She's got a light blonde hair that comes down pass her shoulders and bright blue intelligent eyes that sometimes appear to sparkle. She has no distinguishing marks anywhere on her body, nor any piercings. An elegant face with a small nose and a graceful way she walks are possibly the most distinguishable features. She's capable of virtually transforming into someone else with just a few minutes work, using makeup, facial prosthetics and the other tools of the acting trade.


Spouse None
Status boyfriend/girlfriend
Children None
Father Georgiados Reno
Mother Bridgite Cleary
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Alisha's personality is morphable to whatever role she's desiring to take, able to adjust herself from obsequious to commanding to meek and mild within moments. When she's just being herself, she's rather self-contained and not self-aggrandizing, instead desiring to remain as unnoticed as possible. She tends towards the meek and mild in her personal life, but isn't easily pushed around. When she's on duty, she's quiet but serious about what and who she is, but off duty tends be a little wilder than she ought to be.
Strengths & Weaknesses Disguises of all kinds, whether just a voice or personality disguise, or a full on turning into someone else. Alisha can take on just about any role at short notice.
Seeking and interpreting data gathered, Alisha has a preternatural ability to find the small details in what she's looking at.
Alisha has the ability to fly fighters and shuttles. Not well, not in combat, but in order to get from one place to another to gather her intelligence and information drops? She can do it.

While able to FIND information, Alisha has a difficulty USING the information she finds personally, instead needing to get the information to others. She's got a bare minimum of medical capability, enough to use an emergency medkit, but is almost useless when it comes to science and engineering.
Hobbies & Interests Sword-fighting (from her time filming 'A Time To Kill'
Singing and Dancing
Playing guitar
Watching Movies and TV Shows
Knowledge of Japanese language and culture
Reading about various culture's histories

Personal History

Personal History Alisha was born in the heart of Texas, Austin, on Earth, a single child of single children, beloved of the both of them. Their area of Austin was a rather heavily populated one, so she never lacked for playmates, often becoming the most popular girl as she grew up through middle school when she found what she believed she was destined for: Acting. So when Alisha's parents took her to an audition for a role on a TV show, Alisha, with virtually no experience or training, nailed the part. She played the star's little sister for a season on the holo-program 'Happy Times In The Life Of Shea' before the show ended due to the star's lack of believability.

But Alisha had caught the bug and at the age of fifteen now, began to balance her education with trying for roles in films instead of holo-programs. She had a major supporting role at the age of sixteen in the movie 'A Time To Kill', where she was noticed by award winning producer Leandro Druskas, and as she turned eighteen finally got her chance as the star of the romantic drama 'Girardi's Tears'. She almost immediately was offered another role for the leading role on the second movie of the 'Stardust Saga', the first movie having been a hit. This one went through the roof, the movie poster for 'Nova Squadron's Revenge' being of Alisha, going by the stage name of Alexis Silverstar, dressed to kill with just her looks, not just with the rifle in her hands.

This was the apex of Alisha's movie career, with her nomination for an Oscar award, ending up winning the award in a nailbiter with perennial winner for Best Actress Tiana Vellour. But her next movie, 'Lianna’s Vision' completely flopped, dragging Alisha's name through the dirt as scandal after scandal (none actually involving her) hit nearly everyone with a name in the cast, her presence dooming her as well. That all but ended her acting career at the age of twenty, so she took a couple months off to think and ended up submitting an application to Starfleet Academy.

Whether it was her exemplary scores, or her screen recognition, she was accepted and placed in the helm track. As her instructors got to know her, along with her ability to become 'other' people, she was quickly transferred to the Intelligence track to become an analyst. She rapidly became a favorite of the Intelligence instructors, who decided late in her time at the Academy that she could be of use in getting in and out of places with her skills. As an ensign, she was placed on the USS Cassandra, an Intrepid-class ship where she was most commonly found poring through data for her first year in the Fleet. At that point, she was often tasked with picking up data dumps and using the travel time while picking them up to begin her analysis of the new information.

She was 27 when she was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and was placed in an undercover role with a smuggler group. She spent nine months embedded with the smugglers, passing information out before she discovered that she'd finally been made when her contact with the Fleet ended up dead in an alley where she was supposed to pass of her most recent data. She took the initiative and got out immediately, using her information to arrange for a strike to deal with the smugglers once and for all by posing as a Commander to convince a patrolling starship to make said strike.

Another starship assignment was in the offing as she was posted to the USS Virgil, an Akira-class ship, continuing her analytical duties and data pickups, using different appearances each time she had to make planetfall to pick the data up. She gained a reputation for being very good at finding tidbits within the sensor scans that others missed, or just things that made a difference. However there were no truly dramatic finds when her tour on the Virgil ended, but she was given the opportunity to take over her own department on the USS Myogi.

Starfleet Record

Commission officer
Starfleet Serial Number SD-201-9334-TWA
Command authorization code Silverstar 6-8-Echo-4-3-7-1-Reno
Education & Qualifications 2370-2382- Various schools
2386-2390- Starfleet Academy
Awards & Commendations Oscar for Best Actress, 'Stardust Saga II: Terror From The Deep Dark'

Intelligence Star for undercover work

Synopses for her movies:

‘Girardi’s Tears’: A soft-spoken girl, Elena Girardi, is on the verge of stardom in the Country-Western music world when the Xinti war begins. Her fiancée sees it as his duty to join the Federation Marines to help defend the star nation and goes off to war, never to return. Heartbroken, Elena first quits singing before her best friend convinces her that it was what Harry would have wanted her to do, no matter what. Throwing her entire self into singing, Elena achieves that center stage she had so nearly thrown away and finds new love in the end. All singing and guitar was performed by Alisha Silverstar herself.

‘Stardust Saga II: ‘Terrors From The Deep Dark’: The Stardust Project was born from ashes of the Starduster mission (in the first movie), but with a darker purpose. In ‘Stardust Saga I: The Courage Of The Few’, Nova Squadron, the lead fighter squadron of the Starduster mission, ran into an unknown vessel, more powerful than anything the Aferin Alliance had of their own. Trying to fulfill their mission of finding new worlds, they attempted contact and were fired upon. Outnumbered, outgunned and far from home, the squadron and the rest of their mission overcame overwhelming odds and destroyed the ship, a single survivor of the mission returning to Aferin to report what happened. Twenty years later, Stardust Saga II takes place: Picked from birth, trained to perfection, the new members of the Starduster Mission are about to be sent out to find other worlds, to act as ambassadors and to be able to handle themselves. Just as they were about to leave, the Ronen Imperium attacked. Two of the three squadrons are destroyed before they can even launch, leaving Nova Squadron by themselves, their mission scrubbed. A desperate defense of the Shinan world of Penef failed, leaving the Alliance fleet in shambles. Nova Squadron, led by the 20-year old Commander Terry Knight, call sign Sapphire, is given the mission to delay the Ronen on their march to Aferin itself.

‘Lianna’s Vision’- Lianna Vastelli is a psychic medium who has the uncanny ability to see the future, but no matter what she does, she can’t change what she sees. Every time she does something to change the future, another event happens to set her visions straight again. Is she foretelling the future, or IS she the future?
Medical History No Medical Issues
Service Record 2390-2392- USS Cassandra (Ensign)
2392-2393- Undercover Operation(Lieutenant Junior Grade)
2393-2395- USS Virgil (Lieutenant Junior Grade, Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer)
2395-Pres.- USS Myogi (Lieutenant Junior Grade, Chief Intelligence Officer)