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Commander Elisabeth Churchill

Name Elisabeth Hood Churchill

Position Chief Diplomatic Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 31
Date of Birth 26 October 2365
Place of Birth Wakefield, Yorkshire, England, Earth
Sexuality bi-sexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7
Weight 150 lbs
Hair Color blonde
Eye Color blue
Physical Description Elisabeth has a slender and elegant profile. She often lets the majority of her blonde hair flow down over her right shoulder. Though she wears her Starfleet uniform with honor and respect, when she's not on duty, she often dresses in clothing from Earth's Edwardian Era.

Due to her upbringing in Yorkshire, Elisabeth speaks with a pronounced Yorkshire accent


Spouse none
Status single
Children none
Father Yuri Churchill
Mother Lynne Churchill
Brother(s) Anton Chuchill
Howard "Howie" Churchill
Rodney Churchill
Sister(s) none
Other Family Sir Winston Churchill (alleged ancestor)
Winslow Churchill (uncle)
Vincent Churchill (uncle)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Elisabeth often seeks to capture the elegance of a bygone era in Earth's history, and as such, behaves in a manner that can only be described as a mix of Victorian and Edwardian values. Elisabeth often looks down on the less refined tendencies of her peers, particularly casual discussions of sex, as she believes "it's not something a proper lady talks about."
Strengths & Weaknesses +Elegant and Refined
+Eye for detail

-Is a little too dedicated to her work
-Spends unhealthy amounts of time on the holodeck
-Condescending towards ideas not befitting of a Victorian or Edwardian lady
-Can be too finnicky with details
Ambitions Elisabeth is sort of at a crossroads as to what exactly she wants to do with her life; she has always wanted to pursue her passion and become a maritime historian. Elisabeth has already made a name for herself in that field with her award-winning holoprograms. However, she also feels there is an obligation to Starfleet that she must uphold.
Hobbies & Interests -Equestrian
-Classical Music
-Historical Ocean Liners

Personal History

Personal History Elisabeth Churchill was born on the 26th of October 2365 as the only girl out of four children. Her mother always maintained a claim that they were descended from the famous British prime minister Sir Winston Churchill. However, Elisabeth's family records get spotty at best around the period of Earth's Third World War, and Elisabeth has never been able to confirm without a doubt that she is in fact related to one of Britain's most famous prime ministers.

Elisabeth grew up in Wakefield, a cathedral city in Yorkshire where her father of Russian descent worked as a holoprogrammer. From a young age, Elisabeth was endlessly fascinated by the manipulation of photons to create whatever the eye desired to see. Throughout Elisabeth's youth, the Churchills took trips to Southampton to take her family's yacht out onto the water. During these yacht trips, Elisabeth often got seasick, and spent her time below in the vessel's cabin, where she discovered the books on historical ocean liners that were kept below as d├ęcor, which began an interest in maritime history that would follow Elisabeth into adulthood.

When Elisabeth was in university, she was tasked with creating an immersive holoprogram from scratch, with her assignment awarding extra points for high levels of detail. After deliberating on what the program should be about, Elisabeth realized that she should make it about what she loved most at that time; historical ocean liners, and set about using the assignment as her chance to create a highly-detailed recreation of perhaps the most famous Cunard ocean liner ever built: The original RMS Mauretania. As Elisabeth worked on the program, she began dressing in Edwardian era clothing to get herself in the mood of the time. After wearing it long enough, she came to like how she felt wearing it, and permanently adopted an Edwardian style wardrobe. Her obsession into the era deepened when she began taking up hobbies that she felt one from the era would take up.

When Elisabeth was aged 21 and wrapping up work on her Mauretania project, her eldest bother Anton announced that he had been accepted into Starfleet Academy. Elisabeth wasn't exactly sure what came over her, but the next year, after she graduated at age 22, Elisabeth submitted her own application to Starfleet Academy, and she was accepted on the Diplomatic track.

Elisabeth excelled at the Academy and graduated with honors, where she was assigned to the USS Elysium as a diplomatic officer. The Prometheus class starship was part of the Federation's diplomatic envoy to the Cardassian Union, and as such, there was watchful curiosity by both Federation and Cardassian media, which put the ship's diplomatic unit in particular under a lot of pressure.

However, Elisabeth had a way with speaking to reporters, especially the Cardassian ones, as the Cardassians were still struggling to adjust to their newfound freedom of the press in the wake of the Dominion War, and Elisabeth tactfully spun whatever she was tasked with saying in a way to show to the naturally suspicious and paranoid Cardassians that there was no second meaning to search for, and that the facts at face value were the truth.

Elisabeth's way with words had her referred to Starbase 411, located in the Nimbus corridor between both the Klingon and Romulan Star Empires, to become a media relations officer. To sweeten the pot, Elisabeth was offered a promotion alongside the transfer.

Though Elisabeth did her new job well, her time at Starbase 411 really began to weigh on her, and she began debating why she was even doing this; especially as her holoprograms were exploding in popularity and winning awards, proving there was demand for that kind of program, and it gave Elisabeth the encouragement she was needing to begin work on recreations of 'Art Deco' era ocean liners, such as the Andrea Doria, Queen Mary, and United States.

By 2395, Elisabeth had made up her mind: One more tour of duty and then she would leave Starfleet to chase her true passion, and she began searching for openings to host her final tour of duty. She came across a rather interesting opportunity, as the USS Myogi was looking for new diplomatic officers after her entire diplomatic attachment had been reassigned. Elisabeth put in her transfer request, which was approved shortly thereafter.

Starfleet Record

Commission officer
Starfleet Serial Number CH-265-4640-CHL
Command authorization code Churchill-7-4-6-5-Pi-British Racing Green
Education & Qualifications Various schools
Starfleet Academy
Awards & Commendations Teacher's Choice Award - Best Immersive History Experience: "Royal Mail Ship Titanic" (won)

Maritime Historians Award - Most Accurate and Detailed Recreation of an Historical Vessel: "Royal Mail Ship Olympic" (won)

Golden Photon Award - Best Independent Holoprogrammer (won)

Golden Photon Award - Most Realistic/Believable "What If...?" Scenario: "His Majesty's Hospital Ship Britannic" - program mode "Royal Mail Ship Britannic" (nominated)
Medical History There have been concerns over the sheer amount of time Elisabeth has spent on the holodeck, and whether or not she may suffer from Holodeck Syndrome
Service Record 2391-2392: USS Elysium (Ensign - Diplomatic Officer)
2392-2393: USS Elysium (Lieutenant JG - Diplomatic Officer)
2393-2394: Starbase 411 (Lieutenant - Media Relations Officer)
2394-2395: Starbase 411 (Lieutenant Commander - Media Relations Officer)
2395-present: USS Myogi (Lieutenant Commander - Acting Chief Diplomatic Officer)