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Crewman Recruit Hanamaru Kunikida

Name Hanamaru Kunikida 'Maru'

Position Operations Officer

Rank Crewman Recruit

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Bajoran
Age 22
Date of Birth March 4, 2373
Place of Birth Bajoran refugee ship
Sexuality heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5'3"
Weight 129 IBS
Hair Color Dirty Blonde
Eye Color Amber
Physical Description Petty Officer Kunikida stands a little shorter than the average height; she considers her look to be "plain."

Due in part to her parents hailing from a specific geographic region of Bajor, Petty Officer Kunikida has a unique verbal tic, wherein she occasionally ends her sentences with the word "zura."


Spouse None
Status single
Children None
Father Renaj Kunikida
Mother Uposh Kunikida
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None of note

Personality & Traits

General Overview Petty Officer Kunikida is the product of a conservative and deeply religious upbringing; she didn't get a lot of direct exposure to modern technological conveniences growing up, relying instead on books and manuals to educate herself on the world around her. As such, she is often fascinated when introduced to a new piece of technology she doesn't yet understand, and will often go to great lengths to read up on it in order to figure out how it works.

As a result of her upbringing, Petty Officer Kunikida often requests time off to honor Bajoran religious holidays; she has been known to become despondent when her requests are denied, even if it can't be avoided.
Strengths & Weaknesses +An avid learner.

+Tends to be calm under pressure.

-Technologically inept.

-Deeply religious, to the point where she can become despondent if her requests for time off are denied.
Ambitions Petty Officer Kunikida secretly aspires to be more like Ensign Kurosawa, whom she views as "beautiful, cute, and dazzling"-- traits she does not believe she possesses.
Hobbies & Interests -Books: In her eye, a book is usually the solution to understanding everything.

-Singing: This is equal parts due to her upbringing and her time in her High School's "Idol Research Club."

Personal History

Personal History Hanamaru Kunikida was born on March 4, 2373, aboard a Bajoran refugee ship fleeing from the ongoing Dominion conflict. Due to the unique geographic region from which they hailed, her parents, Renaj and Uposh, possessed a unique vocal tic where they would occasionally end their sentences with the word "Zura," a trait which Hanamaru picked up on for better or for worse.

As part of the Bajoran Refugee Program, the Kunikidas were assigned to a commune in Sendai, Japan, and began the slow process of integrating themselves into human society. One of Hanamaru's teachers, Midori Tsushima, had a daughter around Hanamaru's age, Yoshiko, with whom Hanamaru would eventually befriend.

In light of escaping Bajor with their lives, Renaj and Uposh elected to bring up their daughter in a sheltered environment free from the hassles of modern technology, and it was largely through this environment that Hanamaru grew to become fastidious and hard-working- even if it did make it slightly more difficult for her to wrap her head around certain human technologies whenever she ventured outside the Bajoran commune with Yoshiko. She also proved herself to be a talented singer, earning herself a spot in her middle school's choir (much to Renaj and Uposh's pride).

Upon enrolling at high school, Hanamaru met and befriended Ruby Kurosawa, a British/Japanese girl around her age who had a penchant for logistics and organization. It was through Ruby that Hanamaru was introduced to Japan's "Idol" culture, which proved captivating to the young, sheltered, and somewhat impressionable Bajoran. Of course, despite the fact that she had a fairly good singing voice, she considered her somewhat "chubby" and "plain" appearance (Ruby was insistent that she was not chubby) to not be up to par with that of an idol, and resigned herself to quiet fascination of the genre, at least for a time.

However, that stance soon changed when Ruby joined the school's "Idol Club," a decision which evidently disappointed Ruby's older sister, Dia. Hanamaru, upon hearing this, was quick to come to Ruby's defense, arguing that Ruby should be free to forge her own path if she so desired and that Dia should be more conscientious about what Ruby wanted to do with her life. Her argument was enough to get Dia to back down, though she was still evidently disappointed.

When Ruby took her aside and asked her why she'd felt compelled to come to her defense, Hanamaru opened up to her and explained that she'd been particularly inspired by Rin Hoshizora, a Nekomi refugee who had recently retired from the idol industry a few years back and was allegedly working in a novelty record store somewhere in Tokyo. In an old magazine article that had been published a few years before she retired, Ms. Hoshizora explained how she was teased as a child for being "too girly" and wearing skirts, and subsequently changed her appearance and mannerisms accordingly to get the teasing to stop. However, thanks in part to the outpouring of support of friends, family, and fans, she'd begun to feel more comfortable in the person she wanted to be, not what others decided she should be. Upon hearing that Dia had disapproved of Ruby's decision to join the Idol Club, Hanamaru was inspired by Ms. Hoshizora's story and was encouraged to stand up for Ruby. The younger girl was moved by Hanamaru stepping outside of her comfort zone for the sake of her friend, and, feeling it kind to return the favor, convinced Hanamaru that she should do what she wanted to do and join her in the Idol Club. The two of them were later joined by Yoshiko, largely because Hanamaru was her friend and she was looking for alternative means of obtaining points to make up for her lackluster grades.

When all three girls graduated from high school in 2391, Ruby announced that she would be following her sister into Starfleet-- a decision that inspired both Hanamaru and Yoshiko to follow suit, as Starfleet offered a great deal of benefits that would help them in expanding their career options. Unfortunately, while Ruby had no trouble getting her application approved, Hanamaru and Yoshiko both flunked the application process--twice. Following their second failed attempt, the two of them began searching for alternate ways to get into the Federation, and their research led them to pursing an enlisted commission instead. While not as coveted as that of an officer, it would still come with its fair share of potential benefits.

This time, the two of them were accepted, and their aptitude tests guided them towards the field of organization and logistics. Following two years' training at the Utopia Planetia fleet yards, Hanamaru and Yoshiko were assigned to the USS Myogi (NCC-65918), whose Operations department was in dire need of staffing following a recent command shakeup. Upon reporting in, however, the two of them were shocked to discover that their department would be headed none other than Ensign Ruby Kurosawa, herself assigned to the Myogi out of dire circumstances.

Starfleet Record

Commission enlisted
Starfleet Serial Number KN-551-8675-KD
Command authorization code Kunikida-8-1-2-Mikan-5-4-4-Zura
Service Record 2393-2395: Starfleet Enlisted Training

2395-????: USS Myogi (Crewman Recruit- Operations Officer)