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Captain Taiga Aisaka

Name Taiga Aisaka

Position Commanding Officer - USS Tokyo

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 33
Sexuality heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5'1½
Weight 105lbs
Hair Color blonde
Eye Color brown
Physical Description Taiga is a small woman, however she has long blonde hair that runs down her back. She has a thin build but is actually stronger than she looks


Spouse Ryuuji Takasu
Status married
Children N/A
Father Len Aisaka
Mother Jennifer Aisaka
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family N/A

Personality & Traits

General Overview Taiga can be described as tsundere. She has a short temper and can be rather violent sometimes. However deep down she is a caring and intelligent person. She has a tendancy to act before she thinks, this is her biggest weakness but she has learnt to control her temper over time.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths include:
+ Quick thinker
+ Stronger than she looks
+ Determined

Weaknesses include:
- Short tempered
- Can be violent
- Acts before thinking
Ambitions Taiga is unsure on her future ambitions. She has already dedicated herself to her partner and to Starfleet. She currently commands the USS Tokyo one of Starfleet's Akira Class starships.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies include:
- Singing
- Sword fighting & hand to hand combat
- Japanese history
- Cooking
- Japanese Martial Arts

Personal History

Personal History Taiga has a strange history. When she was a teenager in middle school her parents divorced and she was pushed around. This led to Taiga living by her own and holding in a lot of anger and frustration which she couldn't release. Not sure where to go and decided not to enter into Japan's optional high school program she signed up for Starfleet. She thought she could start again there and begin again. Starfleet seemed like a good option for Taiga, however she knew that she needed to work hard to get into the Academy. At age sixteen she took the entrance exam now that she was of minimum age for Humans.

It took several weeks for the results to come back and Taiga was shocked to find that she managed to get in. The first year would be basic training before she was able to specialise. In 2378 she attended Starfleet Academy, the same year as Kagami Izumi at the age of sixteen. Since both her and Kagami were training on the Security/Tactical course they became friends. The two cadets shared a dorm together, and Kagami was of great help to Taiga. Being both Japanese, they got along well and became close friends.

In the second year at the Academy, Taiga and Kagami were invited out together for a night out with the other cadets. When the bouncer thought that Taiga was only a child because of her height, someone stepped in. That person was Ryuuji Takasu who helped get her into the clubs. They grew closer as friends. Takasu also introduced Taiga to his classmate Minori Kushieda, whom he happened to have a crush on at the time. Taiga promised to help Ryuuji try and build up the courage to ask Minori out. However over the space of a year, they both realised that they had grown closer than friends. It was finally Minori who could read between them who told Taiga that she should be with Ryuuji over her, she noticed how much they were both happier together.

The four of them shared a house in their second, third and fourth years at the academy. In the second year, Taiga and Ryuuji declared themselves an official couple and even began to sleep together in Ryuuji's room. Taiga had never had anyone like this before, it felt special to her. It also helped her with developing relationships with others, something she wasn't very good at. Ryuuji also helped teach her some basic skills like cooking without a replicator. The one thing that Taiga struggled with was the fact that she was aggressive from all of her contained anger inside her, however she learnt that Ryuuji was a good control mechanism for her. Not only did she feel that she could spend her life with him, but he actually understood her for who she was, that made her feel special.

After the academy in 2382 both Taiga and Kagami were assigned to the USS Lexington as security officers. They were even placed together on the same security team. Taiga was happy when Kagami was promoted to assistant chief of the department with a rise in rank to Lieutenant in 2384 However because of her agressive temper Taiga was held back a rank for a while until she learnt to control it. During this time Ryuuji helped Taiga with her anger problems and lived with her on ship. Even though she had been held back, he never gave up on her. Taiga at this time was wanting to expand her relationship with Ryuuji, however she wasn't sure how to approach him about the subject. She wasn't sure herself what she wanted to do with her life, she knew she wanted to excel in Starfleet, however was unsure if she was holding Ryuuji back. After a long discussion Ryuuji told her that he would always be beside her no matter what.

Taiaga and Kagami served together aboard the Lexington for five years until Kagami was reassigned to the USS Misawa. Taiga got Kagami's old job of Assistant Chief Security Officer aboard the Lexington and was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade. She stayed as the assistant chief for another two years before being reassigned to the USS Doncaster in 2389 as the Chief of Security/Tactical officer and taking on the secondary role of second officer with a rise in rank to Lieutenant. However the only problem was that Ryuuji couldn't get a transfer with her, so Taiga had to go alone on the Doncaster by herself. However both of them kept in regular contact over subspace. However she felt lonely as she was in a different sector, she wanted Ryuuji with her.

In 2390 the USS Doncaster recieved a distress call from the newly launched USS Tokyo. Taiga led the team aboard the ship to help, however by the time they arrived nearly 75% of the crew had been killed. The Doncaster towed the Tokyo back to spacedock and a full investigation was ordered by Starfleet Intelligence. It also opened up command gaps in Starfleet as a whole ship needed a new crew. The Tokyo herself was a brand new ship straight off of the line with brand new state of the art technology. After the incident on its space trials many captains turned down the ship as it seemed to be 'cursed'.

Taiga recognised this was her chance to grab herself a command position. Later that year she was accepted as the executive officer of the USS Tokyo with the rank of Lieutenant Commander. This was a remarkable jump in rank for Taiga and for most officers. However Starfleet had started to recognise Taiga's potential in a command role. The next year Taiga served as Executive Officer of the Tokyo and managed to get Ryuuji transferred to the ship as well. Starfleet didn't place the ship on any real assignments as they wanted to test the new systems. The ship was the second Armitage Class Starship in production. Taiga found out that her old friend Minori Kushieda had worked on the project for the ships, but now also captained the first ship USS Armitage. After a year of extended space trials and patrol missions, the Tokyo returned back to Utopia Planetia to fix some minor issues and improvements.

Taiga was hoping to meet up with Kagami when she got back to Earth after hearing that the Missouri which was now commanded by Kagami was in the Sol System. However the Missouri was tasked with investigating a temporal anomoly in the area and disappeared from Starfleets sensors. The day the Missouri disappeared Taiga was given a field promotion to Full Commander and told to investigate with the USS Tokyo, when asked about where her Commanding Officer was it was revealed that he had resigned three days ago due to personal reasons. Of course Taiga had mixed emotions, she didn't think she was ready to take command, but she was the only person according to Starfleet who had experience with the Tokyo's design. Taiga was effectively immediately placed in command of the USS Tokyo as its commanding officer.

The Tokyo was the first ship on the scene when a madly damaged USS Missouri emerged from the anomoly several hours later. The ship towed the Missouri back to spacedock before officially being sent on its first mission. The Tokyo was sent to the Romulan Neutral Zone in order to track down the source of contraband and to take it out. Illegal contrabane had been flowing into Federation border colonies and Starfleet wanted to stamp it out at all points. Taiga was tasked with finding out where it was coming from and stop it.

Taiga and the crew of the Tokyo eventually discovered that the contraband was coming from a Romulan Starbase which was responsible for supplying black market items. Taiga lead a team on a captured frieghter in a 'Trojan Horse' style mission to take down the starbase from the inside. Taiga was successful in destroying the source of the contraband. However she paid the price for it. She took a direct hit in the stomach from a Romulan disruptor just before beaming out. This led to her loosing a unborn child she was unaware she was pregnant with, something which still haunts her to this day.

During their time on the starbase, Taiga and the crew discovered that the Tal Shiar were experimenting with Borg Technology, which was highly dangerous. Starfleet detected that several Romulan vessels were coming from the same area with Borg Signatures. The Tokyo was sent in to investigate on the orders of Admiral Jepson. It didn't go to plan as The Borg managed to board and began to assimilate the Tokyo. Taiga and the crew eventually managed to regain control of the ship, however the current ships chief of security, Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Daxer was assimilated in the process, something which caused her a great amount of trauma.

Taiga managed to get the Tokyo away and save Jennifer, but half of the ships compliment were either lost, assimilated or killed in the process. The Tokyo limped back to Federation space, and it turns out that Admiral Jepson knew that the Tokyo would be at risk and they would be overpowered. He had planned the entire thing to show Starfleet they needed to militarise, when the truth came out Jepson was arrested and the Tokyo was repaired.

After a couple of weeks being repaired, the Tokyo was sent to investigate a strange new anomoly along the neutral zone. However the Tokyo was pulled into a strange null space which they merged with their Mirror Universe counterparts on the ISS Tokyo. There was a violent conflict between the two crews until Taiga managed to come to a cease fire with her mirror counterpart. She also discovered that her counterpart had managed to get pregnant, one thing she had lost. They managed to come up with a plan however one of the mirror Tokyo's crew tried to take both ships which resulted in Mirror Taiga being partially assimilated, however she seemed to escape. She beamed out at the last minute not to be seen again. The Tokyo returned to normal space shortly afterwards.

Pulled away from their normal operating zone, the Tokyo was assigned on a search and rescue mission of the USS Cassandra a ship that needed recovering by Starfleet Intelligence. The Tokyo managed to find the Cassandra drifting and Taiga sent across a specialist team to retrieve the information that SFI wanted. However the Tokyo began to experience different cascading system failures. Eventually it came to light that a virus had infected the ships systems and had been transferred over from the Cassandra. The virus caused the ships bio-neural gel packs to malfunction as well as infect peoples minds causing them to experience nightmares and have strange visions and hallucinations.

Eventually the Tokyo managed to overcome the virus and make its way home. The Tokyo was then once again dispatched to its old stomping grounds along the Romulan Neutral Zone. Taiga commanded the ship as it tested out its new starfighters, however that was put on hold when the ship picked up a distress call from Alvatar colony. Taiga knew that crossing the neutral zone was risky, but she deemed it necessary to save lives. The Tokyo then engaged an unknown vessel which was attacking the colony. Taiga noticed that the ship wasn't taking damage, so she sent an away team to bring it down from the inside.

Once the ship disappeared, Taiga ordered the Tokyo back to the colony to try and help the colonists. However the colony was destroyed. The Tokyo and Taiga were then blamed by the Romulans who showed up shortly after and were taken back to Federation Space. Taiga was then arrested by Starfleet for crossing the neutral zone and unbecoming of a Starfleet Captain. She was placed on trial by Admiral Miyahara. She was trialled at Earth. However it was revealed that the Tal Shiar were behind the attack and Admiral Miyahara had been lying to the court to gain his own goals.

After that Taiga was tasked with escorting the Romulan Ambassador back to Romulus to ensure her safety from the Tal Shiar.

Starfleet Record

Commission officer
Education & Qualifications 2378 - 2382 Starfleet Academy [Security & Tactical Department]
Service Record 2382 - 2387 USS Lexington [Ensign - Security Officer]
2387 - 2389 USS Lexington - [Lieutenant JG - Assistant Chief Sec/Tact Officer]
2389 - 2390 USS Doncaster - [Lieutenant - Chief Security/Tactical Officer|Second Officer]
2390 - 2391 USS Tokyo [Lieutenant Commander - Executive Officer]
2390 - 2393 USS Tokyo [Commander - Commanding Officer]
2393 - ???? USS Tokyo [Captain - Commanding Officer]