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Commander Keisuke Takahashi

Name Keisuke Takahashi 'K.T.'

Position Second Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 33
Date of Birth November 11, 2363
Place of Birth Takasaki, Gunma, Japan, Earth
Sexuality heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0
Weight 138 lbs
Hair Color spiked blonde
Eye Color grey
Physical Description Keisuke is a tall man with a slightly muscular build. He naturally looks intimidating; a sight sold when coupled with his personality (though, he has been working with Maho to improve his personality.) he keeps his blonde hair spiked; a look he has retained since his Bosozoku gang days.


Spouse Maho Takahashi
Status married
Children Unborn child
Father Nobuhiro Takahashi
Mother Toshimi Takahashi
Brother(s) Ryosuke Takahashi
Sister(s) Miho Nishizumi (In-Law)
Other Family Subaru Nishizumi (Grandfather-In-Law, deceased)
Eikichi Tsugumi (Uncle, deceased)
Omi Tsugumi (Cousin)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Keisuke never really got over his volatile youth. He is known to irrationally snap when irritated. Though he has been working with Maho to improve his patience, change does not come so easily. He has also been known to show great admiration for Admiral Miyahara, and takes great offense when other like-minded officers are called "Miyahara-types".
Strengths & Weaknesses +Loyal

-Barely able to split his focus
-Holds a grudge against Jennifer Daxer of the USS Tokyo for ruining his wedding.
Ambitions To be a better man, husband, father, and Starfleet Officer
Hobbies & Interests -Ground Cars
-Home Improvement/Interior Design
-Arena Rock

Personal History

Personal History Keisuke Takahashi was born on November 11, 2363 in Takasaki, Gunma, Japan, the second child of Starfleet Medical Commodore Nobuhiro Takahashi and wife Toshimi. In addition to his father, his mother's brother, Eikichi Tsugumi and his wife, were also in Starfleet, and as such, Keisuke had enough family members in Starfleet to be considered 'Starfleet Royalty'.

Keisuke grew up a volatile youth, often bullied for being 'Starfleet Royalty', Keisuke became a hardened delinquent in his teenage years, eventually rising to lead a Bosozoku gang when he was old enough to hold a motorcycle license. While this drew concerns from his family, the only person able to actually get through to Keisuke was his older brother, Ryosuke; who had a dream to become one of the fastest ground car racers in centuries before following in their father's footsteps and joining Starfleet Medical.

Ryosuke managed to convince Keisuke to give up the Bosozoku life, and Keisuke traded in his motorcycle for a yellow FD3S Mazda RX-7 and helped Ryosuke co-found his first team; the Akagi RedSuns. Unfortunately, this meant he broke up with the girl he had been dating at the time so he could focus all his attention on the RedSuns.

During his time as a street racer, Keisuke crossed paths with both Takumi Fujiwara, an unnaturally skilled young AE86 driver, and Takeshi Nakazato, the leader of a rival faction from Mount Myogi called the Myogi NightKids who drove an R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R. While Keisuke would eventually come to more friendlier terms with Takumi (as the two would later become running mates on Ryosuke's second team, Project D), coming to know him as a friendly rival, he did not afford Nakazato the same luxury, and considered him a rival even after he ended his street racing tenure. During this time, Cupid hung love in front of Keisuke once again in the form of Kyoko Iwase, a fellow FD driver slightly younger than he was who had fallen for him, however he coldly rejected her, citing the same reasons behind the last breakup: His inability to split his attention.

In 2384, Keisuke's aunt and uncle, Eikichi Tsugumi and his wife, were killed in an accident, leaving care of their high school-aged daughter Omi to Nobuhiro and Toshimi, who took Omi in after her parents deaths. Often, in response to her consistently poor grades, she would joke that she had the same dumb genes as Keisuke, much to Keisuke's offense.

By 2385, Project D disbanded, and Keisuke had made up his mind to go into Starfleet as well. Though, not in Medical like his father and brother, nor in Science like his aunt and uncle, but rather in a field no Takahashi or Tsugumi had historically served in: Command. Following Keisuke's acceptance into the Academy, he was put on a contraception injection, required for all cadets.

When Keisuke graduated from the Academy in 2389, he was assigned to the USS Myogi as a Mission Advisor with the rank of Ensign. Though his first year yielded nothing sensational, at the Chief Mission Advisor's recommendation, he was promoted to Lieutenant JG by 2390.

That year, Keisuke would finally prove his worth when an unknown space spore containing a rage virus infected most of the crew, including the Second Officer. Keisuke helped defend Sickbay from the infected until the Chief Medical Officer developed a vaccine. Afterwards, he also helped Medical administer the vaccine to the infected crew.

Unfortunately, the infected Second Officer was killed in the scuffle. Though it was never determined who fired the fatal shot, Keisuke and the others who defended Sickbay were acquitted of any wrongdoing on the basis that they were defending the ship. For his bravery and selflessness, Keisuke was promoted to full Lieutenant and offered the now-vacant Second Officer's chair; a position he gladly accepted.

In 2391, the Myogi received a new batch of Academy graduate mission advisors; prime among them his old rival Takeshi Nakazato, now a father looking to turn his life around, and an attractive young officer named Maho Nishizumi. Keisuke didn't know what came over him at the time (though he later came to accept it as love.), but he just couldn't bear to see Maho leave the Myogi once her temporary assignment was up, and so he vouched to keep her on board.

Admiral Tanaka Miyahara, the Myogi's then-commanding officer, who had seen promise within Maho when he secretly oversaw her Kobayashi Maru exam at the Academy, but now was second guessing his judgement, agreed to the gamble that Keisuke was proposing, and the two looked for a permanent position on the Myogi for Maho.

They initially tried Engineering, as Engineering had been Maho's original major before switching to Command. However, the Chief Engineer didn't want Maho in his department, as he viewed her as a threat to his job, and all the engineers in the department either viewed Maho in a similar way, or she actually scared them.

Then Miyahara turned to the issue of the Operations department, which following the retirement of the old Chief of Ops, was barely being held together by the acting Chief of Ops. Miyahara thought this would be the perfect test bed for Maho's prowess, and Keisuke agreed, and so Miyahara recommended that Maho become the Chief of Ops, which Maho accepted along with a promotion to Lieutenant.

It turned out that keeping Maho around had more positive effects than Keisuke realized, as Maho helped Keisuke not only settle his rivalry with Nakazato, but also become good friends with him; something Keisuke imagined never happening in a million years.

Because of this, Keisuke felt like he owed Maho something. So, he was surprised when Maho preemptively reached out and asked him out on a date to the mess hall. Keisuke took this opportunity to confess the increasing amount of feelings he had for her, and was surprised when she admitted she'd been having similar feelings for him as well, and proposed that they begin seeing each other regularly when off duty.

Following this date, rumors that the Second Officer and Chief of Ops were dating began spreading around the ship like wildfire, and both sides were quick to confirm that they were in fact in a relationship. Keisuke was quick to learn that Maho was still a virgin, and just about as quick to fix that problem.

By 2393, Keisuke had risen to Lieutenant Commander. That year, the Myogi's First Officer retired. During the emotional retirement party, Miyahara approached Keisuke and offered him the soon-to-be vacated position. However, Keisuke turned the promotion down, as he was happy remaining as the Second Officer. Though, he did recommend a certain Chief of Ops for the position instead.

Shortly after Maho ascended to the position of First Officer, she led an away team on a mission which went awry, and resulted in the loss of the Third Officer. Keisuke wasn't on the away team, as he had temporarily assumed her duties as XO while she was away, but after she returned, he comforted her as she grappled with survivor's guilt, and also supported her promotion to Captain, even if it meant getting passed up for a promotion himself.

For a time, it appeared the Third Officer's chair would go unoccupied. That was until Nakazato suddenly applied for the now vacant position. Miyahara was proud that Nakazato had shown interest in a Command position and approved his application, and for a year, it was the three of them; Maho, Keisuke, and Takeshi, as the Myogi's three highest officers.

However, in 2394, the Myogi received an automated distress call from the USS Tokyo, at the time disabled in the Cardassian DMZ, and Nakazato; ever the big-hearted sleuth, elected to fly a relief mission. Miyahara made it clear that Nakazato's mission would be a permanent transfer. However, before Nakazato left, he pulled Keisuke aside and gave him a piece of parting advice: "Don't hesitate; make her yours."

Shortly after Nakazato's departure, Keisuke took his friend's parting words to heart, and finally dropped down on one knee, proposing to Maho. She said yes, and the two began planning their wedding, as the Myogi would be due back in the Sol System once business along the Romulan Neutral Zone wrapped up. During this almost feverish time of excitement, Keisuke forgot to renew his contraception injections despite repeated reminders from the CMO, and as a result, Maho wound up pregnant with his child.

However, before they could return home, the Romulans suddenly accused the Federation of blowing up Alvatar Colony, and the finger was pointed at the USS Tokyo; the ship Nakazato had transferred to. Furthermore, Miyahara was being asked to head the Starfleet side of the prosecution.

Keisuke was in command of the Bridge when they took Captain Taiga Aisaka aboard, and missed all the things Captain Aisaka said to his fiancee. However, when Miyahara showed up to relieve him, he suggested that Keisuke go comfort Maho, as she seemed upset. When Keisuke did, he heard all about it, and it took every ounce of his being to not go punch Captain Aisaka in the face.

Once they arrived back in the Sol System, Keisuke and Maho continued planning their wedding, unaware of how badly the Trial was going for Miyahara. They reunited with Nakazato, however it wasn't under the happiest of circumstances, as Nakazato had been arrested for 'treason', and Miyahara had issued an executive order demanding Nakazato's release on parole. Regardless, Keisuke asked Nakazato to be his best man, as Ryosuke was may light years away from Sol. However, this turned out to be a mistake, as on their wedding day, the ceremony was crashed by Jennifer Daxer: A crazed Vulcan out for Takeshi's blood.

Ultimately, justice was miscarried: Captain Aisaka was acquitted, and Takeshi and Miyahara were punished instead. Miyahara, faced with building scandal, was forced to resign. With Miyahara's resignation came Maho's promotion to the command chair. When she took command of the Myogi, Maho asked her now husband to take her old place as Executive Officer. However, Keisuke once more declined the promotion.

Starfleet Record

Commission officer
Starfleet Serial Number TK-116-1995 HSI
Command authorization code Takahashi-8-6-9-7-Yellow
Education & Qualifications Personal Education:

2369-2378: Compulsory Education
2369-2375: Elementary School (Compulsory Education)
2375-2378: Junior High School/Lower Secondary School (Compulsory Education)
2378-2381: Senior High School/Upper Secondary School

Important Documents:

Certificate of Graduation - High School

Starfleet Academy:

2385-2389: Command
Awards & Commendations [Commendation for Bravery and Valor - From Admiral Tanaka Miyahara: Commanding Officer, USS Myogi. Note from Admiral Miyahara: "Lieutenant JG Takahashi, once an unproven wildcard, has now proven himself an invaluable asset to the USS Myogi, when he selflessly defended Sickbay from the infected crew until a vaccine against the unknown rage virus could be created, and then once it was, Takahashi's selflessness continued when he helped our medical department in adminitsering the vaccine. This kind of selflessness is rare from someone just a year out of the Academy, and it deserves recognition."]
Medical History Keisuke has a known allergy to Bajoran Shrimp. This can be traced to the Tsugumi side of Keisuke's family, and might be indicative of a larger allergy to seafood not native to the Sol System.

Keisuke is no stranger to injuries. He has been shot several times during shootouts with authorities, he broke his right foot when he crashed his FD in 2385, and to this day, he still has a very small limp, and this isn't accounting all the typical injuries to befall a Starfleet Officer.
Service Record 2389: Graduated Starfleet Academy with a major in Command
2389: USS Myogi (Ensign - Mission Advisor)
2390: USS Myogi (Lieutenant JG - Mission Advisor)
2390-2393: USS Myogi (Lieutenant - Second Officer)
2393-2395: USS Myogi (Lieutenant Commander - Second Officer)
2395-present: USS Myogi (Commander - Second Officer)