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Commander Victor Delling

Name Victor Caelus Delling MD

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Ventaxian
Age 39
Date of Birth May 2nd
Place of Birth Ventax II
Sexuality heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 200
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Victor is thin, with lean musculature from a childhood of walking and working the fields. His body is stronger than it appears. He has strong, angular features and an attractive smile. He keeps his hair short for the sake of ease, mostly because he doesn’t wish to deal with the wild curls his mother’s genetics gave to him. He cuts it back when it reaches his eyebrows and maintains a short neatly trimmed beard. His hands are often covered with graphite or paint, when he isn't in sickbay. He smiles easily and often. He wears a pair of ancient spectacles, when he is reading.


Spouse None
Status single
Children None
Father Markus Delling, Shariek- Legal Guardian
Mother Aeryn Caelus
Brother(s) Bernard
Sister(s) Ariel

Personality & Traits

General Overview Intensely curious and intelligent, with a focus and a drive for answers that has brought him swiftly through the ranks. A quick mind that catches on to concepts swiftly, and can make leaps of logic and reason that sometimes defy explanation. His favorite words are "Maybe if we..." Even though he is focused he still manages to be personable and friendly. He's friendly with everyone, but true friends with very few. He is a quiet focused man whose gentle nature and absolute discretion make him very easy to trust.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Extreme attention to detail
+Quickwitted and Intelligent

-Sensitive about his family's dismissal of him
-Takes criticism too much to heart
-No sense of the passage of time.
-Does not care as well for himself as he does the rest of the crew.
Ambitions He daydreams sometimes about what it would be like to have a wife and a family.

Integrative treatments involving stress relief; with the idea that stress is the primary causation of interpersonal issues aboard long assignment ships.

Research more into interspecies social interaction
Hobbies & Interests Drawing
Reading- he has an extensive book collection.

Personal History

Personal History Not everyone on Ventax II hates technology, and Victor was one of several young people that didn't want to remain on a planet full of people who disdain technology and its practical applications. As a boy- he grew up on a farm on the northern reaches of the planet. The family was prosperous and alongside brothers and sisters, Victor learned all that he was expected to know about animal husbandry, farming and life in general.

A fascination with anything living; plant, animal or alien, caused him to turn towards a career in the sciences and medicine. He applied for early entry to Starfleet Academy and was allowed into their Junior scientist program at 16 years of age. When his family heard that he'd reached out to them for higher education dispite their arranging a marriage for him- they disowned him. This gave him a bit more freedom, but had a detrimental effect on the boy. The guardian appointed to him was a half Vulcan named Shariek, newly appointed to the program. It was as healthy a relationship as one could hope for, but the boy still missed his sisters and brother.

The vulcan education was extensive, allowing him to graduate from the academy at the age of 20. The academy was a bit of a wake up call for him as it was the first time in his life that she'd truly felt both challenged and valued as an individual. While initially pursuing being a doctor, he discovered a love for pure research and a streak of laziness in his study habits that were barely enough with his intelligence to get him the marks for Starfleet medical. He made it through, but only just...spending a brief period on academic probation so he might best figure out what he really wanted to do with his life. The answer was both medicine and research, and he threw himself into studying with a passion once he and his academic advisor determined that he could do both. He is an avid medical researcher, and often uses his book knowledge to further medical science. Sometimes he gets so deeply involved in his research that he forgets that he needs to do mundane things like eat and sleep. His fascination for all things alien had dimmed, and grown into a more mature- less childlike fascination. Though he's still quite happy for those people of cultures not his own, to describe them to him in detail.

He is most often found with a book in his hand and buried in a tale from long ago. Preferring fiction and fantasy novels to anything else he has a huge collection of books. While he realizes the difficulty in carrying these from one place to another- he does use padds, to read the books he has that he doesn't take with him. He also like to sketch, and can sometimes be found in the corner of the lounge sketching his crew-mates or the ship itself. He's embarrassed about his skill but is actually quite talented.

Starfleet Record

Commission officer
Service Record USS Wagner: Cadet Cruise
USS Zeus: Medical Officer
USS Steinbeck: Beta Shift Chief
Draken V Colony: Assistant Chief Medical Officer
USS Artemis: Interim Chief Medical Officer