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Captain Shimakaze Zh'gero

Name Shimakaze Zh'gero

Position Commanding Officer - USS Haruna

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Andorian
Age 34
Date of Birth July 18, 2362
Place of Birth Andoria
Sexuality bi-sexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7
Weight 150 lbs
Hair Color white
Eye Color brown
Physical Description Shimakaze is a slender Andorian woman whose height leaves something to be desired, and to make up for this deficit, Shimakaze has taken to walking around in platform heels.


Spouse Amatsukaze Sh'gero (Bondmate 1, Female); Teruzuki Ch'gero (Bondmate 2, Male); Hatsuzuki Th'gero (Bondmate 3, Male)
Status married
Children None yet
Father Minoru Th''challa (Father 1); Kyon Ch'challa (Father 2)
Mother Akira Sh'challa (Mother 1); Haruhi Zh'challa (Mother 2)
Other Family An expansive Andorian extended family, as many of them are linked

Personality & Traits

General Overview Shimakaze is known for her belief in Andorian superiority over other races, and has been known to bully and belittle non-Andorians any chance she gets. Also, because of her somewhat diminutive height, Shimakaze has also developed a Napoleon complex.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Loyal officer
+Brilliant tactician

-Napoleon complex
Ambitions Because Shimakaze wishes to prove her theory of Andorian superiority to the galaxy, Shimakaze sees an Admiral's coat in her future. Even if it means stepping away from frontline work, it would show the galaxy that an Andorian is capable of climbing to the top.
Hobbies & Interests -Ground car touge racing

Personal History

Personal History Shimakaze was born on Andoria on July 18, 2362 as the only child of her family's quartet. Though the quartet was initially overjoyed by Shimakaze's birth, that joy didn't last, and the quartet devolved back into the bickering and excuses it had been before Shimakaze's birth. Except now Shimakaze was around to bear unfortunate witness to her four parents' constant bickering.

When Shimakaze was 5, her quartet sought to become unbonded, and two of her parents, Kyon and Haruhi, won custody rights over Shimakaze. With her two more toxic parents out of the picture, Shimakaze began to have some semblance of a normal, happy upbringing, if not being heavily stigmatized for being the kid whose parents broke up.

When Shimakaze was 18, she signed up for the Andorian Defense Force. Boot camp and officer training were mentally and physically demanding, but Shimakaze kept her head down and did what was asked of her and more, volunteering for the extra work nobody else wanted such as cleaning toilets and cooking duty.

Shimakaze completed her officer training in 2383, aged 21, and graduated at the rank of 2nd Lieutenant, and was assigned to a 4 year tour of duty aboard an Andorian ship. While Shimakaze continued to exceed expectations, even going so far as to be promoted to 1st Lieutenant by the time of her discharge in 2387, she found her time in the Andorian Defense Force mostly patrolling Andorian space to be quite boring, and when her tour was up in 2387, Shimakaze resigned her commission and was honorably discharged.

Seeking more excitement, Shimakaze signed up for Starfleet Academy. At Starfleet Academy, Shimakaze met her bondmates to be. They were all Andorian freshmen cadets, and were among the few Andorians on the command track in their year.

During Shimakaze's freshman year, she was picked on constantly for being Andorian, which led to Shimakaze attending a rally on a San Francisco street corner being held by an Andorian man affiliated with the far right militia group known as 'Andoria First,' who encouraged Shimakaze and the mostly Andorian crowd to not be ashamed of who they were and to not let the Federations 'Andoria Last' attitude get them down.

After the rally, Shimakaze spoke with the speech giver and before she knew what was happening, she was being offered a role in Andoria First as the group's propagandist. A position she remained in until her senior year, when she discovered a plot by the group to kidnap the political opponent of Gamma Zednor's governor, who opposed the xenophobic "Junichi Koyama" laws that the Gamma Zednor government had passed in recent years, and whose campaign was about getting the laws repealed. When Shimakaze finally realized that Andorian First stood for oppression, she resigned from the group.

After Shimakaze became a propagandist for Andoria First, in a cruel twist, the tormented became the tormentor; and Shimakaze gave speeches on campus about the "inferiority of pink skins" before Starfleet Security forced the crowds she drew to disperse. When she wasn't giving speeches, she was picking on non-Andorian cadets.

Shimakaze's 3 Andorian friends, whom were the 3 other genders needed for a quartet to form, began to worry about Shimakaze's attitude, and Shimakaze realized that they meant more to her than friends, and began to accept the idea of becoming bonded as a family. And so, about a month before the start of senior year, the four of them officially married and became a quartet, adopting the family name of gero, taken from the Chan male, Teruzuki's name.

When Shimakaze graduated in 2391, because of her service in the Andorian Defense Force, she was permitted to start in Starfleet at the equivalent Starfleet rank of Lieutenant JG, while her 3 bondmates had to start at Ensign. Though her bondmates were envious, Shimakaze promised them she would do what she could to "make things right."

After graduating the Academy, Shimakaze was assigned to the USS Huntsville as an Operations officer. The Huntsville's Chief of Ops, Lieutenant Tomoyuki Tachi, introduced Shimakaze to the Earth sport of Touge racing. Shimakaze was hooked by the spectacle, and told her bondmates all about it, and how she would introduce them to the sport the next time they were all together.

In 2392, Shimakaze was promoted to Full Lieutenant and reassigned to the USS Montgomery to take over as Chief of Ops, and as Shimakaze found out when she reported in, Second Officer as well. The Montgomery was where Shimakaze's female bondmate, Amatsukaze, had been assigned as a security officer after graduation, and it was good for Shimakaze to see one of her bondmates again.

In 2393, the Montgomery's captain and senior staff were the targets of a Cardassian nerve agent that caused them to go insane. However, there were a few species on board the nerve agent didn't seem to affect, among them were Andorians. As one of the few unaffected crew, Shimakaze took command and brought the Montgomery to Beta Antares fleet yards, where the whole crew, affected or otherwise, were treated for exposure to the nerve agent.

Shimakaze's heroism earned her a promotion to Lieutenant Commander and attracted the attention of Admiral Tanaka Miyahara, who would keep an eye on the young officer as a potential candidate to replace the USS Haruna's aging captain, who was looking to retire in the near future.

In late 2394, Miyahara approached Shimakaze and asked her if she was interested in taking over as the Haruna's commanding officer, as the New Orleans class starship's now-outgoing captain had announced that 2394 would be his last year in command of any starship before he retired. Shimakaze stated she would gladly be interested, and Miyahara told her he would put in a recommendation for her to take over, and if the recommendation was accepted, Shimakaze would be able to choose her senior staff.

Miyahara's recommendation was accepted, and Shimakaze appointed her bondmates to be her first, second, and third officers, and selected mostly Andorian candidates for her senior staff. In early 2395, Shimakaze and Amatsukaze left the Montgomery for the last time, boarding a shuttle bound for Utopia Planitia, where the USS Haruna was laid up.

Shimakaze proved to be invaluable as the Haruna's new captain, and later in 2395, she found her collar one pip heavier with a promotion to the rank of Captain by recommendation from Commodore Tohru Honda

Starfleet Record

Commission officer
Starfleet Serial Number ZH-997-8764 GRO
Command authorization code Zh'gero 3-6-9-Peach
Education & Qualifications Andorian Education
Andorian Defense Force Academy
Andorian Defense Force service
Starfleet Academy: Command
Awards & Commendations Andorian Defense Force - honorable discharge: Final rank; 1st Lieutenant. Note from garrison officer: "1st Lieutenant Zh'Challa completed her four year tour of duty and during that time, she became an invaluable asset to her squad. She will be missed, but we all wish 1st Lieutenant Zh'Challa the best of luck in future endeavors."

Recommendation for command of the Starship Haruna, from Admiral Tanaka Miyahara. Note from Admiral Miyahara: "Commander Zh'gero is everything I look for in a good officer and more. And with Captain Tsuchiya and his command staff having recently stepped down, I am hereby recommending Commander Zh'gero to take over from Captain Tsuchiya, and if this recommendation is approved, Commander Zh'gero shall be allowed to choose her senior staff."
Service Record Andorian Defense Force service:

2383-2387: IGS Shran-C (Four year tour of duty - 2nd Lieutenant-1st Lieutenant)

Starfleet service:

2391-2392: USS Huntsville (Operations Officer - Lieutenant JG)
2392-2393: USS Montgomery (Lieutenant - Chief Operations Officer)
2393-2395: USS Montgomery (Lieutenant Commander - Chief Operations Officer)
2395: USS Haruna (Commander - Commanding Officer)
2395-present: USS Haruna (Captain - Commanding Officer)