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Commander Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke

Name Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke

Position Commanding Officer - USS Akina

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 35
Date of Birth March 11, 2361
Place of Birth Berlin, Germany, Earth
Sexuality heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5
Weight 149 lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Red
Physical Description Minna sports an athletic build. She often wears her upper back length red hair down with two noticeable strands of hair that hang down over her forehead.


Spouse Kurt Flachfeld (deceased)
Status single
Children none
Father Hans Wilcke (deceased)
Mother Helga Von Strucker
Other Family Fredrich Von Strucker (stepfather)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Due to hailing from a family that has produced musicians for generations, Minna's demeanor is graceful and gentle, overflowing with elegance. Though she rarely gets angry, she is capable of standing up for what's right, even if it makes enemies.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Skilled leader
+Excellent crew management skills

-Can be easily emotionally compromised
-Relies on rules and structure to maintain her mental balance
-Self-conscious in regards to hygiene
Ambitions Minna has a few ambitions; be the best Starfleet officer she can be and the like, but her personal ambition she won't tell anyone is to one day become a professional singer.
Hobbies & Interests -Classical music
-"Flavorful" food and beverages
-Air-cooled Volkswagens

Personal History

Personal History Minna was born in Berlin on March 11, 2361 to Hans and Helga Wilcke. Her father Hans passed away when Minna was only 4 weeks old, and when Minna was 6, her mother moved to Wolfsburg and remarried. Minna's new stepfather made it clear that he did not like Minna, but was merely tolerating her, as she was "included in the package" of marrying her mother.

Shortly after moving in with her stepfather, Minna became acquainted with a boy named Kurt Flachfeld who lived next door. Minna found great comfort in Kurt's company, and she would often go on all-day playdates with Kurt to escape her stepfather. As Minna and Kurt grew older, their friendship became a teenage romance, and Kurt promised Minna that they would be married after they graduated high school.

However, a few days before Minna's 18th birthday in 2379, Kurt was killed in a car accident when a drunk driver slammed into his vehicle. Minna was devastated when the police showed up to break the bad news to Kurt's family. Minna wasn't aware at the time that she was pregnant, and she was so distraught that she failed to notice her miscarriage, merely assuming that it was part of her normal menstrual cycle.

After graduating from high school later in 2379, Minna started Starfleet Academy, having gone through the application process prior to graduation. In her Academy days, Minna made acquaintances with figures such as Ritsu Tainaka and Minori Kushieda, with Minna becoming good friends with the latter, despite Minna being a year ahead of Minori.

In 2380, Minna was given a choice between going on a cadet cruise and a 3 year internship at Manhattan Fleet Yards. Minna chose the internship, as she was more fascinated by the shipyard aspects than being on board a starship. When Minna arrived at Manhattan Fleet Yards, Minna was assigned to work on Project Jomo, specifically the New Orleans class starship unofficially dubbed, but still not officially renamed at the time, the USS Akina.

Minna spent the next 2 years working on the Akina, helping to implement the refinements that Captain Tanaka Miyahara, Project Jomo's lead supervisor, had discovered when he had taken the Akina's sister ships, the USS Myogi and the USS Haruna, out for their trial runs. Though Minna described Miyahara as a bit of a slave driver, she respected him for what he was trying to accomplish.

Minna was present at the Akina's recommissioning ceremony in early 2383, with the Akina being the third and final Project Jomo New Orleans class to reenter service. To Minna, watching the Akina be recommissioned was akin to watching a child go off to college.

After the Akina was recommissioned, Minna was tasked with lighter work; her superiors not wanting to get her involved in another major project like Project Jomo before she graduated. However, Minna had grown to like the line of work during her internship, and as graduation drew nearer, Minna decided to apply for a permanent yard engineer position ahead of graduation. As the yard staff at Manhattan were already familiar with Minna and her work, they were more than happy to consider her application. Minna was offered the job the week of graduation.

Minna would spend the next 5 years working as a yard engineer, performing various construction and repair work where she was needed, earning herself a promotion to Lieutenant JG along the way. In 2388, Minna was promoted to full Lieutenant and offered an opportunity to become the dock boss for dry dock 17. Dry dock 17 had gained a rather notorious reputation among shipyard staff as the home of poor workmanship. Starships that came through dry dock 17 for repairs were usually back or at a different shipyard to have the repairs done properly.

Minna accepted the position, promising she would do her best to "break the stigma" surrounding dry dock 17, and in her first few months as the new Dock Boss, Minna did so to the best of her ability; cracking down on poor behaviors that had been tolerated under previous leadership and cutting down on the inefficiency of her dock staff by 20%.

In 2389, Minna was called to Utopia Planitia to lend her talents to the development of the Armitage class, where she reunited with her old friend Minori Kushieda, who had been appointed to lead the development of the Armitage project. Minna worked on the USS Armitage under Minori until the Armitage was taken out for her trial run, at which point Minna was reassigned to the Armitage's sister ship, the USS Tokyo, and saw that ship's construction to completion.

However, when the Tokyo went out on her trial run, disaster struck: A failure of life support caused by an improperly-installed Isolinear chip. Minna hadn't been responsible for the installation of the Isolinear chips, but she knew such a mistake would have never happened on her watch. Both ships were grounded while an investigation into the Tokyo incident was conducted. Minna was offered the chance to return to Manhattan at this time, but Minna refused, wanting to see whatever mistake the investigators found corrected before she considered her work on the Armitage project done.

During her time working on the Armitage project, Minna wrote an anonymous recommendation to Starfleet Command recommending Minori for a field promotion and command of the Armitage similar to how Miyahara had done with the Myogi and Project Jomo back in 2382. Minna elected to remain anonymous because she knew what Minori would say if she found out it was Minna who had recommended her for promotion.

For Minna's work on the Armitage project and seeing its issues sorted, Minna was promoted to Lieutenant Commander before returning to Manhattan Fleet Yards to continue her work at reforming dry dock 17. By 2393, dry dock 17 had gone from being one of the worst docks to be assigned to to one of the best, and word began circulating among Starfleet captains.

In 2393, dry dock 17's new reputation would be put to the test when the USS Dresden came into Manhattan for repairs after an engagement with the Borg. The Dresden was assigned to dry dock 17 for the repairs to be conducted, which Minna and her team performed as usual. However, the Dresden's captain, Frita von Helzberg, was skeptical that the repairs would hold, and wished to take on a member of the dock staff to see that they would. Ultimately, Minna was informed that she would be taking over duties as the Dresden's chief engineer. However, she was allowed to choose her successor among her yard staff before she left.

Three years later, in 2396, the Dresden was in the Vulcan system when the ship received orders from Starfleet to converge upon the Sol System with as much haste as they could, as Starfleet Headquarters had been breached and overrun by angry supporters of former Admiral Tanaka Miyahara. Captain Von Helzberg ordered her crew back from shoreleave and made for Sol at maximum warp, arriving to render assistance to the overwhelmed Starfleet security presence at Starfleet Headquarters. Minna herself took up arms and joined the battle to repel the mob.

After the battle was won, Minna barely had time to catch her breath before she was called into an admiral's office. The admiral informed Minna that the USS Akina's commanding officer, Captain Arles Felnoir, had been killed in a scuffle with Miyahara, and Minna would be receiving a field promotion to Commander as well as command of the Akina, as Starfleet felt the best candidate to take over command of the Akina was someone who knew her better than even Felnoir had. Minna agreed and accepted the field promotion.

Minna's reunion with the Akina was bittersweet, as she had been on the ground and knew the price that had been paid for her to get to where she was. Furthermore, she knew when she came aboard that one of her first acts as the Akina's new captain would be to rally the Akina's demoralized crew.

Starfleet Record

Commission officer
Starfleet Serial Number WL-886-4545 CKE
Command authorization code Wilcke-0-3-7-6-Omega-Platinum
Education & Qualifications High School Diploma
Starfleet Academy: Engineering
Medical History Minna has not always had the best track record in regards to her mental health. This is likely due to her caring personality and how she lets herself get close to those she works with, and while it might be one of her best strengths, it is also easy to use against her.

Minna was placed on a mental health hold in late 2388 for pointing a phaser at an engineer whom she claimed was contemplating suicide
Service Record 2380-2383: Manhattan Fleet Yards (Cadet - Yard Internship)
2383-2385: Manhattan Fleet Yards (Ensign - Yard Engineer)
2385-2388: Manhattan Fleet Yards (Lieutenant JG - Yard Engineer)
2388-2389: Manhattan Fleet Yards (Lieutenant - Dock Boss)
2389-2391: Utopia Planitia (Lieutenant - Yard Engineer)
2391-2393: Manhattan Fleet Yards (Lieutenant Commander - Dock Boss)
2393-2396: USS Dresden (Lieutenant Commander - Chief Engineer/Second Officer)
2396-Present: USS Akina (Commander - Commanding Officer)