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Lieutenant JG Max Gill

Name Max Trenton Gill

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 26
Date of Birth 4/8/2370
Place of Birth Oklahoma, Old United States, Earth
Sexuality bi-sexual

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 180 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Max Trenton Gill is a well trimmed, professionally kept individual who maintains a proper physique. He is typically never seen without hair properly combed and his appearance properly kept. A bodybuilder by no means, he maintains his well-kept physique through traditional exercise routines. He has no distinguishing marks.


Spouse None
Status single
Children None
Father Jason Gill
Mother Susian Gill
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Extended family including cousins, uncles, and other various family members.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Max is a dedicated individual who can be classified as hyper-focused. He works hard to prove himself and wants to attain the proper recognition for his work. He is excellent at maintaining the status quo and pursues roles that encourage repetition and persistance.
Strengths & Weaknesses Max is extremely dedicated and this can lead him into trouble by not being able to see outside his perspective of view or goals.
Ambitions Max has the ultimate goal of becoming a his own starship captain someday. He has to take baby steps, first, and chose Operations as his way into that process. He ultimately wants to understand command and authority roles as best as possible as he makes his way up the Starfleet ladder.
Hobbies & Interests Max has a side-hobby of painting and artwork. He occasionally builds model replicas of Starfleet ships. He also has an interest in holonovels where he plays the role of a time-traveling hero fighting evil, with one arm replaced by a chainsaw, and a trusty shotgun.

Personal History

Personal History Max Trenton Gill was born to Father Jason Gill and Mother Susian Gill on April 8th, 2370, just outside Boise City, Oklahoma. A single child, Max was left mostly to his own devices as he regularly played with the neighborhood farm kids. His parents ran a series of farms in a cooperative with other families, making raising children and managing business easier. He would later seek adventure outside of the fields and farmhouses. Starfleet Academy called to his ambitions and passions and Max answered with his parents support.

Starfleet Record

Commission officer
Starfleet Serial Number AW-481-957
Command authorization code Max-Alpha-Whiskey-1-9-5-7
Education & Qualifications 2390-2394 Starfleet Academy Graduate who majored in Operations Division Procedures and Methods, Minored in Medical Procedure & First Aid and Security Procedures & Tactics.

2394-2396 Served as a student in the Starfleet Academy Cadet Training Course which took place on the Miranda-class USS Poseidon (NCC-42635), a Starfleet Academy Training Vessel. Successfully completed requirements for promotion twice, then finally to full Ensign. Making Lieutenant, Junior Grade before recommended and approved for starship transfer. Considered a success story of the Starfleet Academy Training Program.
Awards & Commendations 2395 (mid): Training Badge Award - USS Poseidon, Miranda Class (NCC-42635) - For graduation of Cadet Course.

2395 (late): Purple Heart - USS Poseidon, Miranda Class (NCC-42635) - For injuries sustained during the line of duty, successfully preserving the structural integrity of the USS Poseidon.
2395 (late): Operations Division Service Award - USS Poseidon, Miranda Class (NCC-42635) - For excellence in the line of duty.
Medical History 2395 (late): Severe burns on 30% of body when dealing with a catastrophic fire on board the USS Poseidon. Survived, minor injuries, awarded Purple Heart and Division Service Award. Fully recovered. Given promotion to Ensign in recognition of service rendered to Starfleet and Crew.
Service Record 2390: Joined Starfleet Academy (Pursuing Major in Operations; Minor in Medical and Security)
2394: Graduation from Academy (Majored in Operations; Minored in Medical and Security) - Cadet Freshman Grade
2394-2395: USS Bellerophon, Intrepid Class (NCC-74705) - Operations Cadet - Promotion to Cadet Senior Grade
2395 (mid): USS Poseidon, Miranda Class (NCC-42635) - Operations Officer Cadet - Promotion to Crewman
2395 (late): USS Poseidon, Miranda Class (NCC-42635) - Operations Officer - Promotion from Crewman to Ensign
2396 (early): USS Poseidon, Miranda Class (NCC-42635) - Promotion from Ensign to Lieutenant, Junior Grade - Operations Officer - Transfer off Ship
2396 (current): USS Myogi, New Orleans Class (NCC-65918) - Transferred to Ship - Assigned as Chief Operations Officer