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Captain Mikoto Misaka

Name Mikoto Misaka

Position Commanding Officer - USS Ermiana

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 56
Date of Birth May 2, 2340
Place of Birth Tokyo, Japan, Earth
Sexuality heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6
Weight 125 lbs
Hair Color greying brown
Eye Color brown
Physical Description Mikoto is an average height for most Japanese females. She has shoulder length brown hair which she keeps swept to one side by a hair clip, sometimes a decorative clip with flowers in. She has a light build and is quite athletic. Being Japanese she has distinguished Japanese facial features. She keeps her uniform clean and tidy at all times and likes to look presentable on duty. She usually opts for the short sleeved variant of the uniform which is not often seen. She believes this to be easier to move and work in. Off duty she dressed in more casual attire usually comprising of shirts and a fashionable skirt. She can sometimes be a bit girly with her clothes and will sometimes want to wear an outfit that looks 'cute' but can be easily embarrassed by it, so often chooses something more tomboyish.


Spouse Touma Kamijou
Status married
Children Miyoko Misaka
Kazuya Kamijou
Jiro Kamijou
Father Tabigake Misaka
Mother Misuzu Misaka

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mikoto is a decent officer to say the least. She is very dedicated to duty and getting her job done. Most people would call her a little bit of a hothead at times as she can lose her temper pretty quickly if pushed into it. This came about due to being a very intelligent child and was given special education from an early age seen by some as a 'child prodigy'', something she never liked. For some reason she is always up for a fight and when doing so doesn't often hold back unless she has to. This made many people be wary of her.

However she does have a very caring side. She will always be there for her friends and family. She will fight to the end to protect what she believes is the right thing to do and will always look out for others. She has extreme loyalty to those around her and will not back down if it means saving others. This has always caused people to feel safe around her on and off duty. Its also why Mikoto holds onto friendships for very long periods of time.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths Include
- Good Tactician.
- Quick Thinking.
- Athletic.
- Loyal to those around her.
- High intelligence factor.
- Will defend what is the correct thing to do.

Weaknesses Include
- Loses her temper easily and often quickly.
- Doesn't always know when to back down from a fight.
- Isn't always a team player.
- Can be hard on people, even though she means well.
- Sometimes goes off alone to do things that need to be done.
- Takes forms of competition and challenges too seriously at times.
Ambitions Mikoto has a few personal ambitions. She joined Starfleet to make a difference and help others around her. However she doesn't often think of herself. She would love to one day have her own family, however she just hasn't got around to it yet. She was placed in command of the Ermiana, but it was never her intention to command a starship. She just wanted to see how far she could go helping others around her. She enjoys competition and doesn't take well to being beaten, this has got her to where she is now. One day she sees herself being back on Earth safely surrounded by her own family and friends living a normal life, but right now she craves excitement and challenge.
Hobbies & Interests Mikoto has a few personal ambitions. She joined Starfleet to make a difference and help others around her. However she doesn't often think of herself. She would love to one day have her own family, however she just hasn't got around to it yet. She was placed in command of the Ermiana, but it was never her intention to command a starship. She just wanted to see how far she could go helping others around her. She enjoys competition and doesn't take well to being beaten, this has got her to where she is now. One day she sees herself being back on Earth safely surrounded by her own family and friends living a normal life, but right now she craves excitement and challenge.

Personal History

Personal History Born in 2340 on May 2nd to Misuzu and Tabigake Misaka she was their first and only child. She was born in Japan in a suburb of Tokyo, the capital city of Japan. From a very young age Mikoto showed signs of being an outstanding student. Some of her early years teachers even went as far as to class her as a child prodigy, something which would eventually haunt her. She was therefore expected to do well and to contribute a good deal to Society.

At age five years she was enrolled into a private academy for children with high intelligence. She didn't like it very much as man of the children were not Human. It was more likely she was in a class of Vulcan children since they had a higher mental capacity when young. Therefore with no ways of truly expressing herself she started to struggle with her emotions often acting out of turn. However her social and emotional development was often overlooked due to the grades she was pulling off. She grew up with not many friends and didn't really make any until middle school. In middle school she met a girl called Kuroko Shirai, who she shared a dorm room with. Her middle school was a boarding school, so the two became close friends. It also helped that Kuroko had a massive crush on Mikoto, even though Mikoto didn't feel the same way. The two became best friends regardless.

It was in middle school that Mikoto accidentally ran into Touma Kamijou. She would often quarrel with him and at first saw him as a rival even though he was two years older than her and a high schooler. She would often try to find excuses to start competition with him, which eventually led to something she wasn't expecting. She had begun to fall for him. She was at first adamant that this couldn't happen, but after a while came to terms with it.

Her high school years were pretty routine. She got good grades and even though at a different school to Touma would often end up meeting up with him. In her second year of High School, Touma who had now become a friend told her that he was signing up to Starfleet. He wanted to progress down the Science Career path and since he had been having bad luck with finding a job had applied for Starfleet Academy. Mikoto was a little surprised, she herself had never considered Starfleet as an option in life. However something made her want to now. She wished him luck and told him to stay in contact. For some reason it hurt to see him leave and she felt alone even though she had her friends. She dived head first into her studies not wanting to fall behind.

Eventually Mikoto had to make a choice. She made a brash decision in the middle of an argument with her teacher. She had been indecisive of her career plans and in the middle of being chewed out she blurted out that she would simply go into Starfleet. She had no idea what had caused it to come out, but she suspected that it was because she wanted to follow Touma. She had the grades and traits to do so. Her parents were surprised when she sent off the application to the Academy, many people described that period of her life as her having her head up in the clouds, or she was in some sort of daze.

It hit home however when the application came back and was accepted. However she had forgotten to choose a department. Starfleet had made some recommendations for her, the top one was that of a security officer working to her strengths and traits. She accepted the position and soon found herself standing in the gardens of Starfleet Academy in 2358 at age eighteen.

Her studies at the Academy were intense for Mikoto and she enjoyed them. In was in her second year when Touma graduated. However she told him just before he did that she liked him. Something which she thought surprised him. However he told Mikoto that he had always known, but never really knew what to do about it. So he instead told her that once she had graduated herself, he would ask for his girlfriend to join him on the same ship. That first made Mikoto a little angry thinking he had another girl, but soon calmed down when Touma explained that his new girlfriend was actually her. She wasn't quite sure what to make of it, she had finally scored and beaten him. However after a night of celebration she ended up being with him and woke up in his bed with him the next morning, a little less innocent than she had been before.

Touma was transferred to the USS Osaka, as an ensign science officer. Mikoto stayed at the Academy to complete her training. She was in the same class as a Bajoran woman named Ro Laren who she often clashed with and the two eventually built up a healthy rivalry. After two years in 2362 Mikoto graduated Starfleet Academy and was promoted to Ensign. Touma had lived up to his promises and she found herself assigned to the USS Osaka an Ambassador Class Starship.

As an Ensign on the Osaka Mikoto came across many different challenges. She enjoyed working as a security officer and often had to deal with minor incidents as part of the ships security team. She was however still very young and inexperienced. Two years later in 2364 the Osaka is sent to the Romulan Neutral Zone after reports from the newly commissioned USS Enterprise D of Federation outposts being destroyed. The Osaka was sent to ensure that no Romulan vessels will cross the border and to possibly prevent an invasion of Federation space. However the USS Enterprise D made contact with the Romulan Star Empire who had a similar experience.

With the emergence of the Romulans after over fifty years of isolation, the Osaka is assigned to patrol the Neutral Zone border in case of any hostile activity. It was in 2364 that Mikoto was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade after the annual crew evaluations. She was also made a team leader of a security team aboard the Osaka. Now both as Lieutenants Mikoto and Touma continued to serve on the Osaka in their respective fields for the next two years.

In 2366, Mikoto and Touma were transferred together to the USS Bellerophon a Nebula Class Starship after both gaining and earning the rank of Full Lieutenant. Touma took up the position of Chief Science Officer whilst Mikoto had managed to claim the spot of Chief Security/Tactical Officer. Both showing there determination to serve and to do well. However her time on the Bellerophon would be cut very short when the ship was drafted by Admiral Hanson as part of a fleet of forty starships to attempt to stop a Born Cube from reach Earth. At first Mikoto objected to Hanson's tactics of sending in attack waves against the cube and that a more direct and forward approach should be used. The Bellerophon joined the battle along with the forty other starships. This led to what would be known as the Battle of Wolf 359 and would be one of the biggest massacres in Starfleet History.

The Bellerophon was badly damaged by The Borg after only a short time. Mikoto was on the bridge when it took a direct hit from the Borg cutting beam. She doesn't remember much, only that most of the bridge crew were dead from the impact. She was one of the lucky ones and managed to drag the ships only other alive bridge officer, Executive Officer Commander Buxton to the nearest escape pod. She was joined by Touma who assisted her with the Commander and several civilians. Only twelve escape pods managed to eject before the Bellerophon was destroyed by The Borg. However several of the pods were tractored by the Borg. Mikoto watched in horror as the escape pods were stolen. She had heard what The Borg do to people and hated the idea it may have happened to her. The Borg launched a secondary vessel which seemed to go into some sort of transwarp taking the prisoners from the battle back to their space before leaving the battlefield.

Mikoto and other survivors were picked up later by rescue ships looking for survivors. After the battle Mikoto under went counselling to help her return to duty after the battle. She along with Touma and most of the other survivors had a respite period away from Starfleet before being asked to return to duty. It took a year for Mikoto to return to duty as she had decided to spend some time with her parents, and finally introducing them properly to Touma.

She returned to duty on 2368, just after the conclusion of the Klingon Civil War. Mikoto found herself assigned aboard a new starship, the USS Venture one of Starfleets Newest Galaxy Class Starships. She was surprised to find herself being promoted to that of Commander. This was due to her efforts in saving Commander Buxton in the battle of Wolf 359, whom was now serving as the Commander of the Venture. Mikoto wanted to take up her position as the Chief Security/Tactical Officer, however was approached by Buxton who offered her a more senior position. After saving his life in the heat of battle he asked Mikoto to be his right hand man, his Executive Officer. Mikoto was shocked to be offered such a high position at her age and experience. However after Buxton explained that he could rely on her in a pinch and that is what Starfleet needed she accepted. In order to keep the rank of Commander she had to undergo the bridge officer's exam. She worked hard for weeks to pass it and was passed. She skipped the Lieutenant Commander Rank due to special provisions from Buxton who was now a Captain. He managed to persuade the higher ups to allow her early promotion.

She swapped her gold uniform for that of Command Red. A very different change for her. She still had a lot to learn about Command. However she picked it up fast from Captain Buxton who helped her through her command studies. Mikoto was also left to command the Venture at regular intervals when Buxton was off ship or off duty. She started to enjoy being the one making the decisions and even though some of it was hard for her, she found she had a strange ability to work out the correct way and getting the crew to follow and back her up.

In 2369, after only a year on the Venture the Bajoran Wormhole was discovered after Commander Benjamin Sisko took command of Terok Nor, now renamed Deep Space Nine in the Bajoran system. Mikoto had been following the Bajoran situation for years since she had met her old rival Ro Laren at the Academy. She was relieved to hear that Bajor was finally free, but she suspected that it wouldn't be a smooth ride for the planet or the area; especially with the Maquis become a bigger threat to both Federation and Cardassian colonies.

The Venture was placed on High Alert when the USS Odyssey was destroyed by the Jem'Hadar a hostile species discovered to belonging to The Dominion on the otherside of the Bajoran Wormhole in the Gamma Quadrant. This caused Mikoto to suggest several upgrades to the Ventures tactical systems which Buxton supported. Mikoto worked hard on the upgrades fearing that the ship may find itself in a similar situation since it was mainly stationed in that section of Federation Space. It was in 2370 that Touma finally got down on one knee and proposed to Mikoto. She was surprised but happy that he was wanting to make a long term commitment. Although she was unsure if this was due to the current escalation and uneasiness in the galaxy at the time, regardless she said yes and agreed to marry him.

Mikoto stayed aboard the Venture until 2371 when she was approached by Captain Buxton. Starfleet had been recruiting for a new Commander of a new starship and had turned to him looking for a recommendation. He asked Mikoto if she would be willing to take command of the newly constructed USS Ermiana, which would be the replacement Galaxy Class for the USS Odyssey. It took her a few days to think about it, but after talking with Touma and a few of the friends she had on board she accepted. She was promoted to the rank of Captain and sent to earth to take command of the Ermiana which was being built at Utopia Planetia at the time. She made sure to take Touma with her.

From 2371 onwards, Mikoto remains in command of the USS Ermiana. In that time she has seen the birth of her first daughter Miyoko, fighting on the front lines of the Dominion War. After the war she then had her two sons Kazuya and Jiro. The Ermiana was also present during the skirmish with the Borg Sphere that returned the USS Voyager back to Federation Space. She has remained at the same rank of Captain ever since, and over the years has turned down twelve ofers and attempts at promotion into the admiralty. She prefers being in command of a starship where she can 'make a difference' and she can see the universe for herself instead of being stuck behind a desk.

Starfleet Record

Commission officer
Education & Qualifications 2358 – 2362 – Starfleet Academy – Security/Tactical Officer Training
Service Record 2362 - 2364 – USS Osaka – Junior Security Officer [Ensign]
2364 – 2366 – USS Osaka – Security Officer Team Leader [Lieutenant Junior Grade]
2366 – 2367 – USS Bellerophon – Chief Security/Tactical Officer [Lieutenant]
2367 – 2368 – Leave of Absence from Starfleet following the Battle of Wolf 359
2368 - 2371 – USS Venture – Executive Officer [Commander]
2371 – Present - USS Ermiana – Commanding Officer [Captain]