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A Second Date (Part 2)

Posted on Sun Jan 28th, 2024 @ 6:17am by Lieutenant Ami Rori & Lieutenant JG Connor Talmage mr
Edited on on Sun Jan 28th, 2024 @ 6:17am

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Mission: Operation Tokyo Return

"Ami I don't know how to put this but..I uh have no desire for kids. Look it's been a long time since I've been with someone and even then kids have never crossed my mind. So again this doesn't change anything. So yes I understand, I understand completely."

"You're young yet, Connor, take it from someone who's been older four times, that feeling can easily change." Ami smiled sadly, "I'm lucky I have cousins to carry on the Saito name or else I'd be.. A bit more distraught about it all. As it is, I've come to terms with it because I no longer have the choice." She chuckled slightly, "But, let's take it at face value for now, then. Now if we get attached to each other and I break your heart, or you mine, it'll be on a fair playing field, right?

"Yeah," Connor said seeming upset. Not by Ami just at himself. "Its just that....nevermind doesn't matter." He said quietly to her as he began to lightly cry.

"Nuh uh." Ami reached out and snagged his hand, "Nothing 'doesn't matter' if you really want me to be your girlfriend. Honesty set to on, one hundred percent on at all times." She gave him a soft smile, "I promise that I will never lie to you, all right?"

"I..uhm it's just that I've never felt love like this before. I know crying over how it makes me feel is stupid but im sorry I cant control it. I've only slept with woman never once have i been in love with one." Connor said trying not to sound stupid.

"It's not stupid to believe you're in love with someone or even to fall in love with someone, but it's it a bit too soon to know?" Ami tried not to grimace at the pronouncement from Connor, "I'm not one to believe in the whole phenomenon of 'Love at first sight' or even second sight, but it can certainly grow. Oh certainly I've had crushes, but that's been the extent of it, obviously I've never gotten that attached for obvious reasons." She shrugged, then quoted what sounded like a proverb, "'Infatuation is a dangerous game, for it could be true love, the best of things, or false love, which will lead into folly. Test first so that you may know which it is.'"

"That may be Ami, But even if it's not true love I can't deny the fact that I feel accepted by you. Cleary i'm not a blonde playboy. Which is partly my fault because its the vibe I put off. No, I'm something else and you see me for who I am. So regardless of our status I consider you a friend." Connor said looking at her intently.

"Now, now, Connor, it's the girl's job to put the guy in the friendzone, not the other way around." Ami giggled in what she'd been told was an amazingly cute manner, "But I've been put into friend-zones before, though never been able to climb out of those. By the way, I don't see you as a playboy of any kind, probably a Seven or an Eight on the hot-o-meter, but that's nothing to be ashamed of. I'm not one to declare 'love' freely, but affection? That most certainly I can."

"Yeah I get that" Connor said beginning to go silent.

"Is something wrong?" Ami asked, wondering if it was something she said, as if he'd interpreted what she'd been saying as lacking interest in him. In truth, she wasn't quite sure yet, but he hadn't gone running once finding out about the extent of her inabilities.

"What, No i'm just not sure what to say. I'm terrified of being in a relationship. Especially after how my parents ended up." Connor said.

"I don't know what their relationship was like, but for my parents, they were really Japanese traditional, despite mother being Trill, she fell in love with the tradition and lived it to the fullest." Ami shook her head slowly, "Don't be afraid of becoming your parents if you don't like how they turned out, instead, do what you think, in your heart, is the right thing to do. I know you'd wanted to dance, which was why I did create that dancefloor over there, just keep in mind that I have almost no experience AND that I'm wearing heels, no matter how short they are."

"Well then we learn from each other. I Have one question. Ever Heard of a old singer called Ed sheeran?" he asked

"The name sounds familiar to me, but I can't seem to place it... Why? A particular song you'd like to dance to, I assume?" Ami asked with a smile.

"Yeah, Thinking out loud." Connor said.

"Well, continue thinking then." Ami encouraged him, "Otherwise you're going to be stuck with whatever song I pick."

"Connor let out a laugh. "Oh so naive" He joked walking up to the band and requested that song.

The guitar intro began to play as Ami rose to her feet, still rather quite nervous. Of course, she'd researched dancing that wasn't the Japanese traditional or JPop style and even tried to practice by herself, but butterflies hatched and flew about her stomach as the lyrics started and she awaited Connor's imminent return.

"You look Nervous, Here let me help you." Connor said moving into a slow dance position. " I have done this before just take my lead ok?" He whispered in her ear.

Ami nodded, letting him move her arms into position even as she moved her feet to match, teetering a bit on the short heels. "Terrified, truth be told." She looked up the eight inches that made their height difference.

"Its ok, Your doing great." He said holding onto her and dancing slowly.

Ami swayed and moved her feet along with him, grateful that he was the one mostly making the larger movements. The song segued at the end into Five For Fighting's '100 Years', giving a different rhythm that made them move a bit differently. During one step back she had to take, Ami's heel slipped out from under her and she yelped as she grabbed a hold of Connor hard in an effort to keep from falling, but while her hand got a good grip, it started to slip from his arm.

"Easy there, Ami" Connor said catching her fall. "God I love this song."

"It's a good one, yeah." Ami placed both feet back on the ground, but winced as her left foot took some of her weight, "Ow, oooow," She complained, "Oh shit, shit, shit, shit..." She tried again to put weight on the foot, but lifted it again quickly, "I knew I shouldn't have worn these heels.. Can you help me over to that chair?"

"Of course" Connor said grabbing her shoulders and escorting her to the chair.

As he got her to the chair, Ami slumped into it and lifted her leg into her lap, gently tugging the short heeled shoe off of the rapidly swelling ankle, "Damn... We need a medkit if there's one here, Connor, I think I've just ruined the night with this thing. Would you be a dear and bring the arch up?"

"Yeah, uhm" Connor said following instruction. "I shouldn't have pushed you into this, I'm sorry"

"No, no, you're fine, this is just me.." Ami sighed, slipping off the other heel even as Connor brought the medkit over. The half-Trill opened it and grabbed the deep tissue regenerator along with the tricorder and made a scan of her ankle, "Crap... I knew better than to wear heels, but I wanted to look nice for you. I'll be fine, just need to take it easy the rest of the night." She looked up at him, then made a decision. "Come here for a second, lean down?" She waited while he did so, then planted a kiss on his lips, obviously wanting to see something.

"Uhm, Ami you ok?" Connor replied.

“I am.” She smiled sadly as he backed away after her kiss, “I just had to see if I was right and I think I am.” She placed the deep tissue regenerator on the swollen ankle and leaned back, opting against a pain medication that came standard, “I know you were saying that you don’t care about kids and that I was gorgeous and all and I believe you. BUT I wasn’t sure we were going to be right for each other and I had to test that theory. Sit down, okay? Don’t worry, not going to bite, just, sucks to have to really twist my neck to look up that high!” Ami giggled, then winced as she jolted the ankle.

Connor agreed and followed.

“I’ve never been good at relationships, but I can tell when something just isn’t going to work.” Ami smiled weakly, then shook her head, “Our personalities are a bit too similar and far too different, Connor. You need someone that’s a bit stronger-willed than me, because I sure as hell don’t have one. I can command and give orders and all, after all I am where I am, but that comes from experience and structure. I was raised in a rather traditional Japanese house, so if you ever need a tea ceremony done, I can help you with that, but being the dominant part of a relationship isn’t something I think I can do, because it wouldn’t be.. Natural to me, if that makes any sense to you?”

"Yeah. I had a feeling you were gonna say that." Connor said getting sad. "Its ok though hope we can still be friends" he added.

“Absolutely!” Ami declared, “One can never have too many friends and especially those of the female persuasion!” Ami giggled, “One thing I have been good at has always been being a wingwoman, so I can definitely help you in your quest if you ever want it. I can be like an older sister to you, even, since I had one a long time ago and I do sorta remember a lot of her advice.”

"Works for me" Connor said.

Ami managed to lean forward, beckoning him closer, then gave him a kiss on the cheek, "Thank you for understanding, Connor, really."

"Of..course, thank you going with me."


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