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Ex Post After Shift (Part 2)

Posted on Sat Jan 13th, 2024 @ 3:27am by Lieutenant Ami Rori & Lieutenant JG Connor Talmage mr

2,525 words; about a 13 minute read

Mission: Operation Tokyo Return
Location: Lounge
Timeline: After ‘After Shift’

Previously on USS Myogi

"You know what? I'm making a decision right now. Date night is tonight for you and me, starting right now." Ami made that decision in a heartbeat and since he wanted to go flying, "You're coming with me and don't get any ideas. You are coming to my quarters so that we can get ready for this properly." She grabbed his hand briefly to tug him into motion, "You see, Connor, yes, the holodeck WILL provide you with everything you need, but that's not going to give you more than a tiny bit of the experience! Let it give you all the life support gear, the O2 mask, the helmet, all that stuff, BUT unless you're a complete barbarian, there's a better way! We're going to get ourselves fitted out in flight suits BEFORE we walk into the holodeck, because it's more FUN!" Her voice told him that she considered it far more exciting her way.

Connor went silent and followed her to her Quarters.

As soon as they walked into her living area, Ami stopped and scowled at the mess that was there. Anyone who walked in would automatically think of her as like a child, with models of World War 2 era aircraft on the tables, but more so the tanks that ranged from the earliest World War 1 types all the way through to the early 2100s before they'd gone out of style due to ineffectiveness. 'Oh well...' She thought to herself, as she raised a hand to stop the taller Connor in his tracks and grabbed a tricorder. "Let's see... Gotta configure this like this and..." She removed the sensor rod and waved it up and down the taller man slowly from different angles, "First question, have you ever put a flight suit on? Specifically one of the G-suits that adjusted to the G-forces that you'll be subjected to as you bank and turn?" She monitored the results coming up on her screen as the measurements were being taken.

"Checking me out huh??" Connor Joked trying to be funny. "Lots of tanks I see." He added.

"Tanks are one thing I absolutely love." Ami remarked, nodding at the readings and taking the tricorder over towards her replicator and beginning to punch in a few commands into the console, "I drive them for the fun of driving them, especially two of them. My own personal tank, one that I have back on Earth mind you, is the M24 Chaffee." She turned and pointed at one of the larger models that was sitting next to a book on a side table, "That's a model replica that took me nearly a month to put together, complete with that same paint job." She smiled brightly, "Drives like a sports car, the Chaffee does." She pondered a moment as she turned around, then shrugged and hit the 'Replicate' command. A flight suit and pair of boots came into being in front of her and she pulled it out to take over to Connor, "I'll let the holodeck handle your G-suit accessories, it's hard enough for ME to put on from memory, so I'll do the same, but walking in wearing this will just feel... More right."

"Is there a Bedroom or someplace i can change?" Connor asked.

"Sure, go ahead and use mine, it's.... That door." She pointed at the door with a smiling tank sticker on it, "I'll change out here, so give me five minutes before you come walking out?" Ami smiled at him, "Don't want you walking out too soon and catch me in a compromising position." She turned back around and started putting in her own measurements that she knew by heart.

Connor made his way to her room. Opened the door and was amazed what he saw. Posters, fluffy pillows and more.

He pulled off his uniform and on his flight suit. In the meantime he had slightly cracked the door to sneak a peek at ami. "God she was mesmerizing"

Ami had her back turned to him, but had already stripped off her comfy clothes and tossed them on the arm of the couch, leaving her barefoot in just her lacy bra and panties. She stretched as she apparently talked to herself, "No, you got to do the flying last time, this time it's me, besides, you'd have the unfair advantage." She twisted slightly to the side, giving him an inadvertant side view of her and her relatively flat chest. She stepped into the the legholes of the flight suit and bent over to start pulling it on, "This is my date, not yours, haven't been on one in a while." She snarled back at... Herself, but quietly. She got the arms in and shrugged it on, zipping up from the crotch to just under her neck. Finally she hopped onto the edge of the couch and started to pull on socks, "It's safe, you can come out!" She called out loudly towards the 'closed' door so that Connor could hear.

"I'm ready, I just got one question for ya Ami? Ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?" Connor said with pride as they made their way to the holodeck.

"Noo, but I've seen the Devil go down to Georgia." Ami didn't understand the reference that Connor had made, "Can't say I play the fiddle better than he does, though, can't play one at all to be honest. She hopped a couple times on one foot to fix the leg of her flight suit so it came down over the sock and above the boot, then skipped once to catch back up.

"Oh so your Charlie Daniel's now eh? Well your ego is writing checks your body can't cash" Connor said opening the door to the holodeck. Knowing Ami was about to kick his Ass.

Ami sashayed a few steps as she walked towards the closest of the two F-14s and the NPC RIO standing next to it. As she approached, she saw that the name of the pilot was still blank, then muttered to herself, "Computer, change layout on this fighter to include my name, call-sign Flash. Nose art: Asuna Yuki with rapier, lighting flashes on the tailfins in red and gold." The changes were made as she approached and she accepted the RIO's hand as she jumped up the ladder and up into the cockpit, noting that her strides were a bit restricted now as the proper flight gear appeared on her. She turned as she stood in her cockpit and waved over at Connor, giving him a Victory 'V' sign before she slid into the cockpit and her Radar Intercept Officer climbed in behind her, "Computer, helpdesk startup: F-14A Tomcat." The proper switches lit up as she went through a rapid startup sequence, "Flash, requesting Red Team acknowledgement." She had triggered the comm between her and Connor, "Getting ready to roll out for takeoff, any last words?"

"The plaque for alternates is in the lady's room" He said and begin his engine. "talk to me goose" Connor said as the ground below appeared farther and farther away.

Ami was sparing with the afterburners once she made her takeoff roll, though she was sure that the fuel was on 'unlimited'. She played with the controls, working to get a feel for the aircraft, especially with the variable geometry wings while physics equations ran through her head, then she heard the signal from the ground, the tone that signified that the simulated combat would begin. "Good luck, Connor, may it not hurt when you hit the ground!" She grinned, pulling her stick back hard in an Immelman turn before hitting the afterburners, keeping the airplane dancing as it passed Mach 1 and kept accelerating while she and her RIO searched for the other fighter, fingers light on the stick ready to react to any incoming attack.

Connor was navigating when suddenly a red dot came on his radar. "This is Delta (Connors call sign.) Do you read me Flash? You've got at least two MIGS on your tail" he screamed through the radio.

"Wait, what? This is a PVP!" She glanced down at her radar just as her own RIO called out that the MIGS were at her 7 mark. "SHIIIIIIIIIT!" She instinctively cut ALL engine power as she pulled the nose up while rounds zipped past her cockpit and a missile warning screamed at her, watching her speed gauge until the right moment before extending her wings out to compensate for the lift factor and punching her engines back in. She flipped the Tomcat onto one wingtip at about 500 knots and felt the G-forces trying to rob her of her consciousness while the flight suit squeezed her like a fist to keep blood where it was supposed to go. A missile zipped past with the movement, but her forward-looking radar caught sight of the two MIGs. She triggered one Sidewinder without waiting for it to lock on, then turned the other way while flipping her fighter on the other wingtip, the split-S maneuver being powered through by the vintage engines and forcing the MIGs to overshoot her, leaving her behind them. "Flash, Fox 2 on two targets." She fired the AMRAAM missiles attached to her wings, which dropped off and streaked in while the MIGs tried to evade, but at that range, time from firing to impact was under two seconds and both exploded in fireballs as she climbed above them, "Delta, oooooo...." She grumbled.


They'd landed about an hour and a half later, Ami tossing the helmet back into the Tomcat, which showed where hits from the MIGs had scored, tossing her head back with sweat dripping down her forehead as she walked on wobbly legs towards where Connor had landed, "Would it have killed you to tell me we weren't up against each other?" She repeated for the fourth time, this time on the ground rather than in the air after 'reloads' were attached to her craft in flight.

"Well I mean we were against each other lol, it was to see who could get the most kills, clearly you won because My damn bad aim. Way to go Maverick" Connor said congratulating her.

"Computer end program Connor said." The room quickly faded into the black and yellow it was before.

"Well Ami It's been fun seriously. I got to be honest Tonight has changed my life in a way you can't begin to imagine. I knew there was something about you. Thank you Ami for everything Connor said. " offering her a hug.

Which she accepted with a laugh, "Clearly I won because I swapped the plaques out in the ladies room!" Ami teased him as she gave him a squeeze, then wiped her forehead with one sleeve, "But if you think you're going to get out of feeding the hungry beast who bested you, you've got another think coming!" She jabbed him gently in the ribs, "After a shower, of course, because I'm all sweaty! This is a DATE after all, and all dates require food, don't they?"

"Well I never said I was leaving did I? I actually had something planned in my quarters. If you'll follow me that is."

Connor led her to her Quarters where a nearby table was piled high with replicated junk food and other things. In front was a couch facing a projector playing "Top gun" "is this ok Ami?" He asked. "You told me this was your ideal date."

"I'm gonna need a shower first, plus I'm going to need to use your replicator while you shower." Ami nodded slowly, "And do you mind if I change the movie to something else? Not that this is a bad one, it's just... We were just flying, so something a bit more ground-bound just feels better?" She smiled up at him.

"Ya go ahead" Connor replied. "You're welcome to use mine I'll get some alternate movies ready. " He added.

She got up on her tiptoes and gave him a quick peck on the cheek, "I'll take care of the movie after I get out of the shower. I'll just be a few minutes, promise." She winked at him as she walked off towards his own bedroom and the promised shower.

"Wait one thing to note it may be a little higher then you. So I'd recommend bringing a stool or something if needed"

"I'll manage!" Ami called over her shoulder as she shut the door behind her. This had definitely already gone better than she'd hoped, but hopefully it would still get more fun. She already knew the movie she wanted to put on for him, because she wanted him to get to know HER. The flying? That was fun, but it could have been better. She went through and took her shower quickly, wrapping herself in a large towel before moving to the bedroom and opening the door once she'd recycled the clothes she'd taken off, "All right, flyboy, your turn. I'll get dressed while you're in there."

"What and not let me watch?..... I'm joking" Connor said as he moved to his shower. And shut the door behind him.

He pulled on a gray sweater and some khakis then made his way back out and sat down next to Ami. "So what movie you thinking?"

While he had been in the shower, she'd replicated some more comfortable clothes, a tank top that showed that she'd neglected to put on a bra, not that she really needed it. she'd put on a pair of shorts made of a fleecy soft material and settled herself down in the corner of the couch, having pulled her feet up underneath her as she usually did and had already extracted a chocolate cake from it's wrapper and was halfway through it. "Have you ever seen the movie 'Fury'?" She asked him, batting her eyes at him, "World War 2, about a particular tank and a crossroads battle. One of my favorites, if I might say so."

"Heard of it but never seen it." He replied.

“Lights down, computer, begin the movie.” Ami settled even deeper into the corner, eagerly looking forward to what was coming. That was the wonderful thing about being able to project onto a wall, it made for a nifty large screen. As it played, Ami didn’t even realize she’d sidled closer to Connor as she’d reached for snacks and drinks, but her eyelids had already started to slide shut as the adrenaline of the holoprogram finally leeched out of her system. Even as the M4 fought for its life with the rattle of machine gun fire and boom of the main cannon, Ami drifted off to sleep, slumping into Connor’s chest as she did so. In her dreams, the movie continued on, she’d watched it so many times, but as she began to snore ever so slightly, she snuggled in where she was.

End Post.

Mission Post by
Lieutenant Ami Rori
Chief Engineer
USS Myogi


Lieutenant(jg) Connor Talmage
Chief Science Officer
USS Myogi


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