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After Shift (Part 3)

Posted on Sat Jan 13th, 2024 @ 3:29am by Captain Maho Takahashi & Commander Keisuke Takahashi 'K.T.' & Commander Ichika Misono & Commander Victor Delling MD & Lieutenant Commander Kurumi Ebisuzawa & Lieutenant Ami Rori & Lieutenant JG Connor Talmage mr & Captain Taiga Aisaka & Commander Chiyomi Anzai
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Mission: Operation Tokyo Return
Location: Main Lounge
Timeline: After 'After Shift (Part 2)

Previously, on Star Trek: Myogi

Several tense seconds of silence passed before the Bajoran man stood up. At six foot three, he towered over Kurumi, Ami, and the green-haired Commander.

"The prophets warned this day would come:" He said. "The day the Pah Wraiths would have their revenge. It seems that day has come, and nobody is the wiser."

"If you're on your feet, you'd better be on your way to change, Senior Chief:" the Commander warned. "But you keep up with that mouth of yours, and I'll knock your ass down to just Chief."

The Bajoran man didn't respond, only shooting the Commander a stern look that silently conveyed 'You don't scare me, bitch.'

"Come on, Lieutenant:" He beckoned for the female to follow her. "You heard them!"

The female Bajoran reluctantly followed, but not before giving Kurumi and the Commander a look that said 'this isn't over.'

Moments after the doors to the lounge swooshed shut behind the Bajorans, a collective cheer arose as the lounge patrons applauded the two conspiracy theorists effectively being 'kicked out' of the lounge.

And now, the continuation:

“”While I appreciate the expediency and forcefulness with which you handled the situation, perhaps next time we could handle it a little bit quieter?” Ami smiled at both of the Commanders, “I do believe I may have been able to handle it a bit less.. Energetically with much the same results. Now, if you’ll excuse me while I get the ringing out of my ears?”

"A chain's only as strong as it's weakest link, Lieutenant," The Commander stated gruffly. "Sometimes you have to set a precedent of what's expected around here- and if that involves getting in someone's face, then that's just how it has to be."

"The link that appears weakest is not always so. Oft-times, it's the strongest-appearing that fails first." Ami said rather serenely, looking down at the pale-green haired Commander, "While the anvil does not yearn for the hammer, it is inevitable that the hammer that will fail first. Sometimes, ma'am, most times even, getting in someone's face causes a bigger problem than a calm voice and smooth movements. Less conflict, too." She gave the Commander a slight bow.

As Ami returned to her seat, the Commander proceeded to direct her attention towards Kurumi.

"You, there! What is your name, Commander?"

Kurumi looked the woman up and down before answering. "Lieutenant Commander Kurumi Ebisuzawa, Chief of Security. And you?"

"Commander Chiyomi Anzai, as of now this ship's appointed Third Officer, by formal order of Commodore Tohru Honda of Task Force Jomo," the Commander replied. "Tell me, Commander; was that the sort of behavior that your Captain promotes aboard this vessel?"

Kurumi sighed. "Commander, recently I'm not even sure. Things are a little... unusual on ship these days."

"I see," Commander Anzai pondered. ""

It was at this moment that Captain Takahashi arrived along with her husband for some dinner. Maho's appearance was quite different from earlier, as she looked worn out from the day's events, and seemed quite frail as a result.

"Ah-ha; just who I'd been hoping to speak with," Commander Anzai remarked, observing Maho from across the room.

She briefly shifted her attention back over to Kurumi. "Do me a favor, Commander," she instructed, placing a firm hand on Kurumi's shoulder. "I want you to keep tabs on those Bajorans until we reach Beta Antares; I want your team to perform a full search of their quarters, confiscate any suspicious paraphernalia, and bug any all personal communication devices so that we can monitor their contacts. Call it a hunch, but I suspect that those two aren't playing with a full deck of cards."

Kurumi cracked her knuckles. "I'll get on that right away," she said as she turned on a heel and left the room.

And with that matter having been addressed, Commander Anzai shifted her attention to more pressing matters at hand and started making her way over to Maho's table.

Victor and Vivi had walked in the doors just in time to see the drama unfold. The two doctors looked at each other and exchanged a glance that communicated a great deal without saying a word. Vivienne walked over to the bar while Victor found a seat for them to occupy in the quiet corner. A place where they could watch, ideally without being noticed.

As Keisuke was helping Maho into her seat, the two of them were just in time to spot Commander Anzai approaching the table.

"Captain Takahashi," she addressed with an air of stiff formality. "Would you be so kind as to lend me a minute of your time?"

"Not now, Commander:" Maho muttered. "It's been a long day, and they're only going to get longer until we reach Beta Antares..."

The Commander frowned. "I'm afraid it pertains to official task force business, Captain," she emphasized. "I am here on direct orders from Commodore Honda herself, to report in to you at the first available opportunity."

"You have my attention:" Maho said despite her shoulders visibly sagging beforehand.

The Commander nodded and proceeded to draw up a seat.

"It's been my understanding that the position of Third Officer on this vessel has been vacant ever since a Lieutenant Takeshi Nakazato left." She explained.

Maho's eyes widened upon the mention of Takeshi's name.

"Go on." She said.

"While it certainly isn't any of my business to ask," The Commander went on. "Commodore Honda and I have speculated that a lot of your recent behavior has had to do with this vacancy and your close friendship to my predecessor. And as such, the Commodore hopes that furnishing you with a Third Officer will help to lessen the workload between yourself and Commanders Misono and Takahashi, and hopefully lower your stress levels as a result."

The Commander then proceeded to pull out a PADD and hand it over to Maho. On it was a pre-recorded message from Tohru:

"As the Commanding Officer of Task Force Jomo, it is my responsibility to ensure that all Captains under my command are happy and healthy." The recording spoke: "Unfortunately, it has come to my attention that the Captain of Task Force Jomo's former flagship, the USS Myogi, is neither of those things. As such, after much discussion with Captain Sohma here on the USS Zodiac, we both agree that furnishing the Myogi, the only vessel in the task force without a full command staff since the departure of Lieutenant Nakazato, with a Third Officer is the proper course of action to take at this time. While I know this appointment won't solve all of Captain Takahashi's problems, perhaps having a Third Officer with which to share the workload will help to lessen some of the demons she is currently battling: As such, effective immediately, Commander Chiyomi Anzai, who has previously held the position of Chief of Security on the Zodiac, will be reassigned to the USS Myogi to fill the role of Third Officer."

When the recording concluded, the image of Commodore Honda was replaced by the Federation emblem.

To be continued...


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