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After Shift (Part 4)

Posted on Sat Jan 13th, 2024 @ 3:31am by Captain Maho Takahashi & Commander Keisuke Takahashi 'K.T.' & Commander Ichika Misono & Commander Victor Delling MD & Lieutenant Commander Kurumi Ebisuzawa & Lieutenant Ami Rori & Lieutenant JG Connor Talmage mr & Captain Taiga Aisaka & Commander Chiyomi Anzai
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Mission: Operation Tokyo Return
Location: Main Lounge
Timeline: Final Part of 'After Shift'

Previously, on Star Trek: Myogi:

The Commander then proceeded to pull out a PADD and hand it over to Maho. On it was a pre-recorded message from Tohru:

"As the Commanding Officer of Task Force Jomo, it is my responsibility to ensure that all Captains under my command are happy and healthy." The recording spoke: "Unfortunately, it has come to my attention that the Captain of Task Force Jomo's former flagship, the USS Myogi, is neither of those things. As such, after much discussion with Captain Sohma here on the USS Zodiac, we both agree that furnishing the Myogi, the only vessel in the task force without a full command staff since the departure of Lieutenant Nakazato, with a Third Officer is the proper course of action to take at this time. While I know this appointment won't solve all of Captain Takahashi's problems, perhaps having a Third Officer with which to share the workload will help to lessen some of the demons she is currently battling: As such, effective immediately, Commander Chiyomi Anzai, who has previously held the position of Chief of Security on the Zodiac, will be reassigned to the USS Myogi to fill the role of Third Officer."

When the recording concluded, the image of Commodore Honda was replaced by the Federation emblem.

And now, the conclusion:

"I see..." Maho said as she set the PADD down and extended a hand to the Commander, Chiyomi. "Well, welcome aboard the Myogi, Commander: I'm sure glad I didn't grant that request for our guests to inhabit what will soon be your quarters now. Because they wouldn't be the happiest campers if we had to relocate them now."

Commander Anzai shook her head. "Even if it were, Captain, I wouldn't be asking our guest to vacate her quarters for my sake; I'd likely make do with similar accommodations until the completion of this assignment."

"Perhaps you wouldn't," Keisuke remarked in a hushed tone. "But it would give me a great amount of pleasure to make that bitch move so our Third Officer could move in."

"K.T., weren't you supposed to be the one keeping the level head through all this?" Maho asked.

"What, I can't say what would make me feel good?" Keisuke retorted.

"Well, not if it makes a bad first impression on Commander Anzai here." Maho replied.

Commander Anzai frowned. "I hope this isn't the sort of attitude that you foster amongst your crew, Captain," she advised. "If this were the Zodiac's Second Officer, he'd be receiving a First Infraction Warning right now."

"I assure you, Commander; it takes a lot for my husband to act out like this:" Maho explained. "Things have been rather tense here these past few days, and will likely stay that way until our mission is complete."

Commander Anzai shrugged. "Admittedly, no one likes traveling under the heightened possibility of being attacked; but it is my hope as your Third Officer that I may be able to take some of that pressure off of your Command Staff's shoulders."

"I sure hope so..." Maho sighed. "Anyhow, if you don't mind, Commander?"

"Ah, but of course," Commander Anzai nodded as she stood up and pushed her chair in. "If you need me for anything, Captain, I'll be getting settled into my new quarters."

And with a sharp turn of the heel, she was gone.

Taiga watched from across the room as Captain Takahashi shot down the Commander on the spot. 'Unfriendly and unapproachable. She really is a bad Captain...' she thought as she popped a bit of her chicken cutlets into her mouth with the provided chopsticks.

“No, she isn’t, not too horrid.” Ami spoke sotte vocce as she’d settled back into her chair, feet tucked under herself once more with her PADD in her lap, “No, I’m not telepathic, but I can read people decently and one of me was a Skipper once a century ago.” She gave a soft smile, “I’ve seen worse, seen better too.” Her voice would only carry to Taiga, no further.

Taiga averted her gaze, turning back to Ami. "Oh? Was it that obvious?" She asked. "And honestly, she's not shown any good command skills or traits since I came aboard..."

“If I told you my first real encounter with her was her telling me that she was going to sic the JAG on Engineering because I refused to tell her what I didn’t know, you might say it’s overboard and it is.” Ami shrugged, “If she follows through, they’ll dismiss any charges brought because we followed our protocols. But, and this is the big thing, it also show she cares about her ship. She’s pregnant and that screws with hormones, so I’m willing to give her a lot of slack. If she goes after me instead of my people, all the better. I’ve got the patience to handle her, even if she pisses me off… Until she calls me a liar like she did. I lost my temper at that one.. Integrity, Captain Aisaka, I will never compromise my integrity, I will always be honest.”

"I see..." Taiga said as she made some mental notes. "Honestly though, she needs to calm the hell down, before someone gets hurt."

"I agree, Taiga-san." Ami said quietly, "But that is what we senior staff are here for, to quell the worst of any behaviors. And to have the patience on those bad days."

Taiga sighed. "It seems you have a lot of troubles on this little ship." She said in response as her ordered food arrived and was placed infront of her. Granted it was more like it was thrown in front of her by the crewman. "And I can tell I'm not liked around here..."

She let out a long sigh and pushed herself up. "Well, with all this tension. I think I'll skip dinner tonight." She said. "Thank you for the conversation Lieutenant. But I think it would be best if I 'got out of everyones way' for the time being. I'll return to my quarters now." She gave the other Japanese woman a small bow before turning and walking towards the door. She kept her head high as she passed Maho's table, not casting even a fleeting glance at her. She didn't want to let Maho know that her behaviour or feelings towards her would affect her in any way.

Ami didn't get up, but inclined her head towards Taiga as she left, watching her as she vanished through the door, 'There goes a woman bearing a weight fit to flatten her.' She thought to herself, going back to her book. It wasn't fair to the other Captain, who'd not shown Ami anything but kindness, but she was one person and couldn't change everyone else.

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