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The Latest in a Long Tradition

Posted on Sat Jan 13th, 2024 @ 3:06am by Captain Maho Takahashi & Lieutenant JG Max Gill

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Mission: Operation Tokyo Return
Location: Ready Room, Deck 1
Timeline: Mission Day 2, After 'Okay, Here's the Deal:'
Tags: 2396, Character Introduction


The senior staff briefing hadn't quite gone the way Maho had hoped... Sure, the senior staff now knew she was pregnant, but she had failed to get them to see her perspective on the events between Alvatar and the Attack on Starfleet Headquarters.

So, Maho had decided the best way to relieve her stress without taking it out on her crew or her important passenger, was to put her head down and do some work. There was a major shakeup going down in the Operations department: Several of the senior Lieutenants whom had been brought in provisionally were being reassigned, and replacing them were a host of new junior Lieutenants, including one which had been recommended to replace Ensign Kurosawa as Chief of Ops. Maho had requested to speak with Lieutenant JG Max Gill at his earliest convenience.

Max had only ever been on two types of starships in his short career with Starfleet; the Miranda and Intrepid classes summarized his experiences with starships. When he had been first recommended for the commission on board by Captain Johnson of the Poseidon, his friend Lieutenant Oscar Vladinchi had taken him aside and given him some insights on the New Orleans-class of ships. Oscar had served during the Dominion war on the Poseidon but had seen and been on several of the New Orlean-classes, as well as Galaxy-classes, Nebula-classes, and various others. When he finally arrived on the USS Myogi, he had been readily prepared, but still found himself in awe of her.

She was a warship, pure and true. Designed for the darkest days of the Federation, the New Orleans-class was a tried and true designs that had eventually fallen out of most favor in the fleet Post-Dominion War. According to Oscar it had a steady kill ratio and was a dependable starship. Max was excited that his first real officer posting would be on board. He hadn't had much time to prepare, though, so Oscar's advice that the New Orleans-class was "much like a Galaxy, only smaller", was all he had to run on.

After his arrival by shuttle he was greeted and shown to his own junior officers quarters on deck 3. It was a new experience to have a room to himself, however small, and it was quite larger than anything he was used to before! Afterward he freshened up, trimmed and proper, before checking his PADD and noticing a request for introductions. Making sure his uniform was proper, Max made his way to the Captains Ready Room. After entry was approved, he stood at attention after entering.

"Lieutenant Junior Grade Max Gill reporting, sir," Max said, giving a cocky smile. "Your ship is mighty beautiful, Captain, might I say."

"Ah, Lieutenant Gill. Welcome aboard the Myogi." Maho said, extending her hand. "And yes, they don't build starships like they used to."

Maho could tell the junior Lieutenant was still in awe about the ship.

"You know, you must have had quite the treat on the way in." She commented. "It's not every day you get to see three of these old birds flying in formation."

"I did!" he replied, enthusiastically. He shook her hand in earnest before releasing, considerate of his grip. "I heard tales from a Dominion war hero on the Poseidon about these beauties. He said they were a salvation during hard times, very capable warships. I heard they were recently upgraded under Project Jomo, right? A modernization update? Man, this ship looks crisp on both the in and outside!"

"Indeed they were." Maho said. "In fact, the Myogi is the lead ship of that program, and the two other ships in our formation comprise the remainder of that first flight of ships."

A moment to collect his thoughts as he smiled. Focusing, Max looked back to his Captain. "I appreciate you taking a risk on me, sir," he said, nodding to her. "I know I'm new blood, fresh out of graduation, but I've got the spunk in me to get the job done. I know how to keep a ship balanced, sir, and I promise to do that here."

"The Myogi has a long tradition of taking chances on promising young officers." Maho responded. "In fact, four years ago, when I was your age, I held your job, so, no pressure or anything..."

And with that quip, the warm smile faded from Maho's face, and the Captain assumed a more serious expression.

"Now, getting down to business; I called you here to explain the reason why there are three New Orleans class starships flying in formation: I'm sure you've heard of the recent assault on Starfleet Headquarters by now. right?"

"Assault on Starfleet Headquarters?!" Max said, surprise on his face. "No, sir, I have not. I've barely been briefed on the schematics of your vessel before my arrival. Commodore Paladin and Captain Johnson were keenly tight-lipped! All that I was told was that I was 'needed here' or something."

Maho reeled back in genuine surprise when she heard that Lieutenant Gill had been unaware of the attack, but once he explained that Commodore Paladin and Captain Johnson were tight-lipped on the whole matter, perhaps they were trying to shield the horrible truth from the young man.

"Well, to make a long story short, an angry mob incited by a former Starfleet Admiral attacked Starfleet Headquarters in an attempt to prevent the Federation Council from certifying the results of a recently-concluded JAG case. The plot failed, but many of the terrorists responsible remain at large, which naturally presents a major security risk for the person we are transporting; who happened to be the defendant in the aforementioned JAG case..."

Maho then slid Max a PADD with Taiga's personnel file preloaded on the display.

"Meet Taiga Takasu-Aisaka. Commanding Officer of the Starship Tokyo." Maho said. "We have been tasked with transporting her and her husband, Ryuuji Takasu, back to Beta Antares Fleet Yards, where the Tokyo has been undergoing repairs..."

Maho could see that there was still concern in Max's face. Perhaps someone so fresh out of Starfleet Academy knew someone who was still a cadet.

"Also, in the wake of the attack, Starfleet Academy has set up a crisis hotline so friends and relatives of Cadets who were on campus at the time of the attack can get in contact with their friends and loved ones." She added. "I'd be more than happy to provide you with information on that hotline if you knew someone who was in San Francisco on that day..."

"No, that's fine, all the people I knew from the Academy were on the Poseidon," he said as he took the PADD and examined it. His eyes widened at parts, softened on others, and became angry by the end. He gently set the PADD down. "Then I suppose we have a critically important objective. Preserving democracy and the rule of law is a valid mission, Captain. I'm honored to do my part in this situation. What do you need me to do?"

"Now, Lieutenant, I'm sure you're just as eager to get back at those bastards as everyone else is, but your job is probably one of the most important in making sure we have to power to be able to." Maho explained. "People often get Operations and Engineering confused, and while it might seem like their jobs are similar on a surface level, there are important differences: Operations works to keep the lights on, but it is Engineering's job to replace any burnt out bulbs. That being said, your job will be to keep us operational until any danger has passed so that engineering can make the repairs."

"Absolutely Captain," Max said, understanding clearly his role and what she expected. "As Operations Officer on the Poseidon I had to manage and work with Engineering by keeping power in line with requirements. Sometimes, and often regularly, I'd help with minor repairs. I'll make sure your ship is powered, Captain, and whatever system you need priority is kept that way. I can even help with repairs when needed, Captain."

"I appreciate an officer who understands their role." Maho nodded. "Before you are dismissed, there is one more thing I need to inform you about."

"Yes, Captain?" Max replied, curiosity on his features.

"As you have arrived following our staff meeting, you will no doubt hear your crewmates talking about this." Maho said. "So, I will tell you what I have told them: I am expecting my first child. However, that does not mean I am incapable of running this ship, and I request that you do not give me special treatment in regards to my daily tasks."

Max stared at the Captain, a blank expression, for almost a minute before his brain processed the odd request. On the USS Poseidon, there was a plathora of odd and weird things happening all at the same time; budding love interests, friendships, academy operations, life and death situations, and other things. He had always been grown to accept and tolerate others, to pursue the best course to mutual understanding, and as such the registration that the Captain was pregnant or even looked it hadn't crossed his mind.

"With all due respect, Captain, your business is not my business," Max stated plainly after his momentary thought. "Congratulations, of course, and well wishes, but ones service to Starfleet is not determined by what they are capable or incapable of. It's determined by how far they're willing to go. My opinion, Captain."

"And your opinion is noted, Lieutenant, as are your congratulations." Maho said. "I believe that was everything needed to get you up to speed on what's happening, so you are dismissed."


Captain Maho Takahashi
Commanding Officer
USS Myogi


Lieutenant JG Max Gill
Chief Operations Officer
USS Myogi


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