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long awaited reunion

Posted on Mon Jan 29th, 2024 @ 8:49am by Lieutenant JG Connor Talmage mr

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Mission: Operation Tokyo Return

Connor finally had found some downtime. With the arrival he wasn't as in demand. So he decided to go to his quarters and take a nap, It was something he had not had time for till now.

he cleaned up his area and moved towards his quarters. Quickly opening the door and laying on his bed. Felt nice being in his own bed for once. Not since he had passed out from being drunk.

The moment his head hit his pillow he fell asleep. He managed to get a couple hours before his com started buzzing. "Connor, your needed in the transporter" it kept repeating. "Fine, Starfleet first I suppose" he said frustrated.

He pulled himself up, straightened his badge, tidied his hair and left the room. He began walking to the bridge as quickly as possible. He didn't want to be seen as slacking again.

Upon arriving he noticed two girls on the transporter, one probably mid 30s the other clearly a toddler. The toddler was nestled in her arms asleep. "Hello Con," she said.

"Have we met?" connor replied not recognizing the woman. "Ah, yes I suppose it has been years hasn't it connor, Its me Kylynn" she replied.

Suddenly connor was taken back. This was the woman that deserted him. With nothing more then a vintage recording of the reason by hoobastank. "Why are you here kylynn? Actually you know what I don't care" he asked while walking away.

he made halfway to the door when kylynn caught up with him. "LEAVE ME ALONE, UNLESS THIS IS STARFLEET BUISNESS I DONT CARE" he yelled angrily. Regretfully to Connor wasn't one to scream. His feelings that he'd spent years repressing were coming out. He couldn't contain them.

He went back to his room, where he shoved his face in the pillow and started to cry. few minutes later there was a knock on his door. "Go away" he said wanting to be left alone. "Connor, its kylynn again. I understand why your upset, I shouldn't have left you. I'm here to apologize" she explained.

"I don't want a apology" connor added. "Fine, then at least let me explain myself. Then i'll leave and you'll never see me again" Kylynn said.

"Fine you have 5 minutes." Connor agreed letting her in. "Mind if I sit down?" she asked. Connor pointed to the bed.

"Thanks Connor," she said putting a sleeping toddler down.

"She's beautiful kylynn" Connor added. "You think so? Her name is haylyx. She's the best thing that ever happened to me" Kylynn explained

"How old is she?" connor said looking at her. "She turned 4 this year. Look connor there's no easy to way this but shes why I left you. I....Uh." kylynn began explaining. "You cheated on me didn't you. didn't have the f**** nerve to tell me huh?" Connor yelled.

"No connor, she's yours as well. I found out I was pregnant the night before I left, I was also getting ready to graduate. You were a first year. You had so much on your plate that being a father wasn't something you were ready for. So i made my decision." kylynn concluded.

Connor was trying not to faint. He felt like he had just been thrown in a klingon workcamp. "I'm sorry for acting like a ass kylynn, still i wish you had told me earlier. doesn't really matter now though" he said. "Of course it matters connor I should have told you instead of assuming you weren't ready. I mean i would be mad if I was abandoned as well. " she concluded

"Well your forgiven, kylynn thank you for telling me"

a hour had passed and kylynn had fallen asleep on his bed. Rather then make her leave he fell asleep with his head draped over her shoulder.

In the morning kylynn had woken up to see connor was next to her. "Morning con" she said as she woke him up.

"I see haylyx is awake" Kylynn said. Haylyx slowly pulled her head towards connor taking a quick glance at him. "DADDY!" she yelled jumping to him.

"She knows?" connor asked "Of course i made sure of it" Kylynn said.

Haylyx touched connors face, as he began to pick her up. "I love you, daddy" she said as she kissed his forehead. "

Connor had felt a lot of things but this was new. Suddenly he began crying. "Connor Are you willing to start over?" kylnnn asked. "Yes, kylynn I love you" Connor said before ending the conversation with a elaborate kiss


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