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The Wrap Up

Posted on Sun Jan 28th, 2024 @ 11:09pm by Captain Maho Takahashi & Commander Keisuke Takahashi 'K.T.' & Captain Taiga Aisaka
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Mission: Operation Tokyo Return
Location: Beta Antares Fleet Yards
Timeline: Mission Day 6

At the edge of the Beta Antares Fleet Yards, three New Orleans class starships dropped out of warp. These three starships were the USS Myogi, USS Haruna, and USS Akina.

On the bridge of the Myogi, Captain Maho Takahashi sat in the captain's chair. Though she didn't let it show, the young captain was relieved to be at the end of the long voyage from Earth. It wasn't a voyage that Captain Takahashi had wanted to take, but given the recent downhill slide in Starfleet Security, Starfleet had selected the Myogi to ferry Captain Taiga Aisaka and Lieutenant Commander Ryuui Takasu back to Beta Antares. A decision that Maho held a deep resentment over, but like a good Starfleet Officer, she had put her head down and accepted the assignment.

"Well, we're here..." Maho muttered. And hopefully this is the last time I have to see that bitch for a long time... she added mentally.

"It almost feels like you didn't like having me aboard..." Taiga said from behind her obviously hearing the mutter. She held up both hands in a shrug. "We're we really that bad of house guests?"

"Captain, if I thought you were a bad house guest, I would have compromised my integrity as a Starfleet officer and handed you over to those terrorists we encountered." Maho said, evoking an incident from earlier in the voyage. "Instead, I put mine and my unborn child's lives at risk standing up to them, because Starfleet never compromises with terrorists. I'd hoped that you'd have had enough time to mull that over."

"I've had a lot time to think over everything..." Taiga admitted as she moved a little closer to the center chair of the bridge.

"Everything, Captain?" Maho perked a curious brow.

A mischeavous smile stretched across Taigas face. "Everything."

"Back to Alvatar, everything?" Maho wondered aloud, keeping her expression neutral.

Taiga scowled. "Oh yes. Everything, right upto this moment Captain. Including a certain Commander aiming a phaser set to kill at me..."

"Funny that..." Maho said, standing up. "Because I remember things a little bit differently, primarily about a little brat saying a bunch of hurtful things to a good soldier following orders..."

Taiga raised an eyebrow. "I wasn't aware that you classed Starfleet Officers as Soldiers" she told her. "Regardless, we part ways here." She said.

"Damn straight we do." Maho grumbled. stepping towards the center of the bridge. "And hopefully, we'll be assigned to opposite ends of the Federation and won't have to cross paths again."

"That would be ideal. However, there is one little thing we need to take care of first" Taigs said. Quickly she moved over and sat herself down in the command chair. Her fingers tapped quickly on the control panel set into the chair arm.

"Captain Maho Takahashi. As the senior captain on board, I have temporarily taken command of your ship." Taiga stated with a mischeavous smile. "Level ten lockout using my command codes. I will only release your vessel once you have apologised to me and meant it!" Taiga told her as she crossed one leg over the other.

"Uou should also be aware, that as of right now we are being broadcasted to the entire ship, and its an open comms channel. Anyone can watch, and you bet that my crew on the Tokyo is watching this." She paused for a moment. "Now. Apologise for your stupid stunt you pulled at my wedding, and for pointing a phaser set to kill at me!"

"I believe you owe me an apology first:" Maho scowled. "For your stupid stunt you pulled at my wedding, and all those hurtful things you said to me! You say you're sorry and mean it, I will give you mine. Otherwise, I'll bring you up on charges of piracy and blackmail."

"I never ordered Daxer to do what she did, yet you still blame me." Taiga sighed. "And I used your prefix code. Hardly piracy. You want to know the truth, then here's the truth. Daxer was sent by the head of Starfleet Security and Intelligence to apprehend a criminal who shouldn't have been allowed to attend that wedding. I was in a holding cell awaiting that bullshit of a trial when this happened, forced away from the people I love, my rank and codes revoked. How dare you blame that on me!" Taiga told her. "I don't owe you anything Captain. I think you'll find that actually I have no problem with you. Its you who seems to have a problem with me!"

"Forging a prefix code with malicious intent is still a misdemeanor, which if said intent is connected to piracy, bumps it up to a felony." Maho said. "And for your information, that criminal Daxer was sent to apprehend was not committing any crimes under Federation law: He was expressing his right to free speech, a right guaranteed under the most basic of Federation law. And as such, what Daxer did should be classified as unconstitutional. So, seeing as you feel you don't owe me anything, then I don't owe you any apology either!"

Maho smirked.

"So, this brings us to an impasse." She said. "You have my ship, but you failed to account for the other two: Captain Zh'gero and Commander Wilcke probably know something is up by now, and have gone into a contingency plan: Right now they're training their weapons onto my combadge preparing to open fire unless I give the all clear. So, what's it going to be, Captain? Are you going to give me my ship back? Or are the Haruna and Akina going to be forced to blast us to bits?"

Taiga sat back in the chair. "I see" she said simply. "So, you have given orders for two Starfleet Starahips to open fire on your vessel just in case Evil little me tried something." Taiga pondered. "So, you're willing to put your entire crew not to mention your unborn child at risk due to your pride..."

Taiga sighed. "Should we wait?"

"You really think I'm a stupid kid, don't you?" Maho said. "A great man once said, the same man who ordered me to point that phaser at you, don't take out your enemy until your crew is out of harm's way. Tell me, do you hold lifeboat drills on that rebuilt Akira?"

Maho glanced at a chronometer on one of the bridge consoles.

"If you're going to make your next move, you'd better make it quickly..." She said. "First escape pods are going to be launching soon, and that's the signal that a hostile force is in control of the Myogi."

Taiga sighed as she stood up from the center chair. "You want an apology do you?" She asked simply. "And you believe me to be a 'hostile force'. Tell me Captain, do you want to resolve this off the record as two women, or on the record as Starfleet Officers?"

"The only way I intend for this to be on the record is by Captain Zh'gero and Commander Wilcke reporting our mutually assured deaths to Starfleet." Maho said. "So, Captain, your choices again are 1) apologize, 2) give me my ship back, or 3) be blasted to bits. And think carefully, because there is no door number 4."

Taiga smiled as slowly she approached Maho. "Ok, well off the record it is" she said as she stopped a few feet from the other Captain. "You want an apology, then here you go. I'm sorry for the 'mean things' that I said that apparently hurt your feelings. But I will not apologise for Daxers actions as I did not order them. I will also not apologise for this..."

Taiga raised a hand into the air and with one swoosh, slapped Maho hard across the face. The sound of the impact echoed around the bridge. "You are not to come within fifty lightyears of me, my family or my ship. For if you do decide to cross me again, and try to ruin my life. Then you'll be playing the biggest game of 'Fuck around and find out' that this Galaxy has ever seen!"

With that said Taiga strode off towards the turbolift. "I consider this closed. Oh and Captain, I never had command of your ship. You should probably check that next time, if you're this gullible with me, then you have no chance against the Tal Shiar."

She then stepped into the turbolift without another word.

Putting her hand to her raw cheek, Maho turned to her husband.

"Commander, get that bitch off my ship!" She demanded. "And tell her that if she dares to come within fifty light years of us, she'd better be coming locked and loaded."

"With pleasure..." Keisuke said, turning to enter the turbolift.

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