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Before Layover: Requesting Permission

Posted on Tue Jan 30th, 2024 @ 4:13am by Captain Maho Takahashi & Lieutenant JG Max Gill

740 words; about a 4 minute read

Mission: Operation Tokyo Return
Location: USS Myogi; Max's Quarters & Maho's Ready Room
Tags: 2396, Character Development


Max had just concluded his medical screening and finally decided to sort the last thing needing attention on his list. While he had indeed prepared a polite report of his intentions, he felt it first necessary to see the Captain herself. After discovering the events of the attack on Starfleet HQ, Max wanted to see his family and their condition, and spend what might be the last time with them for a very long time. He prepared himself for his meeting in his quarters by freshening up and straightening his uniform. Afterward, he tapped his communicator.

=/\= Lieutenant Gill to Captain Takahashi, do you have a free moment to speak privately? =/\=

=A="You caught me at a good time, Lieutenant:"=A= Maho responded. =A="We can speak in my ready room, unless it requires me to make a house call to your quarters?"=A=

Max stifled a laugh, though it was difficult. =/\= No Captain, I'll be at your ready room shortly. Lieutenant Gill, out. =/\=

It took all but six minutes to traverse the decks of the New Orleans-class to reach the Captains Ready Room. Once arrived, Max pressed the button for entry. After waiting for permission and the doors opening, the Chief Operations Officer entered and stood at attention.

"Captain Takahashi, thank you for seeing me," he said, his smile faded somewhat as he continued. "After learning about the events at Starfleet Headquarters, I spent some time pondering how to adjust to this news. Layover is approaching and I would like to spend time with my family, Captain. I haven't seen them in a while and, by my way of understanding this news, I may not for a long while. I'd like your permission to spend Layover with them."

Maho had seen Max's LOA request come through earlier that day, so it wasn't entirely shocking. She had seen her crew's morale tank following the insurrection; a phenomenon she was told was occurring fleetwide in the aftermath of the event.

Despite offering promotions to any and all crewmembers who were willing to stick around following Miyahara's attempted coup, she still had to deal with the crewmembers who went off on LOA and never showed back up to the ship. The highest ranking among them was her previous Chief Engineer before Lieutenant Rori: Lieutenant Commander Brandon Pratt. With how easily Pratt betrayed her gesture of good will, Maho had come to view giving Pratt that extra half pip as one of her greater mistakes.

"Everyone has dealt with recent events in their own way." Maho responded. "Starfleet has seen a record number of personnel taking leaves of absence in the aftermath of the attack. I'm not surprised nor disappointed by this turn of events. I'm sure Captain Johnson and Commodore Paladin were trying to do you a favor by shielding the terrible truth from you. But, it is human nature to reach out to loved ones after hearing of a national tragedy to ensure that they are okay. I know I sure did."

Maho handed her PADD over to Max.

"That is why I have approved your leave of absence request for the requested time off." She said. "However, if you decide you need more time, don't hesitate to keep me informed. That's one of the larger problems I've had in the aftermath of the attack: I've had too many good crewmen go off on leave and just vanish."

Max spent an odd amount of time reading the news reports displayed on the PADD. There was also an extensive amount of other information, but the gravity of the situation suddenly fell hard on Max. He looked up, nodding to the Captain.

"Thank you, Captain," he replied, his face stern. "I'm sure Commodore Paladin and Captain Johnson were doing just that. They are good people and they have a lot to tend to. Yourself, Captain? You've been honest and upfront. You have nothing to worry about. I will be returning after my few days of leave. I feel it's my calling to be here now."

Maho nodded.

"I expect for us to be given some sort of stand down order once we arrive at Beta Antares." She explained. "Once those orders come down, I shall be able to assist in arranging transport back to Earth if you so desire."

"I appreciate it, Captain," Max said, smiling.


Lieutenant JG Max Gill
Chief Operations Officer
USS Myogi


Captain Maho Takahashi
Commanding Officer
USS Myogi


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