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Medicinal Qualities

Posted on Fri Jan 26th, 2024 @ 3:52am by Lieutenant Ami Rori & Commander Victor Delling MD

1,264 words; about a 6 minute read

Mission: Operation Tokyo Return
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: About as We Leave Earth

Ami Rori, still newly aboard the New Orleans class walked through the double doors of the entrance to main sickbay and stopped, rising onto her tip-toes as she gave a stretch and a yawn that seemed to split her face open. She shivered at the difference between the corridor and sickbay, a grand total of zero degrees and pulled the uniform-appearing hoodie around her even tighter as she saw a couple people that seemed to know what was going on here and approached one of them, resisting the urge to pull on the hood in the freezing temperature that had to be the standard room temperature. "Good... Afternoon?" She said quietly, "I'm looking for Doctor Delling and you seem to look awfully like the file photo that's in his file."

"I am." he answered without turning, and finished logging the diagnostic he was running before turning to the newcomer. "Good afternoon"

"Yay!" It was a half-hearted cheer from the young woman as she approached him, slipping her hands into the pockets of the hoodie, "I'm Ami, Ami Sait-oh... Damn. Ami Rori, sorry, I keep making that mistake all the time. I was Saito for twenty-seven years and it's only just so natural." She gave him a wan smile, "I'm new on board, if you couldn't tell."

"Newly joined or newly married? He asked the young trill with a grin. Either one was possible after all.

Ami raised her left hand and wiggled her fingers, showing A complete lack of jewelry, “And it’s been just over two years since Rori decided to latch onto me like the parasite she is.” The words were fond in general, despite how they were said, “But she’s really the reason I’m here today rather than getting hunted down with a tranq gun to drag me in. I am, after all, nineteen days late for my annual physical exam.”

Without being asked, Ami jumped up to sit on one of the bio beds and smoothed her short skirt down before tucking her hands back into the pockets, “You see, Rori here does try to kill me on a regular basis.. I’m only Half Trill,” She explained as if she’d done this a dozen times before, “But circumstances dictated I serve as at least a temporary Host, then after we bonded fully so she could heal herself we found out that we aren’t actually compatible.. Our connection is a bit erratic her to me and she can ‘take over’ if I’m it focused or she really really exerts her will, but the worst is that she would kill me within a week due to my body doing it’s utmost to reject Rori. Soooo, in my medical file, I’ve got meds prescribed that tell me that Rori really is fine right where she’s at.”

"Interesting that" he commented as his eyes flickered over the appropriate flags in her chart. "All appropriately notated as well. My compliments to your previous physician".

"I was lucky, he used to be on the Symbiosis Commission before he joined Starfleet late in his career when Joined Trill were becoming more common in the service." Ami shrugged, but almost bounced in place, "So I'm just going to need you to keep refilling my prescription and I can get out of your hair!" It was a half-hearted attempt to get away without the full examination and she knew it.

"That is a heck of a problem to have" he commented and took a hand scanner out of the tiny box he had built in to the bed's dispenser. It hummed over her body with ease, throwing numbers and readings out onto the above bed screen.

"Comes with some side effects, I'm always tired, almost always cold." Ami watched him carefully, not out of wariness, but out of curiosity, "Just the sheer amount of energy that Rori requires. I hear it isn't so bad in a full-blood, but they're better equipped for it. Sooooo, I tend to sleep a lot."

"How do stimulants affect you and your balance with Rori?"

"Whooooie..." Ami shook her head, "Amphetamines are right out. If you've ever seen someone throwing up blood, like projectile vomiting it, then you really don't want me to take those. They're not sure why, but a theory has it about chemical makeup and the like." She waved a hand about as if it wasn't a worry, "It took eight hours and boy oh boy was that nurse rather unhappy about it. Caffeine works... Somewhat. What was it... The average dose of caffeine for a human to be functional in the morning is what? 2 cups of coffee and that was something like two hundred milligrams... If I had a two liter IV bag of coffee, it'd keep me going for about three hours before I start to nod off again, but it'd wake me up when I had to pee." She was quiet a moment, "As for Rori? She doesn't like either, because every stimulant aside from caffeine that we've tried has ended up disrupting the mental connection that's already somewhat tenuous. Neither of us, nor the Commission, is certain what would happen if we lose that for an extended period and I'd rather not be a guinea pig if I don't have to be in that regard."

"Right. There are better formulations of caffeine than that of coffee, should that be required." he muttered making a note of it in his PADD

"Oo, better formulations? Longer lasting, I hope?" Ami asked excitedly, a smile growing on her face, "I'd love to live something more like a regular life rather than work and sleep and sleep and sleep and more sleep."

"I think so, once I get a good scan of you into the computer. I'm quite fond of natural stimulants and there are several I can try on you without significant risk to you or the symbiont" He grinned at her, and tapped his lips.

"We'll definitely try them in some sort of controlled environment, like here or so, JUST in case something in them disagrees with my system." Ami agreed entirely with the plan, bouncing a bit on the biobed now, "You know, Doc, this sounds like it could be the right place to be at the right time! I think I'll stay a while! At least on Myogi, not camp out here in sickbay, just in case you were concerned."

Laughing he waved her off amused at her words and her bouncing. "Between myself and Dr Erebos, who loves this kind of obscure research...we will find you something that works. Now, since you're cleared for duty...If I could trouble you to fix the error in the ICU ward that is making the forward panel read out in Klingon, that would be very much appreciated."

"What, you can't read Klingon?" Ami asked, faking being aghast at the thought, "What's this Starfleet coming to when anyone can't read Klingon?" She winked at him, to let him know she really was kidding about that, "I'm sure I can handle it, did someone just change the language on it by hitting it with an elbow or something?"

"I can read Klingon. I might have tried that, to see if it would change back to something more civilized." He grinned at her and made a shooing motion, indicating that she was free to go.

"Thaaaaank you Doc!" Ami hopped down from the bed, "And no really, thank you, hopefully we find something better and yeah! See you next time!"


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