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Caught With Our Trousers Down! (Part 1)

Posted on Sun Jan 28th, 2024 @ 3:20am by Commander Ichika Misono & Commander Chiyomi Anzai & Captain Maho Takahashi & Lieutenant Commander Kurumi Ebisuzawa & Lieutenant Ami Rori & Lieutenant JG Jane Sinclair & Lieutenant JG Max Gill & Captain Shimakaze Zh'gero & Commander Keisuke Takahashi 'K.T.' & Commander Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke
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Mission: Operation Tokyo Return
Timeline: Mission Day 4

Captain's log, Mission Day 4

The Myogi is preparing to divert around a subspace tear which lies directly in our path, believed to have been caused by frequent warp travel. While the detour is inconvenient, it is still the fastest way to get to Beta Antares. Which, after the events of last night, it is more crucial than ever that we do not take a slower route.

Unfortunately, this detour means dropping out of warp to adjust our course, and Starfleet believes that it is at this point that we are at our most vulnerable to attack from any of the groups that attacked Starfleet Headquarters which remain at large. However, with Captain Zh'gero, Commander Wilcke, and myself putting our heads together, we've devised a plan to deal with any threats that might arise.

That being said, the plan is not perfect, as it involves using the Myogi as bait, and no doubt everyone's on edge about what might happen, but with three well-trained crews working together, I'm confident we'll pull through whatever fate throws at us...

Maho sat back in her chair and watched the stars whiz by as the Myogi diverted from its planned course to the predetermined point where the ship would need to drop out of warp to adjust its heading.

Lieutenant JG Max Gill was pleasantly happy after his short time away with his family. It had been a very much needed vacation for him and he had centered himself by allowing himself to relax and let go of a lot of unneeded baggage. His mother and father had provided invaluable advice and he he was thankful for the time he was allowed.

It had been quite the change to be promoted from the lower decks to a bridge position. He had checked in on his lower decks friends in Eradaar, Hapam, and Nigel from the Poseidon during his vacation and had been pleased they all, in one way or another, were being promoted themselves. It had been a very freeing experience to feel such baggage, weight, and expectation not be a singular thing to himself.

On the bridge of the Myogi, his clear mind had permitted him time to focus on his new duties. The Captain was conducting her plan in accordance with her objectives, shared between her peers on the other two New Orleans-class ships. It was Max's job at this point to preform his duties as expected of an Officer of his station. During his time off, his father had suggested taking inspiration from Commander Data and Ensign Harry Kim, to which Max had diligently done so.

"Captain, we're approaching the drop point," reported Max as his fingers flew across his console just to the front and left of the Captain's chair. "I'm detecting no distortions from spacial anomalies at this location and sensors are not picking up any vessels. I believe it's a perfect location to turn and burn."

“Confirmed,” reported Jane from the helm station. She and Max had only just started working together, but they were starting to fall into a groove working together. He knew where they were and where they were going, and she was getting them there. They had worked out a course that would take them around the subspace tear.

Her hands waited on the controls to bring them out of warp, pending the order to do so.

"Signal the Haruna and the Akina to drop out of warp before the drop point." Maho ordered. "Sinclair, bring us out of warp: Shields up! Red Alert!"

The red alert klaxons began to sound as soon as the order left Maho's mouth.

"Confirming the presence of the USS Haruna and USS Akina, Captain," Max reported as his fingers flew across his console. This was a critical juncture in their steps to arrival. He looked and nodded at Jane, giving her the approval that things looked correct.

Jane brought the Myogi from its superluminal speed back down to sublight. The white-and-rainbow streaks of light on the viewscreen slowed and became static dots in the background. The two other New Orleans class ships were nowhere to be seen, having dropped out of warp earlier. “We are now at one quarter impulse, Captain,” she reported. She also kept her eyes on the flight control sensor feed, watching out for other ships. They were at red alert, after all. She might need to take evasive at any moment.

“Combat links are active with Haruna and Akina, shields are at ready maximum, reserve shielding ready to go up if they spring their trap, ma’am.”Ami said in a sing-song voice. She’d rather be in engineering, but quite frankly she didn’t trust anyone else to spring their counter to the expected ambush. Half a second could be the difference between taking hits to the hull and making more damage for her to fix and this setup was one she and the other two engineers had come up with. She even had comms up to the other two Chiefs in an earpiece and in part of her screen so they could coordinate as needed.

"I don't see why its such a big deal..." Kurumi said from the tactical console. "Its not like a Romulan ship is hiding in there waiting to attack us or anything..."

Max turned halfway in his seat to stare, gawking in disbelief at Kurumi Ebisuzawa. The Lieutenant Commander had baffled him with her lack of decorum to naval traditions on luck.

"Really?!" Max asked, though his tone was more joking than accusing. He turned around with a chuckle, adding, "Hopefully the Romulans have Romulan Ale so we can all have a party."

"Be careful what you wish for..." Commander Anzai muttered, evidently still on her guard as she gazed out at the view-screen and the vastness of space splayed out before them.

"Let's just get these calculations complete and get out of here as quickly as possible." Maho said. "I'd rather we not be caught with our..."

Maho hadn't finished her thought when an alarm began going off on the bridge.

"Report!" She ordered.

"Captain... Well this is awkward. Romulan Warbird decloaking off the Port Bow." Kurumi said in surprised as she stared at the readings on her panel. "They're hailing us..."

Max, to his credit, remained professional as he began to ready to divert ships power to critical combat and engine systems - as a precaution.

"My God... It's an Ar'kif!" Commander Anzai gasped as she recognized the ship on the viewscreen.

"Wait, what's an Ar'kif?" Keisuke asked.

"The Star Empire's answer to the Armitage-Class," Commander Anzai explained. "Prior to the Alvatar incident, the Zodiac was investigating reports that the Romulans were building a Rapid Response Attack Carrier, but... we never realized it was this far along in development..."

"Whatever it is, it's too deep into Federation territory for comfort. On Screen, Miss Ebisuzawa:" Maho ordered. "Attention, Romulan vessel; this is Captain Maho Takahashi of the Federation Starship Myogi: Your presence this deep in Federation space is a violation of-!"

When the communications link was finally established, Maho was shocked to find the Romulan vessel crewed not by Romulans, but by Bajorans.

"What the-?" Maho spluttered. "What are Bajorans doing in possession of a Romulan warbird?"

"Pretty sweet, isn't it?" The Bajoran on the other end responded. "This high tech piece of hardware came courtesy of a generous donation by sympathetic Romulans."

Smells like the Tal Shiar's doing... Maho thought.

"But, that's beside the point:" The Bajoran continued. "Anyhow, we've been tracking the movements of the Emissary of the Pah Wraiths following the new 1776, and our most recent intelligence places the Emissary on board your vessel."

"They must be referring to Captain Aisaka..." Keisuke commented.

"Of course!" Commander Anzai realized. "Those two rat finks who assaulted Captain Aisaka last night were moles planted here by those 'True Believer' maggots!"

"That would explain how they managed to intercept us so easily," Ichika remarked.

"So, here's what you're going to do to prevent further bloodshed:" The Bajoran proposed. "You will turn the Emissary over to us so that we may transport her to Bajor for trial, and this time a real trial, not that kangaroo court nonsense."

"I'm afraid there will be no such deal:" Maho responded firmly. "Captain Taiga Aisaka is my responsibility, and I will not be handing her over to terrorists."

"Then you have chosen death:" The Bajoran responded. "May the Prophets have mercy on your Boryhas..."

To be continued...


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