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Caught With Our Trousers Down! (Part 2)

Posted on Sun Jan 28th, 2024 @ 3:27am by Commander Ichika Misono & Commander Chiyomi Anzai & Captain Maho Takahashi & Lieutenant Commander Kurumi Ebisuzawa & Lieutenant Ami Rori & Lieutenant JG Jane Sinclair & Lieutenant JG Max Gill & Captain Shimakaze Zh'gero & Commander Keisuke Takahashi 'K.T.' & Commander Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke & Commander Elisabeth Churchill
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Mission: Operation Tokyo Return
Timeline: After 'Caught With Our Trousers Down! (Part 1)'

Previously, on Star Trek: Myogi:

"I'm afraid there will be no such deal:" Maho responded firmly. "Captain Taiga Aisaka is my responsibility, and I will not be handing her over to terrorists."

"Then you have chosen death:" The Bajoran responded. "May the Prophets have mercy on your Boryhas..."

And now, the continuation:

As soon as the communications link was terminated, the Myogi shuddered as the other vessel opened fire.

Following her training, without waiting for the order, Jane took their ship into a dive. Standard evasive pattern to start, getting more unpredictable as time went on, pending orders to the contrary. Unfortunately they were between the Ar’kif and the subspace tear, the proverbial rock and hard place. She just had to dodge fire long enough for the plan to come together.

Kurumi had the ships weapons and shields all powered up and ready to go. "Ready to return fire upon your order Captain," she stated quickly.

As the situation escalated, Max began to divert non-critical systems to shields, weapons, and engines as his fingers flew across his console. He also sent a report for his division to be prepared for damage control duties.

"Then what are you waiting for, Commander? Shoot them!" Maho ordered.

As the Ar'Kif pursued the Myogi, the New Orleans class responded with a hail of phaser fire.

"Shields are holding at ninety-six percent, reserves are holding at forty-five." Ami remarked as another hit came in, her voice cool and calm even as one light blinked yellow on her screen. Secondary system, nothing major, an update flashed on her screen as a damage control team began to respond to it.

"Captain, I've given all I can from non-critical systems. I have my division on response for damage control," reported Max as he focused on his task.

"Anyone know where the hell the Haruna and the Akina are?" Maho asked. "We could use the assist right about now!"

"Anytime." Ami said to the two engineers on her screen, then looked up as a counter started, "Three seconds, Captain, Two, One..." The two other New Orleans class starships simultaneously dropped out of warp flanking but away from Myogi.

When the Haruna and Akina dropped out of warp, each ship fired a full spread of photon torpedoes at the Ar'Kif.

"Well, there's our welcome wagon!" Keisuke said as a communications link was established between the three bridges.

"A bit late to the party, you two:" Maho joked. "Now, how about we show these Bajorans a few manners?"

"There are Bajorans in that thing?" Minna asked. "No kidding: You'd think the Romulans would be more careful about who they leant their advanced warbirds to."

"Let's focus on the whys after we drive them off, Commander." Shimakaze said. "Sh'veshron, take us in: Attack pattern Delta."

"Aye, ma'am:" Came Tyli's voice from the Haruna's helm station.

Together with the Akina, the Haruna closed to weapons range, and the two New Orleans class starships unleashed a hail of phaser fire upon the Ar'Kif.

Max was busy, fingers flying across his console, as his focus shifted from the viewscreen to his console. He was carefully and delicately managing power flow manually with computer assistance. His goal was to ensure the phasers recharged faster and the torpedo reload system operated more efficiently. He also kept an eye on shields and thrust, silently doing his work.

Now that the Haruna and Akina were with them, Jane took the Myogi into formation. The three ships would fly together in passes which would maximize the amount of time that phaser arcs and torpedo tubes would be pointed at the enemy, while also staying in motion and trying to avoid the worst of the enemy fire.

As the ships bobbed and weaved in their formation, Ami's eyes remained in two places: The first being where any damage was being sustained, the second being the shields. One of the things the three engineers had worked on was a shield reinforcement protocol, where all three ships' shields were strengthening each other. As such, they were stronger than if they'd seen to purely their own defense.

Under the constant barrage from the three New Orleans class starships, the Ar'Kif's shields began to buckle before failing entirely. The Bajorans crewing the warbird thought they had the upper hand when dealing with one ship, but hadn't been banking on three. As the warbird took more and more damage, consoles on the bridge began to spark and explode.

"Shields have failed! Hull integrity is down to 72%! Sir, we cannot maintain the attack. I'd suggest we launch our fighters-!"

"Forget the fighters: The Tal Shiar never taught us how to use them! We need to cut a full retreat before we're carved up like a First Contact Day salmon!"

"They're trying to go to warp!" Max warned as he continued his delicate dance of fingers on the console.

"Oh no, they don't!" Maho declared, getting up from her chair and moving to the tactical console: "Let the first time these fascist fucks messed with my ship be their last! Helm! Keep us in weapons range!"

“Yes, ma’am!” Jane replied. Her grin stretched from ear to ear. She kept them at full impulse and did what she could to stretch the very definition of the term.

Maho's fingers glided along the smooth surface of the tactical console. As the Myogi pursued the Ar'Kif, the barrage of phaser fire intensified until the damage to the warbird reached a critical point:

"That was a critical hit, Captain, engineering section..." Ami's face started to go pale as the consequences of what was showing on the sensors were about to be, "Their core is going critical and it's a quantum singularity, it's going to blow, or implode or whatever it's going to do!"

"Helm, evasive maneuvers!" Ichika ordered. "Get us clear of that thing before it detonates!"

Jane burned the RCS thrusters hard and brought them about. The impulse engine burned hot. “Hold on, this is going to get bumpy!” she called out. “Max, scale down inertial dampers to eighty-five percent. Trust me.”

Max only briefly stared at Jane, understanding that lowering the dampeners likely meant death for the crew if the ship wasn't properly shielded. He nodded only a second later, lowering them to 85% as requested. "Done," he said. "Do your thing."

“Racing trick,” Jane explained as the bridge began to rattle more than normal. But Jane was able to eke out a few more kilometres per second. “I’ll explain later.” They were going thirty percent of the speed of light and accelerating away from the immense gravitational force that the pilot knew was coming.

"Racing trick?!" Commander Anzai gawked as she held onto the Tactical console for dear life. "Where in the blazes did you get this CFCO, Captain?!"

"Just go with it, Commander:" Maho responded. "You want us out of her alive, yes?"

"As if that weren't obvious!" Commander Anzai replied.

It was all over in an instant: The Ar'Kif warbird imploded in on itself as the singularity that once powered it consumed it before its Bajoran crew could abandon ship.

"Get us out of here! Now!" Maho ordered.

"Transferring power to engines," Max said, his voice slightly raising as it signaled growing alarm. "Jane, it's all you!"

The gravitational force was enough to almost stop them in their tracks, but because of the boost to impulse, they were far enough away that Jane was able to establish a warp field. “Hold on!” The vibration increased and they all felt a very slight bit of momentum pull them backward, but they were clear of the singularity. “We’re at warp one, Captain, bearing three-zero-five mark zero-one-seven.” She turned back to face Third Officer Anzai. “Racing trick, ma’am.”

"Excellent:" Maho said, moving back towards her chair. "Bring us back up to speed and return us to our original heading once we're clear of the tear. No doubt Starfleet will want to hear about what we experienced here today..."

As the Myogi made the jump to warp, so too did the Haruna and the Akina: As quickly as the three ships had come, they vanished.

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