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The Quality of Leadership (Part 2)

Posted on Sun Feb 4th, 2024 @ 7:31am by Captain Maho Takahashi & Commander Keisuke Takahashi 'K.T.' & Commander Ichika Misono & Captain Mikoto Misaka & Ensign Miyoko Misaka & Crewman Recruit Hanamaru Kunikida 'Maru'
Edited on on Sun Feb 4th, 2024 @ 7:34am

1,087 words; about a 5 minute read

Mission: Operation Tokyo Return
Location: USS Myogi & USS Ermiana
Timeline: After 'The Quality of Leadership (Part 1)'

Previously, on Star Trek: Myogi:

The moment of trying to remember the name was suddenly interrupted by the chime to the quarters going off.

"Aw, fuck me, what now?" Maho grumbled as she moved to get up.

"Suwatte Kudasai: (Sit down:)" Keisuke said sharply in Japanese. "I'll handle this."

And now, the continuation:

Getting up, Keisuke made his way to the entrance of the quarters, opening the doors to find Commander Misono standing in the corridor beyond.

"Is there something I can do for you, Commander?" Keisuke asked.

"Ah, yes," Ichika began, quickly bowing her head as a show of respect. "You wouldn't happen to know if the Captain's available? I have something that I'd like to share with her."

Maho sighed when she heard Commander Misono asking for her, and got up anyways to make her way to the door.

"Unsure what to make of our stand down orders, Commander?" Maho asked as she approached from behind Keisuke.

Ichika shook her head. "Far from it, Captain; walk with me, will you? I think this may be easier for me to show you than it will be to explain."

Nodding, Maho proceeded to step through the doorway, with Keisuke following his wife.

"Ah; just the two of us, please?" Ichika requested.

"Let me know how the race goes, babe." Maho winked.

"Alright;" Keisuke sighed. "Have fun, you two."

As Maho and Ichika walked, Maho noticed that Ichika was taking her towards the turbolifts.

"I take it this thing you want to show me is on another deck?" Maho asked. "Christ, don't tell me you gave the go ahead to restore Lieutenant Reno's changes to Five Forward: I just got it repaired!"

"No, that's not it, either," Ichika chuckled as the two of them boarded the turbolift. "Deck 6."

"Deck 6?" Maho asked as the turbolift began its descent. "The mess hall and transporters are the only public spaces on that deck."

Ichika smiled. "It'll become abundantly clear once we get there, Captain, and that's all I'm willing to say on the matter."

[Transporter Room, Deck 6]

The doors to the transporter room snapped open and the two officers stepped inside. Maho was keen to observe the room's lone occupant- a Bajoran- situated at the controls.

The notion wasn't lost on Maho: After their incidents with a senior security officer and a junior Operations officer of the same species attempting to abduct Captain Aisaka three days ago, and the Bajoran terrorists in possession of a Romulan warbird the next day, Maho's eyes had been opened to how easily Starfleet could be compromised, and would need to revisit the idea of implementing Dominion War era measures to weed out the traitors from normal Starfleet officers. As it was, it was too easy for believers in Conspiracy theories to blend in to the crowd, and when they could do that, they could blindside the very people they stood against.

"I'd like to thank you again for going to all this trouble, Crewman," Ichika expressed as the two of them stepped up onto the transporter pad. "We shouldn't be more than an hour."

"An hour?" Maho asked. "That sounds like quite the short shore leave..."

"Well... I'm not sure it's the typical definition of what you'd call 'rest and relaxation,' Captain," Ichika winked, before shifting her attention over to the Bajoran. "Ready to beam over, Crewman."

With a nod, the Bajoran input the commands into the terminal, and the two officers disappeared in a shimmer of light.

The two of them materialized in what appeared to be a different transporter room. As Maho gradually took in her surroundings, it dawned on her that the layout of this room was strikingly similar to that of a Galaxy-Class.

Maho, of course, was no stranger to the Galaxy class. Being a sister class to the New Orleans class meant that a lot of the design language was shared between the two. Only on a Galaxy, everything felt more upscale. Miyahara especially enjoyed being invited aboard Galaxy class ships, giving speeches to the crew and talking to the schoolchildren on board. He always had a soft spot for ships of the Project Galaxy era, and believed that it was their crews who would make Starfleet great again.

"Captain Takahashi; Commander Misono," the Ferengi operating the controls greeted as the two officers stepped down from the transporter pad. "On behalf of Captain Misaka, I'd like to formally welcome you two aboard the United Star Ship Ermiana."

Captain Misaka, and to think just moments ago, she and Keisuke were struggling to remember her name...

"Captain Misaka;" A memory of Miyahara said in her head. "I've got to tell you, the number of officers like Misaka is dwindling. Because unlike today's trust fund Captains, she's got guts... She's got guts. She fights and she fights... Starfleet's future does not lie with whack jobs like Kagami Izumi: It lies with officers like Mikoto Misaka, because only they will make Starfleet great again!"

"The honor is mine, Chief:" Maho responded. "I've heard many great things about Captain Misaka:"

The doors of the transporter room opened and a young ensign in science teal uniform walked in. She seemed to mutter something under her breath upon spotting the two officers on the transporter pad. It was if she was 'telling herself off' for being late, it was quite obvious that she was suppoosed to greet the two of them upon arrival.

"Hello Captain, Commander," The young ensign said with a smile. "Welcome aboard the Ermiana. I've been asked to show you to the ready room," she smiled.

"We'd be delighted, Ensign," Ichika duly accepted. "Lead the way."

The ensign held a hand out to indicate for them to follow her out of the room. "This way please," she said as she led the way out into the corridor. The interior of the Ermiana was very much the same as when the ship first launched and similar to the Myogi. Soft silver wall panels, pale blue carpet and cream bulkheads.

Some of the panels inserted into the walls had been removed and were being worked on by shipyard and engineering staff. It was clear that the ship was in the middle of a major refit.

To be continued...


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