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The Quality of Leadership (Part 5)

Posted on Sun Feb 4th, 2024 @ 7:46am by Captain Maho Takahashi & Commander Keisuke Takahashi 'K.T.' & Commander Ichika Misono & Captain Mikoto Misaka & Ensign Miyoko Misaka & Crewman Recruit Hanamaru Kunikida 'Maru'
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Mission: Operation Tokyo Return
Location: USS Ermiana
Timeline: After 'The Quality of Leadership (Part 4)'

Previously, on Star Trek: Myogi:

Finally she looked up. "No one is a perfect Captain. Picard, Sisko, Janeway, even James T Kirk. Not one of them is perfect." she stated to them. "If you as much blood on your hands as I have, then keep doing what you're doing. Bear in mind, one day your own child may be in those numbers." she briefly looked over at the ensign before returning her gaze to Maho. "Or, you take the high ground and become a better Captain. Learn from your mistakes and experiences. I've been commanding this ship for twenty five years, and I am still learning." she stated.

There was a brief pause as Mikoto straightened up slightly. "I understand that you're pregnant. I understand that you're body is telling you one thing whilst your heart and mind are telling you otherwise." She said to Maho simply. "Tell me Captain. What world do you want to bring your child into? Do you want them to be in a world where they look upto you? Where they see forgiveness and kindness is the way? Or a world where they learn that bitterness, hate and petty grudges turn people into cold heartless people? Which one do you want your child to see?"

And now, the conclusion:

"The former, ideally." Maho responded. "Because forgiveness and kindness are core Federation values, are they not?"

From just out of the corner of her eye, Maho could see the look of pride resonating in Ichika's expression.

Mikoto nodded. "Good answer." She said simply. She softened her tone of voice slightly. "You're a lucky woman Captain. You have a loving husband, a baby on the way and you're about to walk into the biggest adventure of your life," she said. "You're also happen to be in the center chair, a position which many people aim for and never reach. Many officers spend years, even their entire lives trying to reach where you are. But that position comes with responsibility and benefits."

There was a brief pause. "Whilst you are in that chair. You are in the position and have the power to make a difference. The moment you leave that chair you lose that. Whilst you are out there..." She pointed the window and the blackness of space beyond. "...and you sit in that chair. You can make a difference. Whether that is the right moral difference or not is upto you. Don't let them take that away from you. Don't let others influence the difference you want to make. There is a reason I'm still a Captain Maho. Because as long as I command this ship, I can make a difference. A starship is more than just bulkheads, power conduits, deck plating etc. Its a community and its a family. A family sticks together and looks after one another. We live and die by each other. Don't ruin that." Mikoto told her. "Uphold your morales, and be the better person. Make the universe a place you can raise your child with pride. But don't forget that without compassion, forgiveness, mercy and love this galaxy would be a very different place."

Maho only nodded. She'd gotten a very strong taste of such a different place over the past few weeks.

"Now," Mikoto said. "I think its time we moved on. I can only hope you have listened to my words. And when I mean listen, I mean Listen".

"You've certainly given me a lot to think about, Captain:" Maho said. "If only those devoid of the emotions you just described would hear your words... But, like the man they look up to, those idiots probably can't see past their own ships' bows."

"I'm glad you've finally come around to seeing that," Mikoto said. She then sat back in her chair slightly. "However. There is one final matter we need to address. This should be fairly quick," she said now giving Maho and Ichika a small smile.

"I think you're in for a real treat, Captain," Ichika whispered with a twinkle in her eye.

"You may have noticed that the ensign who escorted you from the transporter room has remained in here with us the entire time." Mikoto said to them both. "Its about time to introduce yourself ensign."

The young ensign took a step forward. She stood at attention next to the desk after turning to face both Maho and Ichika. "Captain, Commander. I'm Ensign Miyoko Misaka. Science Officer... Erm...." she looked back at Mikoto for a brief moment.

"Ensign Misaka here is being assigned to your ship Captain." Mikoto said simply. "She is two years out of the Academy and has just completed a two year tour on the Starship Spiegel Grove."

Miyoko then chimed in. "I am looking forward to my time on the Myogi Captain. I apologise for the mystery of who I was up until now. Mum... I mean Captain Misaka thought it best until she spoke to you about the issues that were brought to her."

Mikoto nodded. "Well Captain. Will you accept her transfer? Miyoko was born on this ship, she considers this home. Luckily she got to visit us for a few days before she transferred to your ship."

"It would be my honor, Captain." Maho said, turning to Miyoko. "And, if it's any comfort to you, Ensign; if you're at all familiar with the story of the Rising Sun, which fought in many of the same battles alongside this ship, know that you'll be walking along those exact same deckplates, and thus, you'll never be too far from home."

Miyoko gave the Captain a polite nod in response.

"Ensign Misaka will be reporting aboard the Myogi at 08:00 tomorrow moring as scheduled." Mikoto said as she picked another PADD off of the desk and slid it across the desk towards Maho and Ichika. "These are her transfer orders, qualifications, starfleet personnel file and medical records you will need to input into your computer." She explained.

"Already done, Captain," Ichika spoke up, much to the surprise of everyone present. "Her transfer orders were already provided to me as part of the duty rosters I received earlier tonight, so I took the liberty of putting them into the system."

She glanced over at Miyoko and smiled.

"As a matter of fact, finding out that the daughter of Mikoto Misaka was being assigned to our ship was in part what inspired me to bring Captain Takahashi here," she continued. "Because if she wasn't going to listen to her crew, I figured someone from a position of wisdom would have better luck in getting through to her."

"Ahead of the curve as always, number one:" Maho smiled, turning back to Mikoto. "Well, Captain; if there's nothing else you need us for, I think it's best we get heading back to the Myogi:"

Mikoto rose to her feet, placing her hands on her desk and pushing herself up. "Well then Captain." she said as she held out a hand. "I hope that this little meeting has helped that there is still good out there in the galaxy. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours. Oh; and congratulations on your first child."

"Thank you." Maho said, accepting the offered hand from the fellow captain. "And likewise, best of luck with the refit. I hope Ermiana comes out of it feeling like a brand new ship."

Misaka gave her a slight bow after breaking free from the handshake. "Ensign." she said turning to Miyoko. "Please escort our guests to the transporter room. Dinner is in an hour, your father is cooking your favourite. Don't be late" Mikoto said with a smile.

Miyoko nodded. "Yes Captain," she said as she walked towards the ready room door. "This way Captain, Commander," she said gesturing for them to leave the ready room with her.

"Lead the way, Ensign." Maho responded.

Together with Ichika, Maho was led out of the ready room by Miyoko, the doors swooshing shut behind them as they left.

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